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12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

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12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

1. Aquaman (2018)
2. Archer: 1999 - Mr. Deadly Goes to Town
3. Toy Story 4 (2019)
4. Westworld - Journey into Night
5. Westworld - Reunion
6. Westworld - Virtue e Fortuna
7. Westworld - The Riddle of the Sphinx
8. Westworld - Akane No Mai
9. Westworld - Phase Space
10. Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)
11. Westworld - Les Ecorches
12. Archer: 1999 - Road Trip
13. Westworld - Kiksuya
14. Westworld - Vanishing Point
15. Westworld - The Passenger
16. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Missing Pieces
17. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Window of Opportunity
18. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson
19. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Code Yellow
20. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The Other Thing
21. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Inescapable
22. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Toldja
23. Archer: 1999 - Space Pirates
24. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Collision Course (Part 1)
25. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Collision Course (Part 2)
26. Babylon 5 - Midnight on the Firing Line
27. Babylon 5 - Soul Hunter
28. Babylon 5 - Born to the Purple
29. Babylon 5 - Infection
30. Babylon 5 - The Parliament of Dreams
31. Yesterday (2019)
32. Babylon 5 - Mind War
33. Babylon 5 - The War Prayer
34. Babylon 5 - And the Sky Full of Stars
35. Babylon 5 - Deathwalker
36. Babylon 5 - Believers
37. Babylon 5 - Survivors
38. Babylon 5 - By Any Means Necessary
39. Babylon 5 - Signs and Portents
40. Babylon 5 - TKO
41. Babylon 5 - Grail
42. Babylon 5 - Eyes
43. Babylon 5 - A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1
44. Babylon 5 - A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2
45. Star Trek: Discovery - The Vulcan Hello
46. Star Trek: Discovery - Battle at the Binary Stars
47. Babylon 5 - Babylon Squared

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

Brainee's 2019 DVDTalk Sci-Fi/Fantasy Challenge List

Previous challenge totals:
2009: 76
2010-2015: Abducted by aliens?
2016: 33.5
2017: 66.5
2018: 73

Goal: 50
Total: 60
First Time Views: 56

= first time viewing

Movies rated out of 5 stars (*****) based solely on my personal enjoyment.

June 30th (Dusk)
1. Border (2018): A movie best watched now knowing too much about it. Like The Shape of Water, it's mix of art-house drama, romance and fantasy/horror is not going to be for everyone. But you know who you are ***1/2

July 1st
2. Rocketman (2018): A very different kind of rock biopic than Bohemian Rhapsody, but the surreal fantasy musical approaches works quite well for Elton John. **** Wildcard #1

3. ☼ The Flash (2018): S5E5; ☼ Supergirl (2018): S4E6.

July 2nd
4. Aladdin (2019): Enjoyable and well-made, but hard to judge without comparing to the animated original (which is better paced and is the source of most of the best moments of this live-action remake). One thing I'm glad they changed though is not having Genie be a comedian who does non-stop impressions (something that hasn't aged well from the animated movie). ***1/2

5. Mirai (2018): It took a while to build up steam (especially with how bratty the main character acted), but ends up being able to stand with Mamoru Hosoda's best works. ****

6. Godzilla: The Planet Eater (2018): I thought this trilogy had a lot of potential. Taking Godzilla into a far-future post-apocalyptic world was doing something new, the filmmakers are treating the material seriously and intelligently, and the whole thing looks beautiful. But it turns out the first of the trilogy was the high point, with the series progressing to be far too talky and preachy to be satisfying. **

July 3rd
7. ☼ Legends of Tomorrow (2018): S4E5; ☼ Arrow (2018): S7E6.

8. The Wandering Earth (2019): Not surprising that this movie ditches the depth and ambition of Cixin Lui's novel (though seeing he seemed to be a main producer I was hoping for a bit more). That said, it's not bad ... more of like a Chinese Armageddon (with lots of explosions, action, special effects, and shameless sentimentality). ***

July 4th
9 and 10. ☼ Black Mirror (2019): "Smithereens", "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too"; ☼ The Flash (2018): S5E6.

July 5th
11. ☼ Supergirl (2018): S4E7; ☼ Legends of Tomorrow (2018): S4E6.

12. ☼ Arrow (2018): S7E7; ☼ The Flash (2018): S5E7.

