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Will A&E ever release more Avengers megasets (or the remaining early eps)?

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Will A&E ever release more Avengers megasets (or the remaining early eps)?

Old 11-03-05, 08:41 PM
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Will A&E ever release more Avengers megasets (or the remaining early eps)?

Has there been any word of a boxed combining the two New Avengers sets? Or how about discs with the remaining unreleased Avengers episodes from Seasons 1 & 2? Or a megaset of all 5 Avengers 68 sets?

I held off on picking up Avengers 68 and New Avengers, figuring they'd do megasets eventually. They could at least release the remaining early episodes.

I sent A&E an email a while back asking these questions, but I didn't get a reply.
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Old 11-04-05, 01:52 PM
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As far as I've read, no one knows and A&E isn't telling anyone when they'll release more megasets the last of the early episodes (a far more critical omission than more megasets, in my opinion).

Probably the best place to check for Avengers release news is "The Avengers Forever" website (check the "What's New" page):


And the Avengers forum (especially the "DVD and Current Merchandise" forum):


I check them every now and again, and so far there has been no news from A&E in ages.

That said, since A&E seems to be doing repackaging of some of their "cult" stuff in new, less bulky packaging (such as "Monty Python" and "Horatio Hornblower"), you might think eventually some of the "Avengers" stuff will be repackaged. But I'm just speculating.

--Scott M.
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Old 11-04-05, 02:16 PM
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I'm not sure if those early episodes still exist. I remember reading somewhere that only one episode from the first season still exists.
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Old 11-04-05, 03:08 PM
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It's true that only two and 1/3rd episodes from the first season exist; the rest are missing.

However, A&E never finished releasing the second season episodes (the first Cathy Gale season) that do exist, even though they were promising to for a few years. Those are the episodes I was referring to (and I assume so was the original poster).

--Scott M.
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Old 11-08-05, 12:11 PM
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I really hope the remaining Honor Blackman episodes are released soon. I've read that season sets are now being released in France, but A&E isn't the distributor in Europe, so who knows if it'll ever happen in the U.S. I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm just thankful that most of the episodes have been released.
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Old 11-08-05, 02:12 PM
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Yep they've released the whole of The Avengers on DVD in France, in five boxsets.

You can buy them from Amazon France. The Tara King set costs around 45 euros before shipping, so is much cheaper than the A&E sets.

It can be found here, under the less-than-scintillating title of Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir, which is less snappy than "The Avengers". Maybe it sounds better if you speak French!

The Avengers!

Others can be found on links frm that page.

Of course, these are r2 encoded. They have, from what I have heard, English soundtracks with optional French subtitles (and French menus etc of course).

I don't have them myself, so I cannot confirm this. You Have Been Warned.

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Old 12-19-05, 01:12 AM
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Subject: Extraordinary News for North American Fans!

Yay, for once I get to hear about something before nearly everyone else does!

For the past month or so I have known what plans lay ahead for A&E's newest Avengers products. Speculation has been running rampant since A&E made some tentative announcements about the remaining Gale episodes and the rare David Keel bits nearly two years ago. At that time they had targeted July 2004 for release, and July 2004 has come and gone with no action.

Then things went very quiet, and everyone more or less assumed (perhaps rightfully so) that A&E had given up. Indeed, some of their exceedingly rare email answers to numerous queries from various fans either indicated "no decision" or "plans on hold" (my own emails were never answered at all).

This all changed when several weeks ago I was contacted by a designer at New Video (the producer/distributor of A&E's DVDs) in NYC who needed help dating some images he was going to be using in the packaging for a new product, a re-issue of the Emma Peel megaset. Well, just knowing that A&E was still considering new Avengers products was mind-boggling in itself! After begging him for information on A&E's plans, he put me in touch with the director of marketing for New Video, who kindly agreed to include me in the loop for details on A&E's plans, since I was never able to get in touch with anyone at A&E who would do the same.

One thing led to another and I learned that A&E was planning on releasing a "bonus disc" with the new Emma Peel megaset (which is apparently going to be issued in a "digipack"). My new New Video contact asked me if they should release the bonus disc separately as well, and I strongly encouraged them to do so! I also made some suggestions on the contents of the bonus disc, and assisted them in locating a video master for one key item which Canal+ could not provide for them.

And now I have at last been permitted to reveal the contents of the bonus disc:

3-minute version of "Strange Case of the Missing Corpse"

"Avenging the Avengers" documentary

"K is for Kill" New Avengers episode

"Hot Snow" (surviving 20 minutes)

"Girl on the Trapeze"

"The Frighteners"
Note that the seemingly odd inclusion of "K is for Kill" is due to the fact that this is an Emma Peel megaset, and they were shooting for a "completist" collection ("Corpse" was the item that almost didn't make it to the disc). The David Keel "lost episodes" just came along for the ride--and thankfully so! The new megaset and the bonus disc will be released at the end of February.

Even more good news: The Avengers '62 (the last of the Gale epiosdes) is tentatively scheduled for release in March '06!

New Video will also be providing me with some artwork for these new products in the very near future, which will be posted at TAF.

With eternal gratitude to the Powers That Be at New Video,
David K. Smith

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Old 12-20-05, 12:45 AM
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