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Question: La Bamba/Buddy Holly Story DVD Set

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Question: La Bamba/Buddy Holly Story DVD Set


I am considering buying this set but I was wondering if anyone could help me determine if The Buddy Holly Story DVD includes the WS version or if it's just the FS. The reason I ask is because the one in the set is listed as FS most everywhere, but so is the single-disc release of the same film, and I know for a fact some of them are flippers with WS and FS.

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While this is two years late. I did some searching online after spotting the set for $6 at Cub Foods the other night. And it's reported that The Buddy Holly Story is fullscreen only despite claiming to be 16.9 widescreen on the package!

The original release of the film was a flipper with WS and FS versions on separate sides. And as we all know. Columbia in their infinite wisdom rereleased all those flipper discs in FS only.

Now I'm wonder if BHS is open matte or cropped? If it's open matte,I'd be up for buying the double pack for that price. And would it be possible to contact Sony and get the disc replaced with the WS version because of the false advertising or not?
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Does BUDDY HOLLY STORY still retain all the extras like the commentary track?
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So today is the 49th anniversary of the Day the Music Died and I got a hankering to watch the Buddy Holly Story. So I hop on over to Amazon and I see that not only is it a relatively bare-bones edition whose only special feature is, depending on which edition you get, either a commentary or La Bamba. Add to that the fact that the current release is in 4:3? What a mess.

Come on, Sony. This is an Oscar winning film, with an Oscar-nominee lead performance. Doesn't it deserve a decent release? Put out a special edition. Load it up with documentaries, get a commentary by the surviving Crickets ... heck, see if you can get the rights to the McCartney documentary and package it all together as a two-disc set! But give us an edition of the Buddy Holly story worthy of Buddy Holly.
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They didn't change the UPC codes!!!

Originally Posted by Julie Walker
The original release of the film was a flipper with WS and FS versions on separate sides. And as we all know. Columbia in their infinite wisdom rereleased all those flipper discs in FS only.
Julie: MOST....but not all. Almost three (3) years ago, 91 flipper titles (WS side-A/FS side-B) were reissued by Sony in a single aspect ratio. 91 titles were affected. 75 went FS only. The remaining 16 titles went WS only. The biggest problem with the reissued titles was not changing the catalog numbers or the UPC codes. In many cases, this makes it impossible for the consumer to know what format is actually in the package. Here's a note Sony Pictures Home Entertainment sent to retailers, three years ago.

April 8, 2005

Dear Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Customer:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is currently in the process of reworking the Aspect Ratios on select DVDs. These particular DVDs, which in the past have included both Widescreen and Full screen presentations on a single disc, are now being reworked to include only one presentation, Wide OR Full screen. A number of these have been completed and repackaged to reflect this change, and are listed in the table below.

Catalog numbers and UPC Codes remain the same. Please update your systems as necessary to reflect these changes.

We will continue to update you regularly as more DVDs are converted. Please contact your Sales Representative or Client Operations Associate with any questions.


