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Dump all your dvds for blu ray?

Old 12-29-08, 10:27 AM
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Dump all your dvds for blu ray?

Did a search and couldn't find any other threads so i figured i'd start one.
Im seriously considering just selling all of my dvds to make more room for blu ray and to get as much $$ for them as i can. (only keeping rare titles that may not ever be on blu). I looked at my collection and a lot of dvds i dont even watch. I just keep for general purposes. So do you guys keep your dvds until it comes out on blu or selling now?
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Old 12-29-08, 10:29 AM
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While I haven't made the jump just yet....I could maybe consider unloading some SD DVDs....but I'm a huge TV fan and don't see half of what I have currently making the cut for Blu-Ray.....so it's gonna be a tough call when/if I make the jump
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Old 12-29-08, 10:37 AM
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I thinned out my DVDs a year or two ago...but I do the same for my BDs every month or so. No reason to keep crap titles simply because they are in a Blue case.
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Old 12-29-08, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by GizmoDVD View Post
No reason to keep crap titles simply because they are in a Blue case.
Which is exactly why I don't buy them in the first place!
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Old 12-29-08, 11:02 AM
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I do it for some movies. I just picked up La Femme Nikita and the BD is bare-bones, while the SE DVD has a lot of extras. So I definitely won't be selling that off. As for others, if the extras are ported over from the DVD, then I have no reason to keep these older DVD's.
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Old 12-29-08, 11:06 AM
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I am so bad..I replace brand new/sealed SD editions with HD or BD editions that I also will never watch...I always think "someday when I have time I will watch this".
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It kind of depends for me, i've bought mostly movies i've never owned, but some are cheap enough for me to make the switch... I'm not a special features guy so that doesn't really matter to me, but if the sound and picture are better, why not? I just replace them as I go if that's the case.
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Old 12-29-08, 11:59 AM
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No, I won't dump all my dvds, especially my Criterions. I'll never get rid of those. There's also many titles that we won't see on BD for quite some time. I'm getting more and more picky about what I upgrade now with regards to catalog titles. I would love to get The Truman Show and replace my dvd special edition, but I'm not paying $20 to own that movie.

I have no problem paying that much for a new release, or a much higher profile catalog, but I'm cutting back on what I buy.

Now that BD is getting established and is entering year 3 of existence, my "early adopter" buying habits are over. When these catalog titles hit the $14.99 area, that's when I'll bite.

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Old 12-29-08, 12:02 PM
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So do you guys keep your dvds until it comes out on blu or selling now?
I am keeping all my dvd's and imagine I will for quite a while.

I don't have a blu ray player yet but even if I did, I do not know another person that has one. I suspect that waiting for alot of things to come out will be a long slow process that may never be complete because whatever will replace blu ray will likely come along before catalog titles are finished.
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The two titles I've rebought on BR (Transformers and Batman Begins) I still have the 2-disk DVDs of, only because nobody wanted them for my asking prices in the Exchange forum.

If I have the BR, I can't see ever wanting to watch the DVD version ever again.

I'm not just going to start upgrading every title I can get my hands on, but there are some that I'd love to.
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Originally Posted by Doctorossi View Post
Which is exactly why I don't buy them in the first place!
When DVDs came out, I bought any DVD that I ever heard of if the price was reasonable. My collection grew to 500+ in no time. But I realized that I didn't watch most of them. Several years ago, I decided to sell any DVD that I hadn't watched in the previous 12 months. That dwindled my collection down to about 200. Then 2 years ago, I sold the rest or gave them away to friends/family so that I can concentrate on Blu-ray.

My current Blu-ray collection is only about 25. I'm 10x more selective in buying Blu-rays than I was buying DVDs. The way I see it: DVDs were a commodity. Blu-rays are collector's items.
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Originally Posted by namja View Post
The way I see it: DVDs were a commodity. Blu-rays are collector's items.
Because the format is going to wither like LD? Or because the format will be replaced by download or streamed content?

I am curious on what you think a "collector's" item is?
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Old 12-29-08, 12:56 PM
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I only sell the DVD if I am about to replace it with the BD. And I only do that if I can get the BD for less than my limit of $10.

I really don't understand those who keep the DVDs because they have extras not on the BD. While I have watched pretty much every extra on my DVDs, I only do so once. Keeping a DVD because it has extras I will never watch again seems like a waste of space. But I don't have the "collector" mentality.
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Old 12-29-08, 12:57 PM
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I think namja means Blu-ray discs are something he actually wants to collect, keep, and watch repeatedly because of the quality. DVDs collect dust in his collection, and come to think of it, in mine as well.