July 6th
13. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019): Another solid superhero story. Tom Holland is so much better cast as Spider-Man than Andrew Garfield. I like that these two "new" Spider-Man movies are smaller in scale ... only a single villain and no "world-level" threats. I also appreciate that this new series is using villains new to the big screen (Vulture, Mysterio). ****

July 7th
14. ☼ Supergirl (2018): S4E8; ☼ Legends of Tomorrow (2018): S4E7.

July 8th
15. ☼ Arrow (2018): S7E8; ☼ The Flash (2018): S5E8.

16. Anna and the Apocalypse (2017): I wouldn't have expected this to count, but imdb lists "fantasy" as the #2 genre (after "comedy" and before "horror"). Imagine if High School Musical got crashed by The Walking Dead, and you have this movie It's fun stuff that I imagine will be enjoyed by the people that watch it knowing it's a teen zombie musical comedy. ***1/2

July 9th
17. ☼ Legends of Tomorrow (2018): S4E8; ☼ The Flash (2018): S5E9.

18. ☼ Arrow (2018): S7E9; ☼ Supergirl (2018): S4E9.

July 10th
19. ☼ Stranger Things (2019): S3E1, S3E2.

20. Happy Death Day 2U (2019): I used a Wild Card for the first Happy Death Day a couple of years for this challenge, but not needed this time. The sequel goes hard into the sci-fi aspect of the story, and emphasizes comedy and thrills much more than horror. While some familiar ground is covered, I like that this goes off in new directions (and there's a long post-credits scene that gives a hint what the third in the series will be about). ***1/2

21. ☼ Stranger Things (2019): S3E3, S3E4.

July 11th
22. Yesterday (2019): Loved The Beatles' music parts of this, and jokes about other miscellaneous changes in the alternate reality. Though I found the rom-com aspect of the movie pretty cringy. ***

July 13th
23. Overlord (2018): Fun little movie provided viewers can handle how long it takes to get to the Nazi zombie super-soldier stuff (which doesn't really kick into gear until the second half). I thought I might have to use a wild card for this, but sure enough it's listed at imdb as "sci-fi" (albeit as the #5 genre). It's much more fitting as a horror movie, though I was in the mood to watch now. ***1/2

24. High Life (2018): Well-made and acted, though it got to be a bit of a chore to finish down the stretch. I knew what I was getting into for sure ... this is a movie for the art-house crowd, not the sci-fi crowd. I don't know if the fact that this was director Claire Denis' first English language move was a factor, but I found it annoying how the cast mumbled most of their lines. **1/2

July 14th
25. Alita: Battle Angel (2019): Too bad I didn't see this in theaters and in 3D since I suspect it would've been a much more impressive experience. Losing the spectacle, the faults of the movie are more glaring (awful dialog and big set-up for a sequel that may never happen). **1/2

26. Shazam! (2019): Who knew ... make movies from DC comics with a sense of fun and people actually like them. Nice to see my hometown of Philly get some superhero love (though tough break for Ben Franklin). ****

27. Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea (1977): Fun Czech sci-fi comedy that gets surprisingly twisty with the time travel shenanigans. And I like the way they worked with the idea of time travel tourism (set in the future world of the 1990's!) ***1/2

July 15th
28. Flora (2017): Not bad for a zero-budget indie by first-time filmmakers. Still, it felt like missed potential and things never ended up getting as weird as I was hoping from reading the synopsis. And if it wasn't proven by The Happening, scenes of people trying to outrun the wind just don't work. **1/2

29. Mind Game (2004): Masaaki Yuasa doesn't have a conventional anime visual style, but it's captivating nonetheless. Like the other movie of his that I've seen (The Night is Short, Walk on Girl), this is a kaleidoscope of strangeness that still manages to keep an emotional center. ****1/2

July 16th
30. ☼ Stranger Things (2019): S3E5, S3E6.

31. I Am Mother (2019): Netflix has a spotty reputation for their original movies, but this is another good one. At a couple of points threatens to turn into a predictable rehash of things I've seen before, but thankfully ends up being different enough to stand on its own. ****

July 18th
32.5. ☼ Stranger Things (2019): S3E7, S3E8. Maybe my favorite of the three seasons (though the season 1 gets extra points for being the first). Just roars along all season with very few slow spots. Robin was a great addition to the cast, though Erica took time for me to warm up to her. ****1/2

34. ☼ Love, Death & Robots (2019): S1 E1-10.

