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Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

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Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

How are these ? I started buying the sets that FoxHome put out, but only made it up to 4 before I lost intrest. The only ones I were able to find near me were seasons 1 & 2, and I had to go nearly 80 miles before I found season 4. I asked Target and Wal-Mart about year ago about ordering them, but they said they wouldn't sell very well. Never got around to S3, as like I said, they were not a big seller near me. I could have gotten them off of Amazon, but more than a few bad experiences with them somewhat soured me on them, and online shopping in general.

I just recently got back into the show, and I'm wanting to complete the set. I like the prices on the Mill Creek sets, but I'm concerned about picture quality, ect. And, I've heard the packaging for the discs is awful with Mill Creeks sets. Any help ?
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Re: Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases


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Re: Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

I haven't seen any version of "That 70's Show" on DVD, but did buy Mill Creek's "3rd Rock From the Sun" S1. When you shrink a series down from 4 disks to 2 (or 4 to 3 in the case of "70's Show") you are going to lose quality. Having said that, on my CRT TV, the video quality is quite acceptable. I've seen other DVD's that pixelize from too much compression. I can't speak for "70's Show"'s packaging, but my "3rd Rock" came in a standard 2-disk keep case. It's still a shame, because while the original Anchor Bay releases were slightly edited, you get full episodes from Mill Creek in exchange for greater compression. So hard to have it all.
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Re: Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

I've got several of Mill Creek's 50-movie sets, but only two TV collections: Sherlock Holmes: Greatest Mysteries and Ultraman: The Complete Series. The first has all 39 episodes of the 1954 Sherlock Holmes TV show, and the latter has all 39 episodes of the 1966 Ultraman. Both cost me about $7, brand new.

The packaging for both is discs in paper sleeves, housed in a double-wide plastic keep case. This packaging is more annoying in the 50-movie sets, because getting to Disc 11 in a 12-disc set is a pain, but it's less annoying with only three discs in the Holmes set and four discs in the Ultraman set. It's been a total non-issue for me, but YouTube reviewers seem to find it worthy of endless complaining. Your mileage may vary.

As for picture quality, I can't comment on something newer like That '70s Show. What I can tell you in general with Mill Creek is that you should avoid their stuff if you're looking for terrific visuals. There's an unspoken understanding with them: you're getting a huge amount of content for very little money, and expense has been spared in the AV department. They grab whatever print they can find, and they cram ten episodes onto a single disc. You're paying for content, not presentation.

Personally, I've been satisfied with the sets I've bought. Sitting 15 feet away from my 46-inch HDTV, the Holmes and Ultraman episodes look fine to me, although I'm sure it's a pixelated mess up close. But that's me, and I'm not a stickler for picture quality, especially on cheap budget sets like these. Since they're so inexpensive, I'd recommend just buying one and seeing how you like it. It'll be a good indicator of possible future purchases.
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Re: Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

Would NEVER EVER touch a "Mill Creek" product again!!! Just my opinion-
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Re: Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

I think Mill Creek visual quality varies greatly. The movie sets I have aren't that great. But something like the Complete Hunter, for example, isn't that bad. As someone said, you get a lot of content for little $...so something's gotta give. On the whole, I'm happy that Mill Creek is rescuing a lot of TV shows whose DVD lives were limited.
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Re: Mill Creek's "That 70's Show" releases

I collected the Roseanne sets, because the Anchor Bay season 1 was edited. Unfortunately seasons 8 & 9 are still edited on Millcreek sets, as they are on Anchor Bay sets.

I collected Millcreek's Third Rock From The Sun just because the original sets' packaging is too big and bulky. I've freed up space.

I didn't bother with That's 70's Show, as I'm satisfied with the originals.

With Millcreek sets, I take the slip cover and put it in a regular dvd case and transfer the dvds.
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