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Ebola Syndrome?

Old 01-23-02, 12:13 PM
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Ebola Syndrome?

Has anyone seen the DVD of this HK horror classic? Poker Industries has it. I'd like opinions about both the film and the disk.
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I've got that disc from Poker on my shelf. I will try to watch it this week and post my thoughts.

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The film is a twisted and grotesque horror film. I have the Japan Shock DVD (the one that Poker sells) and, while the video is very good quality, the film is slightly cut. Unfortunately this is also the longest version of the film left in existence as Japan Shock tried to find the longer cut that's been shown but never released and they were told that it was destroyed.

This is the best DVD of the movie available.
Old 03-31-02, 09:58 PM
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Okay, just finished watching it.
No spoilers if I can help it

Video quality is passable. Appears to have been filmed without sync-sound. Some white on white subtitling... nothing essential to the storyline.

Kind of a weak movie IMO... The subject matter is scary though. If you keep this in mind while watching, it does help the viewing experience.
There were some pretty graphic scenes/imagery, lots of blood, full nudity, cannabalism, etc.
Anthony Wong as Kai, a man who ends up a criminal and to evade the police runs to South Africa... 10 years later he contracts the Ebola virus. Kai doesn't die, he is that 1 person out of 10 million who is immune to Ebola -instead becoming a carrier for the disease, infecting everyone he comes in contact with...
(scary indeed!)
If you're a big Anthony Wong fan, or a fan of shock cinema... I'd say get it. (although shock/horror fans may be disappointed) I don't really know how this would fare among the shock crowd as I don't watch that genre...


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Old 04-01-02, 11:15 AM
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My thoughts on Ebola Syndrome......

Pretty mucha OTT piss take of Wongs other movie "Untold Story" with more black (sick) comedy and less of the suspense and tension that the former generated....Althought the movie is gross it's kinda done tongue in cheek so not as bad (although still gory by any standards.....)

The scene that was cut IS almost intact here (the scene of the woman peeing on Wong was slightly TRIMMED rather than cut..Seeing a woman peeing on him a little less is hardly grounds for an uncut release!@!!!

I actually thought that, after the initial murders, the movie slowed down way too much (all that tribal dancing and driving the jeep etc)..plenty of nudity and nastiness abound in the final 40 mins especially..............

So can I recommend it...Well it depends...If you have a strong stomach and a black sense of humour and not too easily offended I would say get it...Not the best film ever made but they certainly don't make em like this any more!!!!!
Old 04-01-02, 03:42 PM
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Rented this awhile back from Hollywood Video (psst, dont tell it's a Catagory 3 movie) was thoroughly disgusted, yet oddly entertained.
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I don't offend easily, but I have been offended by movies out of HK before. This one didn't really offend me... I found it to be quite cheesey. It was only painful to watch because it was kinda dull. The effects were poor and the storyline was really stupid. I can name off a handfull of films from HK that are much more disturbing than this one - I don't understand all the attention this one is getting. It did have a few comic moments (if you're a little sick in the head like me) and there are a few moments that draw you in, but overall it's just a rental. I doubt I'd ever watch it again.

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