July 19th
35. ☼ Love, Death & Robots (2019): S1 E11-18. Watching this was like reading a great sci-fi/fantasy/horror anthology collection. In a time where stories seem to be stretched out much longer than needed, it's very refreshing to complete stories told in 10-15 minutes. Unavoidable that it was inconsistent, but the good outnumbered the bad (and if you didn't like an episode, it wasn't a long wait until it was over). I knew of David Fincher's involvement, but I didn't know about the involvement of all of the writers I was familiar with: like Peter Hamilton, John Scalzi, Joe Lansdale, Alastair Reynolds, Ken Lui. ****

36. See You Yesterday (2019): If you can get over the ultra low budget and don't get hung up on the skimpy science, this is a rewarding little movie that builds up to an emotional punch. It was great seeing Michael J. Fox in a cameo (that shouts out to Back to the Future). At first I was surprised at all of the hate on imdb comments ... then I remembered how alt-right trolls would respond to this movie's message ****

37. Starfish (2018): A classic case of a movie that every critic seems to adore with most "normal" viewers disliking it. I can respect and sympathize with the writer/director and what he was trying to do here (Starfish is much less a sci-fi/horror story than a feature-length metaphor for dealing with personal grief). But that doesn't overcome the fact that this movie constantly had me battling falling asleep. There were effective moments to be sure, but without any kind of story it wasn't enough to keep me engaged for 100 minutes. **1/2

38. Crack in the World (1965): Let's fire a nuke at the Earth's core ... what can go wrong? Hampered by a tiresome love triangle subplot and a low budget that prevented the movie from showing most of the "good" stuff (the biggest disasters caused by the "crack" happen off-screen). But still entertaining for fans of movies of its time and a brisk 95 minutes (unlike the bloated affairs many movies of today seem to be). ***

July 20th
39. Carousel (1956): I know I've seen this performed live (my high school did it one year) but I'm pretty sure I've never seen this adaptation. Despite some showstopper numbers ("If I Loved You", "Soliloquy", "You'll Never Walk Alone"), this was never one of my favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Maybe because the lead character was an insufferable lout throughout, and the story's acceptance (if not outright encouragement) of domestic violence has aged very very poorly. It would've been fascinating to see Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland as the leads (as was originally planned). I love the rumor that Sinatra bailed on the project because his wife at the time (Ava Gardner) threatened to have an affair with her current leading man (Humphrey Bogart) if he didn't drop what he was doing and join her on set. ***

40.Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956): Pretty standard (though still decent) 50's sci-fi movie elevated by Ray Harryhausen's special effects. Though they don't feature as prominently as in his monster and fantasy movies, it really helps that the flying saucers are wonderfully animated instead of being a cheap looking model on a string as was typical in other movies. And the climactic destruction of Washington D.C. is still pretty spectacular. ***1/2

41. Lu over the Wall (2017): Easily the most conventional (both in story and animation style) of Masaaki Yuasa's three features. It comes across as a Ghibli-lite (especially Ponyo), which isn't necessarily a terrible thing. ***1/2

July 21st
42. The Man from Planet X (1951): Likable but minor movie whose biggest distinction is being the first sci-fi alien invasion story to be released in the 50's (just beating out The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Thing from Another World). And it did that thanks to being a fast (6 days of shooting) and micro-budgeted production. Evidently all the fog was for more than just atmosphere ... it covered up the fact that this movie reused the sets from another movie with a completely different setting and time period (Joan of Arc). ***

43. Day the World Ended (1955): Like a lot of low-budget movies of the era, there's too much talk and not enough monster (although you count your blessings when you see the laughable creature design at the end). But like other Roger Corman movies of this period, it's certainly watchable for fans of the genre. **1/2

July 22nd
44. ☼ Steins;Gate (2011): S1 E1-4.

July 24th
45. ☼ Steins;Gate (2011): S1 E5-8.

46. ☼ Steins;Gate (2011): S1 E9-12.