Client Operations
TitleCatalog #New Aspect Ratio
3 Ninjas Knuckle UpDVD 05984 Full Screen
About Last NightDVD 07359 Full Screen
Adventures of Milo and Otis, TheDVD 50149 Full Screen
Air Force OneDVD 71889 Full Screen
All About My MotherDVD 04719 Widescreen
And Justice For AllDVD 05819 Full Screen
As Good As It GetsDVD 21709 Widescreen
Assignment, TheDVD 28359 Widescreen
Bear, TheDVD 03994 Full Screen
Beast, TheDVD 06200 Full Screen
Big DaddyDVD 03922 Widescreen
Bite the BulletDVD 07761 Full Screen
Black DragonDVD 01685 Widescreen
Body DoubleDVD 04119 Full Screen
Body, TheDVD 06595 Full Screen
Breed, TheDVD 06783 Widescreen
BuddyDVD 05617 Full Screen
Buddy Holly Story, TheDVD 08019 Full Screen
Chances AreDVD 70159 Full Screen
Cheap Detective, TheDVD 90399 Full Screen
Cruel Intentions 2DVD 05841 Full Screen
Dance With MeDVD 23949 Full Screen
Deep End of the OceanDVD 02851 Full Screen
Desert HeatDVD 04226 Full Screen
Desperate MeasuresDVD 21759 Full Screen
DickDVD 04001 Widescreen
Excess BaggageDVD 82309 Full Screen
Eye of the BeholderDVD 05052 Full Screen
Fan, TheDVD 82479 Full Screen
Forsaken, TheDVD 06453 Widescreen
FuturesportDVD 03302 Full Screen
GattacaDVD 82649 Full Screen
Geronimo: An American LegendDVD 58709 Full Screen
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - RestoredDVD 05419 Full Screen
Hard TimesDVD 03063 Full Screen
HeroDVD 51569 Full Screen
HideawayDVD 05273 Full Screen
High School HighDVD 82489 Full Screen
Hollywood KnightsDVD 21894 Widescreen
HomegrownDVD 25329 Widescreen
HushDVD 02356 Full Screen
I Dreamed of AfricaDVD 04606 Full Screen
Idle HandsDVD 03931 Full Screen
Iron EagleDVD 83969 Full Screen
It Could Happen To YouDVD 72819 Widescreen
Jackie Chan's Who Am I?DVD 02717 Full Screen
JawbreakerDVD 03615 Full Screen
Juror, TheDVD 11609 Full Screen
Knock OffDVD 25889 Full Screen
Last Action Hero, TheDVD 27939 Full Screen
Last Dragon, TheDVD 05985 Widescreen
Lords of FlatbushDVD 04540 Widescreen
MacKenna's GoldDVD 03709 Full Screen
MadelineDVD 02718 Full Screen
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinDVD 78719 Full Screen
MercyDVD 05080 Full Screen
Mirror Has Two Faces, TheDVD 82529 Full Screen
Mixed NutsDVD 06534 Full Screen
Mortal ThoughtsDVD 50749 Full Screen
Moscow on the HudsonDVD 06536 Full Screen
Mrs. WinterbourneDVD 07742 Full Screen
My LifeDVD 05853 Full Screen
My Stepmother Is An AlienDVD 61029 Full Screen
No MercyDVD 83759 Full Screen
No Way BackDVD 05818 Full Screen
Nowhere to RunDVD 52379 Full Screen
Odessa File, TheDVD 03299 Full Screen
Order, TheDVD 08426 Full Screen
Peggy Sue Got MarriedDVD 81849 Full Screen
RevengeDVD 50219 Full Screen
River Runs Through It, ADVD 03933 Widescreen
RoxanneDVD 08539 Full Screen
Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book:
Mowgli and Baloo
DVD 05988 Full Screen
School DazeDVD 05834 Full Screen
ScreamersDVD 11869 Full Screen
SheenaDVD 06535 Full Screen
Silent RageDVD 05277 Full Screen
SniperDVD 70759 Widescreen
So I Married An Axe MurdererDVD 52429 Widescreen
Spice WorldDVD 01770 Full Screen
StarmanDVD 04129 Full Screen
StepmomDVD 02852 Full Screen
SuspectDVD 05857 Full Screen
Sweet and LowdownDVD 04757 Full Screen
Thirteenth Floor, The (Special Edition)DVD 02848 Full Screen
Toy, TheDVD 06542 Full Screen
Two Moon JunctionDVD 09669 Full Screen
Universal Soldier: The ReturnDVD 03934 Full Screen
Whatever It TakesDVD 05285 Full Screen
WhippedDVD 05500 Full Screen
Wild Things (Rated)DVD 02411 Full Screen

The letter from Sony and the table of reissued titles was copied from here. In that thread, posts #44 and #49 list additional titles beyond the 91 original (above) that may have been reduced to a single aspect ratio.

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I finally was able to obtain a WS copy of Buddy Holly after two and a half years of searching. It's a long story of buying multiple copies and being disappointed. At one point (June 2006), my brother received a WS/FS flipper in a Buddy Holly/La Bamba double pack ordered from DDD. In that particular double pack (Buddy Holly/La Bamba), I've learned from experience that it's hit or miss as to what aspect ratio of Buddy Holly you might find. I quickly ordered a copy for myself but got the 1-sided FS version instead. The double pack is clearly labeled as containing a 1:85:1 anamorphic widescreen version and so I returned my FS only version to DDD. Same thing happened in Sept 2007 when a co-worker found a WS/FS flipper in a double pack purchased from a local Wal-Mart. Customer service at Wal-Mart opened the three remaining boxes only to find FS only copies.

Finally, I called Sony Home Video to politely complain that the packaging said WS, that indeed I knew people who had received WS/FS copies, but all I could find were FS copies. They asked me to mail my copy to a service center and two (2) weeks later, they mailed me a WS/FS flipper! (Note: I had to send them the entire packaging with the La Bamba disc so that Sony could verify that my packaging did indeed say WS on the box.)

Whew! Finally!
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The copy I received from Columbia House is the flipper. It's been over a year so I'm not sure what you'd get sent today. I see it's an enrollment selection as well. I bought mine thru their FunCash system, around $4.
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