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I ran into some similar problems on my copy of ANH. Mine froze when Tarkin was asking about the location of the rebel base and when Obi-Wan was about to hand Luke the helmet while he was training.
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Originally posted by rnb67
I am not sure if this is the case on the VHS Special Edition, but on ANH, at around 1:36:46, I noticed a red square box around one of the ships that Han and Luke are trying to shoot. You see this as the fighter moves diagonally across the screen.

I have yet to check out the other two discs.
those are still visible on the ANH dvd
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Well crap.

I hope I have no problems... =(
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Originally posted by mparysz
I ran into some similar problems on my copy of ANH. Mine froze when Tarkin was asking about the location of the rebel base and when Obi-Wan was about to hand Luke the helmet while he was training.
Oh man! Can this be a bad batch, or are we talking about a full recall of the set here?

Thumbs up, George, I knew you wouldn't let us down! (Sorry, just really bummed right now.)
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I only just watch ANH last night but I think the layer change was on 1:03:07 just when Tarkin asked that Leia be terminated immediately the disc paused just briefly before showing the Millenium Falcon going to the Death Star. Well check the rest tonight and tomorrow.
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That's the layer change.

If your disc freezes at other points, try it on different player or a new player. If that doesn't work, return it.

Mine works 100% a-ok on my new player.
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Originally posted by Forum Troll
I noticed the same thing while watching it on the PC in PowerDVD, but not on my standalone connected to the TV. Software players suck anyway, so it's the software, not the disc.
Not really accurate... It's a combination of issues monitor refresh rates v. TV refresh rates v. film/DVD frame rates, combined with independent CPU, audio card and video card clocks used for timing. The end result is either somewhat jerky playback (especially noticable when panning) or out of synch audio.

Depending on your hardware and monitor refresh rates, the problem may be more or less noticeable. Of course, there is software to correct the issue, search the web for Reclock.
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A friend of mine had a similar problem with chapter 26 of Star Wars. I think their player is a Pioneer & fairly new.
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I checked out the scene the original poster mentioned, and looking closely at it, I did notice the slight jumps of the background. What I think you're seeing is just the natural movement of the camera as it was tilting downward. Cameras operated by humans just aren't capable of perfectly fluid movement. The added clarity of DVD probably makes this easier to see than before.

Another possibility is the jitter you see in opening credits if the frames aren't lined up just right when the transfer is done. However, considering the extensive digital work this film had done to it, I would think if it is jitter it would have been minimized.
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I did some checking. This problem is being reported by people on the Home Theater Forum site and the Official Star Wars Fan Club site as well.

I think we've got a major problem on our hands here. I guess the question is wether to keep the sets and wait for an official recall, or return them and wait for the corrected ones to hit the market.
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Originally posted by PC_Hater
I'm going to have to return my set as well. I was checking out ANH. Just watching bits of it here and there to see how it looked. While watching the scene where Obi-Wan grabs the blast helmet to put on Luke, the was a major pause. Right as he grabs the helmet, everything freezes. At first, I'm thinking this is an odd place for a layer change. As it continued, my heart sank. It starts again after about 5 seconds, as Luke is saying that he can't see anything with the blast shield down. I've looked at the scene 10 times and it does it in the same exact place every time. I took a close look at the disc and I can't see anything on the playing surface.

I feel a disturbance in the force.
I had this same problem.
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Originally posted by jarofclay73
I have a couple of glitches at around 58:00 when Tarkin is asking for the location of the rebel base. And another couple of glitches when Obi-Wan feels a tremor in the force after Alderaan in blown up. And one more right before the Falcon jumps out of hyperspace at Alderaan. I have a JVC XV-523GD player.

Also, my Power DVD glitches in the Obi-Wan section.
I am on my third set and It still gliches from 58:00 to 102:00 several start and stops, skip aheads etc...

My Player is a Sony dvp-nc655p
Sony dvp-s530d
Cyberhome ch-dvd 300

I am starting a new thread pertaining to this problem

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I had a glitch on my Malata player right after the THX intro the disc stopped and said error. When I hit play button the disc played without any problem.
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No problems here.

DVD-Rom: Sony DRU-700A with PowerDVD
Standalone: Sony DVP NS325

Played from Chapter 26-32 without a hitch. Also, musick is right about the layer change.