July 25th
47. November (2017): Reviews comparing this to the 2013 Hard to be a God and the movies of Bela Tarr had me fearful this would be an unwatchable bore-fest (but of course a movie critics fall over themselves praising). I was very pleased to find it anything but that. A really unique Estonian fairy tale that managed to both beautiful and grotesque, funny and sad, perplexing and simply relatable. ****1/2

48. The Midnight After (2014): It's a big problem when a movie sets itself up as a big mystery and then answers nothing (this is taken from only the first half of a book ... I'm can only presume the second half finishes on a better note than this movie). Also, in reading comments and reviews I get the impression you really have to be familiar with Hong Kong to appreciate many jokes, references, and metaphors. That said, I still found this a reasonably entertaining movie with a wonderfully unexpected musical number. ***

49. Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975): Buckaroo Banzai did the pulp spoof better (even though this was based on an established pulp fiction character) and of course Raiders blows this away as a 30's pulp action homage. It's easy to see how this flopped (it doesn't do the comedy as well as Buckaroo Banzai and the action scenes are pretty flat). Still, I can see this became a cult movie with more distance in time. Michael Berryman (of Hills Have Eyes fame) has a weird bit part. He's shows up as a soft-spoken South American coroner. Because of how terrifying he looks, Doc Savage and friends (and the viewing audience) brace themselves for some bad shit to go down when he shows up. Instead, he gives a polite report to Doc, leaves, and we don't see him again in the movie! **1/2

July 26th
50. The Discarnates (1988): A lovely touching movie that doesn't go in the direction of a whacked out ghost story that you might suspect from the director's other horror movie (House). ****

51. School in the Crosshairs (1981): Yeah, this is more of the weirdness that you'd expect from the director of House (though I'm aware the director has done a bunch of things in different genres and styles). Nowhere near as good as that movie, lacking the ghoulish edge and coming across as a more of a children's program. I still enjoyed it though, though I'm a bit more open to weirdness from other countries and years than most ***

July 27th
52. Accion Mutante (1993): Alex de la Iglesia has been a favorite of mine, so I was looking forward to revisiting his feature debut (which I haven't seen in over 20 years, and then as a crap-quality VHS bootleg). It's gonzo craziness isn't as startling as it was back then, but this is still a very entertaining movie for those with open minds (and those not expecting anything too deep). ***1/2

53. Piece: Fragments of Memory (2012): Low-budget, but some has some interesting characters and a good core idea (a sci-fi/mystery about a series of "Gorgon" killings, with men being turned to stone). I thought it was to be a stand-alone story, but there were a number of key things that weren't developed to my satisfaction by the end. **1/2

54. The Laplace's Demon (2017): This really comes across as a labor of love by the filmmakers, and despite a low budget they've really crafted a good looking movie. More importantly, I was fascinated by the central idea of the movie: that a genius mathematician claims to have found "Laplace's demon" (which is a real scientific concept about predictions) and invites some colleagues to his isolated mansion for experimentation. ****

55. Swamp Thing (1982): I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this (even though it would've seemed to be in my wheelhouse in the 80s, and I've seen pretty much everything else by Wes Craven). Now it seems silly and cheap (though I know a number of action movies from the time have aged the same way). But if nothing else, huge thanks are due to this movie for directly leading to Swamp Thing's comic book revival (on which Alan Moore had one of my all-time favorite runs in the 80s). ***

July 28th
56. ☼ Steins;Gate (2011): S1 E13-16.

July 29th
57. ☼ Steins;Gate (2011): S1 E17-20.

July 30th
58. ☼ Steins;Gate (2011): S1 E21-25. Really great series that surprised me by how powerful and serious it got in the second half (after most of the first 12 episodes were pretty goofy). Having recently read Blake Crouch's novel Recursion, it was interesting to see a lot of similar ideas and themes in this one:
the core idea of how time travel doesn't physically move a person back but the consciousness takes over the "earlier" person, how people who didn't time travel eventually get flashes of the time line that was changed, how the main character continually repeats a segment of time to stop a catastrophic event from happening, how if the governments of the world became aware of the possibility time travel world war was inevitable.
I know the anime purists will look down on me, but after trying the subbed version for an episode I switched to the English dub (the English voice actors seemed decent and there was so much fast dialog I wasn't enjoying the show as much trying to read all of the subtitles). ****1/2

July 31st
59. 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984): Has always gotten a bad rap for what it wasn't (Kubrick's 2001) instead of credit for what it was (an intelligent well-made and at times emotional science fiction movie). ****

60. Nothing Really Happens (2018): Not sure why I keep slipping these ultra-indie Amazon Prime movies onto my watch list. There were some chuckles and potentially interesting ideas to be sure, and if grading on a curve I have to give props for people putting together a movie with almost no resources. Wildly overrated by comments on imdb (which for movies like this are probably mostly written by friends and family of the filmmakers). **1/2

