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Why was Best Bargain thread moved?

Old 03-28-01, 03:45 PM
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When "Hannibal for Free" (which ain't going to happen no matter how much you bitch at CS) can go on for pages and pages, while a best bargains thread is moved. I for one learn from other peoples experiences and how they got their bargains. Just another reason why I usually do not post, and just lurk.
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Old 03-28-01, 04:52 PM
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Things in the Bargain forum should be items that have not finalized because they are either current bargains, or unresolved items. Since there is really no new information that can be added to any Bluelight thread, and since the original thread sounded like it was asking about history and not current ongoing issues, those are the sorts of items that are moved/closed.

Now, perhaps (when this thread gets moved to the Feedback and Suggestions) forum the description on the main page of the DVD Bargains page can be changed, as I can see how you thought, given that wording, that your thread was absolutely appropriate.

DVD Bargains
Post and Discuss DVD Related Bargains
Especially given the fact that the moderator found it mor appropriate to move it to the "Talk" forum, which has this description:
DVD Talk
Talk about DVD's and Movies on DVD.
I can see your concern/confusion. But I wouldn't let this keep me from posting in the future...
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Old 03-28-01, 05:27 PM
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Generally speaking the Bargains forum is best used for current "active' deals and the immediate follow up to those deals. Eulogising past deals while pleasant, does not necessarily lead to bargains in the present as by definition they are not available to order at the present time. The thread is not closed and is still available to post to in a forum which arguably has more turnover of posts than this one so as far as views and posts are concerned and you will probably get more feedback for your question in Talk. The aim is to try and keep this forum trimmed back to active, relevant deals so that all the threads that appear here are available bargains that someone can benefit from if they are on the lookout for a deal. If I or pilot are overlooking any threads that you consider superfluous or misplaced then please e-mail us and well take a look at them.

Also for future reference if you have a problem with a moved or closed thread you can either mail the Mod who was involved or you can post in the Feedback forum if you feel it is warranted. What it is not advisable to do is to post a thread here asking why the thread was moved as it also will be transferred to another forum and in a way it just reinforces what I have said about keeping this forum free for the best deals on the net.

Hope that clarifies things and if you need anything further please e-mail me or post again to this thread which Ill now move to the Feedback forum.
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Old 03-28-01, 10:22 PM
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apowers you must be the most thin-skinned guy on the planet. Lurk already.

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