I'm certainly getting ready to dump about 50 or so DVDs for the Blu-ray counterpart in the following months. I guess I'm getting addicted to the quality. It's just hard to go back to SD DVD when you've been watching HD titles on a regular basis. Officially, my collection is now 48% HD.

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I just sell them off as I get the HD version. No reason to sell off movies I love if they're not available in HD yet.

Although I have to admit, watching Forrest Gump for the first time in a long time on DVD was a pretty disappointing experienced. Pretty bad even by DVD standards in many scenes. Watching Cast Away on BD right after was like cleaning off dirty glasses.
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I'm still buying DVDs. I will sell any I upgrade to HD, but I consider it a collection of movies and in most cases standard DVD is the best version of the movie available on home video. When BD expands more and gets more affordable I will convert more DVDs to BD.
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Old 12-29-08, 01:18 PM
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Over the last couple of years, I've thinned my herd from about 400 DVDs (all movies I love, mind you) to about 200.

I have a list that's currently about 85 titles which I've promised myself won't grow to more than 100. These are the titles I own/I'm going to own in HD. Most are titles I have on DVD and, as I get them on BD, I'll sell my DVD copies. The remaining 100 or so DVDs I don't need to keep, I'm going to sell off, as well.
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Been selling all the DVDs I don't watch often for about a year now. I usually wait until Secondspin.com has a 20% extra trade in offer and have made some good money doing it. Gone from over a thousand DVDs to around six or seven hundred.

I haven't rebought a ton of movies in HD unless they are films that I'll watch consistently. The DVD buying craze that I went through for the last 7-8 years has come to a standstill... and I don't see it heating back up with Blu Ray anytime soon. If a new release comes out that is a *must have* I grab it (e.g. The Dark Knight). Most weeks I buy nothing new, which even last year was UNHEARD OF for me.
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Old 12-29-08, 01:47 PM
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It's not so much that i wouldn't dump my DVDs but last i checked,i could only get like a buck or two for them and in store credit only. the heck with that!
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I'm getting more picky thats for sure. Why get rid of my Office Space SE DVD for $4 when the BD probably has the same features + some lame java game for $30? Pass. Now, if that BD hits $15...I'd consider. But some titles really don't need the BD treatment (Napoleon Dynamite) so DVD is "good enough" for something I may only watch once. However, I say that and you know what happens? I buy the damn BD.
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I am only going to upgrade to Blu-ray for films that pack a strong visual punch (i.e. Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, etc.). I'm not going to buy films like Dumb and Dumber on Blu-ray.
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Originally Posted by davidlynchfan View Post
It's not so much that i wouldn't dump my DVDs but last i checked,i could only get like a buck or two for them and in store credit only. the heck with that!
That is kind of my reasoning for holding on to those that I have upgraded to BD on. I swore I wouldn't go back and buy a ton of Blu-Ray's when I finally got a player, but a month after getting a player and I am already past 50 BD's (Once you see and hear the difference, it's addicting to keep buying more!). I have no intention of selling my entire collection of DVD's but the ones I do have on Blu would not fetch much for their standard counterpart. Even though I may never watch them again, I would rather keep the SD's than sell for cheap.
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I'm getting rid of just about all of my standard DVD titles that I plan to replace in BD. I just got started in BD this month and have less than 10 titles, but there are at least 20+ I plan to get. I figure I can get the "money" (i.e. credit if I take them somewhere) now, make some shelf space and give myself incentive to get the BD versions as gifts or whatever.
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Old 12-29-08, 03:10 PM
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How are you guys selling your old discs off? Ebay? Forum? Trade-ins? What has worked best for you?

I havn't dumped any of my 1500 or so dvds yet. I was looking at them last night and realized it doesn't make sense to keep things that I have upgraded on Blu-Ray. Maybe it's time to get rid of many of them.
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I am not going to dump my collection....but I will certainly upgrade a lot of titles. But there are some I have that I know will probably never look any better (The Wire springs to mind...and personally I am baffled at people wanting this in Blu) and most of the TV shows I have (a lot of the older stuff and animation, again I can't see too much of an improvement).

For now, I am buying the films I want in Blu (if available) and I will still buy grindhouse titles on DVD.
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