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

2008 list (115 total)
2009 list (42 total)
2010 list (46 total)
2011 list (42 total)
2012 list (22 total)
2013 list (42 total)
2014 list (09 total)
2015 list (12 total)
2016 list (32 total)
2017 list (13 total)


1) Cloak & Dagger: "First Light"


2) Cloak & Dagger: "Suicide Sprints"
3) Cloak & Dagger: "Stained Glass"


4) Cloak & Dagger: "Call/Response"
5) Cloak & Dagger: "Princeton Offense"


6) Cloak & Dagger: "Funhouse Mirrors"
7) Cloak & Dagger: "Lotus Eaters"
8) Cloak & Dagger: "Ghost Stories"


9) Cloak & Dagger: "Back Breaker"
10) Cloak & Dagger: "Colony Collapse"
11) Peacemaker (1990) [B-Movie TV]
12) Dream Trap (1990) [B-Movie TV]


13) Another World (2014) [B-Movie TV]


14) Cyber Vengeance (1997) [B-Movie TV]


15) Luke Cage: "Soul Brother #1"


16) Luke Cage: "Straighten It Out"
17) Luke Cage: "Wig Out"
18) Luke Cage: "I Get Physical"


19) Luke Cage: "All Souled Out"


20) Luke Cage: "The Basement"
21) Luke Cage: "On and On"


22) Luke Cage: "If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right"
23) Luke Cage: "For Pete's Sake"


24) The Vindicator (1986) [B-Movie TV]


25) Luke Cage: "The Main Ingredient"
26) Luke Cage: "The Creator"
27) Luke Cage: "Can't Front on Me"


28) Luke Cage: "They Reminisce Over You"


29) Iron Fist: "The Fury of Iron Fist"
30) Iron Fist: "The City's Not for Burning"


31) Iron Fist: "This Deadly Secret..."


32) Iron Fist: "Target: Iron Fist"


33) The Dark Planet (1989) [B-Movie TV]
34) Iron Fist: "Heart of the Dragon"


35) Iron Fist: "The Dragon Dies at Dawn"
36) Iron Fist: "Morning of the Mindstorm"
37) Iron Fist: "Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance"


38) Iron Fist: "War Without End"
39) Iron Fist: "A Duel of Iron"


40) Ultra Warrior (1990) [B-Movie TV]


41) Daredevil: "Resurrection"
42) Daredevil: "Please"


43) Dead Man Walking (1988) [B-Movie TV]
44) Daredevil: "No Good Deed"
45) Daredevil: "Blindsided"


46) Daredevil: "The Perfect Game"
47) Daredevil: "The Devil You Know"


48) Daredevil: "Aftermath"
49) Daredevil: "Upstairs/Downstairs"


50) Daredevil: "Revelations"

8/1/19 (Didn't count, but I wanted to finish Daredevil.)

*) Daredevil: "Karen"
*) Daredevil: "Reunion"
*) Daredevil: "One Last Shot"
*) Daredevil: "A New Napkin"