TylerDurden_73: THe layer change is right at the spot where the Falcon jumps out of hyperspace. It pauses on the guy after he delivers his line (sorry. It has been EONS since I have seen this and I can't remember who he is... I just know he is a bad guy! :-) )

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I also had the glitch. Freezing/skipping throughout chapter 26 and 27. My Sony 7700 had major problems during these scenes. I tried it on my Panny S25, and I only get a bit of pixelation without freezing. I exchanged the set this morning, but I haven't checked the new one yet.

Edit: Checked the new disk. It works perfectly.

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Grrrrrr! I also seem to have a similar problem. I played it on my Toshiba 3109, which as a whole, has never given me any problems unless the disc was really in bad shape.

When Obi-Wan begins to tell about the million voices/sudden silence he heard after the destruction of Alderaan, he stutters the line, the video pixelates for a few seconds, and then the movie resumes. When played on my DVD-ROM drive, the scene just freezes for several seconds before resuming, but when it does, it jumps ahead a couple of seconds. I haven't checked the rest of the disc but based on what's been said here, it seems that some bum pressings went out.

I'm disappointed, partly because this was one of those instances where all my discs from a set were actually in pristine condition. I hope my exchange will not be any different, and that Star Wars plays as it should.
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Didn't notice anything with ANH, but there were three instances in Empire where the disc froze up very briefly. Not enough to really notice it, but being as anal as I am, I couldn't help but do so.
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Originally posted by TylerDurden_73
I am on my third set and It still gliches from 58:00 to 102:00 several start and stops, skip aheads etc...

My Player is a Sony dvp-nc655p
Sony dvp-s530d
Cyberhome ch-dvd 300

I am starting a new thread pertaining to this problem
So maybe this is a firmware problem as opposed to a disc manufacturing problem?

My player is relatively old and I got it in 2001.
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My glitch occurs at 00:59:25 - 00:59:27, although when I played the disc on my friend's player, it had no problems. He has a fairly recent Panasonic combo player, so I guess it is handling the error correction much better than my five year old player. I either live with the glitch until I get a better player down the road, or take the chance and see if an exchange does not duplicate the problem.
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I'm on my second set right now, the first set I got it skipped like mad right after Luke says "What a Piece of Junk" after he sees the Falcon. It skipped in intervals of 5 seconds, paused then skipped like crazy after Chapter 26 then just all of a sudden stopped completely. After going to CC this afternoon, I just exchanged it (crossing my fingers) hoping that the new set's ANH disc would play... There is a DISC READ ERROR and it won't even START. BTW, the only Player I currently have is a PS2, and I have been generally happy with my PS2 player, the only other DVD tat has given me problems was with my DVD of Equilibrium giving me the exact same DISC READ ERROR (which I don't even play anymore). Man am I pissed.
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Played flawlessly on my Toshiba 4800. Slight pause at the layer change and that was about it.

I've said it before... this thing will play anything I throw at it.
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The only thing I noticed was that the layer change on ANH was a bit slow on my Panny CP-72S. That's all. Everything else was flawless.
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Exchanged the set for a new one. Maybe I got lucky, as ANH played fine with no problems. I'll be checking out the rest in the next few days. Crossing fingers!

So it appears to be the discs that are faulty, and it looks like a huge number had errors. Boy, returns-o-plenty.
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Just for the record, my ANH disc skips a few times around the layer change (not including the change), and one of my friends has the same problem. I tried it in my Jaton PSD7611K and in my computer. Hopefully this is just a crappy batch of dvds and I can get a replacement. Anyone heard anything official about this problem?
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I didn't notice any major problems with ANH, but at the following times I noticed a brief audio glitch/pause .......


When I played them back today in the same unit (AKAI DVD120RW....brand new) it didn't show up again as if the unit now recognized the problem and did error correction for it. My other dvd player (MAGNASONIC) didn't show the problems at all.

My bonus disc in the EMPIRE OF DREAMS documentary has some minor hiccups at the following spots (possibly others) ..........

8:09 (Gary Kurtz speaking)
32:01 (Peter Mayhew starts to speak)
2:23:46 (George talking about changes to Star Wars movies)
2:28:15 (Last scene of a New Hope)

In all the above scenes there seems to a minor audio/video skip or hiccup. The dvd continues to play and doens't really miss anything, but it's a bit annoying. This happens on my BRAND NEW AKAI DVDRW120 dvd recorder. My MAGNASONIC dvd player and DVD-ROM do not show this problem whatsoever and they are older than the AKAI unit.
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