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

2019 Science Fiction & Fantasy
Challenge List

01. Ghosts of Morgan City: Ghost Child / 7-1 ☼
02. A Haunting: Provoking Evil / 7-1
03. A Haunting: Battling Evil & Near Death / 7-1
04. Alien Highway: UFO Recovery / 7-1
05. Legend of the Skinwalker / 7-1
06. Ancient Aliens: The Star Gods of Sirius / 7-1
07. Ghost Adventures: Crescent Hotel / 7-1
08. UFO's The Lost Evidence: Nazi UFO Secrets / 7-1
09. The Dead Files: Family Ripped Apart & Killer Demon / 7-1
10. UFO's The Lost Evidence: UFO Abduction / 7-2 ☼
11. Legendary Locations: Flesh and Blood / 7-2 ☼
12. Ancient Aliens: They Came from the Sea / 7-2 ☼
13.The Dead Files: The Dead Woman & The Hell House / 7-2 ☼
14. The Dead Files: Dark Vortec & Deadly Spirit / 7-3 ☼
15. A Haunting: Demonic Houses & Satanic Encounter / 7-3 ☼
16. A Haunting: Living Nightmare & House of Nightmares / 7-3 ☼
17. A Haunting: Demon Whispers / 7-3 ☼
18. A Haunting: Violent Spirit & Terrorized Couple / 7-3 ☼
19. Ancient Aliens: Return to Antartica / 7-4 ☼
20. Paranormal Caught on Camera: Delaware Ghost Bridge ... / 7-4 ☼
21. Paranormal Caught on Camera: Demonic Doll .... / 7-4 ☼
22. In Search of Monsters: The Ozark Monster / 7-4 ☼
23. In Search of Monsters: Rock Apes of Vietnam / 7-4 ☼
24. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation: Raining UFO's / 7-4 ☼
25. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation: The Pattern Revealed / 7-4 ☼
26. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation: UFO Fleet / 7-4 ☼
27. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation: The Atomic Connection / 7-4 ☼
28. The Rook: Chapter 1 / 7-5 ☼
29. Spider-Man: Far From Home / 7-6 ☼
30. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation: The Revelation / 7-7 ☼
31. Labyrinth / 4K UHD ☼ / 7-8
32. Cinderella / 4K-UHD ☼/ 7-9
33. This Island Earth / Perspecta soundtrack ☼ / 7-10
34. The Rook: Chapter 2 / 7-11 ☼
35. Mothra [with commentary track ☼] / 7-11
36. Ender's Game / 4K-UHD ☼ / 7-12
37. 'Blackbeard' - Signature Theatre / 7-13 ☼
38. Invasion of the Body Snatchers / Audio Commentary by film historian Richard Harland Smith ☼ / 7-19
39, The Lion King / 2019 / 7-20
40. Daft Punk -- "Robot Rock" / 7-21
41. Powerman 5000 – "When Worlds Collide" / 7-21
42. Genesis -- "Land of Confusion" / 7-21
43. Devo -- "Beautiful World" / 7-21
44. Alien / 4K-UHD / 7-21
45. A Haunting: "Untouchable" / 7-22
46. Starship Troopers / 4K-UHD / 7-22
47. Ghosts of Morgan City: "Pirates Island" / 7-23
48. Ancient Aliens: "The Druid Connection" / 7-24
49. "The Coming of the Martian' (The War of the4 World) / 2018 / 7-24
50. Field of Dreams / 4K-UHD / 7-24
51. The Dead Files: Darkness Rises / 7-25
52. The Dead Files: Demon Seed / 7-25
53. King Kong 2005 / extended cut / 4K UHD / 7-25
54. UFOs: The Lost Evidence: 'UFOs and the Presidents: FDR to JFK' / 7-26
55. Captain Marvel / commentary track / 7-26
56. Ghosts of Morgan City: 'Irish Bend Soldier' / 7-26
57. Ghosts of Morgan City: 'Berwick Bloody Four' / 7-26
58. Killer Klowns from Outer Space / Arrow Video 4K restoration / 7-26
54. UFOs: The Lost Evidence: American UFO Coverups / 7-27
55. A Wrinkle in Time / 2018 / commentary track / 7-27
56. Predator / 4K UHD / 7-27
57. Ancient Aliens: "The Reptilian Agenda' / 7-28
58. Transformers / 4K UHD: Dolby Vision / 7-28
59. The Fifth Element / 4K UHD / 7-28
60. Good Witch: "The Grey-cation" / 7-28
61. A Haunting: "When the Lights Go Out" / 7-29
62. A Haunting: "Norman the Doll" / 7-29
63. Carousel / 1953 / 7-29
64. The Dead Files: "The Watchers" / 7-30
65. The Matrix / 4K UHD: Dolby Vision ☼ / 7-30
66. The Matrix: Reloaded / 4K UHD: Dolby Vision 7-30
67. Gravity / Dolby Atmos / 7-30
68. A Haunting: Gatewell to Evil / 7-31
69. UFO's The Lost Evidence: "UFOs vs. the Royal Air Force / 7-31
70. Contamination / commentary track / 7-31
71. Ghostbusters / 2016 / extended version / 4K UHD / 7-31
71. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial / 4K UHD ☼ / 7-31

= first time viewing

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

1. Sleeper
2. It Came From Outer Space
3. This Island Earth
4. Things to Come
5. Village of the Damned
6. Deepstar 6

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

Alita: Battle Angel
The Great Wall
Mortal Engines

Stranger Things: Season 3 (8 episodes)


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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

My list!

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Re: 12th Annual Sci-Fantasy Challenge List Thread

Thanks for sharing.
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