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Kino - Stan Laurel, Harold Lloyd, Charley Chase

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Kino - Stan Laurel, Harold Lloyd, Charley Chase

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Kino - Stan Laurel, Harold Lloyd, Charley Chase

Directly from Kino's website...

Kino on Video is proud to release SLAPSTICK SYMPOSIUM, a collection of five DVD titles presenting 29 rare short-film comedies and two feature-length motion pictures from silent-comedians Stan Laurel, Harold Lloyd, Charley Chase, and the Oliver Hardy / Laurel famed duo. Made possible by an unprecedented collaboration between Kino on Video and LOBSTER FILMS (www.lobsterfilms.com), the leading film restoration company in Europe, SLAPSTICK SYMPOSIUM showcases both Kino on Video and Lobster’s commitment to collecting the best available film materials and employing state-of-the-art transfer technology to create standard setting DVD masters.

All five DVD titles from this series will prebook on June 22nd, 2004, and will be available to the general public on July 20th, 2004. The CHARLEY CHASE and HAROLD LLOYD DVDs will each sell for $29.95, while the two-disc STAN LAUREL DVD SET will be priced at $34.95. The DVDs for FLYING DEUCES and Kino’s three-hour collection of Buster Keaton extras and lesser-known works, KEATON PLUS, are priced at $24.95 each.

Kicking off the SLAPSTICK SYMPOSIUM with a bang of previously unreleased and impeccable looking materials, Kino on Video will release a two-disc STAN LAUREL DVD SET (1923-1925) with 16 short films starring silent legend Stan Laurel before he became part of the most recognized comedy duo in the history of cinema. Collecting the best moments of his eight-year solo career, the STAN LAUREL DVD SET revives the understated talent of a man who competed with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton for the spot of silent-comedy master in the golden age of silent cinema–the 1920s.

Also part of this series is the Laurel and Hardy feature film FLYING DEUCES (1939), now available in a newly re-mastered DVD. With some of Laurel and Hardy’s most cherished screen moments, like the "Shine on Harvest Moon" sequence where a high-pitched Laurel accompanies Oliver Hardy in an embarrassingly earnest performance, FLYING DEUCES can be finally appreciated in its pristine B&W look, as it was originally screened in the early 1940s. This newly produced DVD also brings as special features two rare short films from the Laurel and Hardy duo: THE TREE IN A TEST TUBE (1943) and THE STOLEN JOOLS (1931).

The third all-new presentation at Kino’s SLAPSTICK SYMPOSIUM is a HAROLD LLOYD DVD collecting seven of Lloyd’s most famous short films, such as NUMBER, PLEASE? (1920) and JUST NEIGHBORS (1919). Moving into his early feature-film period, this all-new DVD also brings the rarely seen GRANDMA’S BOY (1922), a tale about a spoiled youngster and his untamed fear of life. Briefly known as the personification of optimism and persistence, Lloyd ascended to stardom by drawing laughter from a positive and hard-working screen character–unlike the sad and incompetent personas developed by Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Associated since his early days with producing genius Hal Roach, Harold Lloyd made more money–and starred in more films–than Keaton and Chaplin in the1920s.

Completing the SLAPSTICK SYMPOSIUM is the newly produced CHARLEY CHASE DVD, with six short films from this Baltimore-born comedian. Having worked in front and behind the cameras, Charley Chase became famous for starring in comedies populated with surreal-like misunderstandings, usually originating from mundane day-to-day situations. Known as the master of the comedy of embarrassment, Chase made over 45 films with director Leo McCarey (THE AWFUL TRUTH)–and created one of Hollywood’s most fruitful collaborations. Charley Chase’s frivolous and nonchalant mannerisms, as well as his good looks, made him one of the most seductive silent-comedy heroes of the 20s. Chase almost always ended up with the girl, even if the narrative invariably mutated from mundane into insane in the first five minutes of action.

– 2 DISCS –

Before teaming up with Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel was one of the most important Hollywood comics of his time, competing with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Having been Chaplin’s understudy and roommate, Laurel spent most of the 1910s avoiding actual demands to become a Chaplin lookalike. It was only in the 1920s that Stan laurel became established enough to capture the attention of producer Hal Roach and compete on equal terms with his mentor. The rare 16 short films (1923-1925) in this all-new DVD were finally restored to their original versions. All shot between 1923 and 1925, these films are a historic proof of Laurel’s slapstick genius and a remarkable showcase of the intense work which allowed Lloyd to stand out in a time of great competition among hundreds of hopeful slapstick stars.

From the parodies of popular films from the 1920s ("Roughest Africa". "The Soilers") to the hilarious social satires ("Frozen Hearts", "Short Kilts") or the familial ones ("Mother's Joy", "Yes, Yes, Nanette") and ending with real jewels of silent comedy ("Oranges and Lemons", "Postage Due"), this British-born comedian charms, thanks to his understanding of storytelling and his irresistible humor. These 16 short films are gathered on DVD for the first time thanks to the help of collectors and film archives from around the world.

Roughest Africa(1923):
During an expedition in Africa, Stan is confronted by wild animals for the camera of a documentary filmmaker.

The Soilers(1923):
Canister (Stan Laurel), a mine owner in Alaska, would give his life to get his confiscated goods/property back.

Mother's Joy(1924):
An old man asks a lawyer to find his missing daughter and grand-son who turns out to be a very extravagant young man.

Postage Due(1924):
Willy Worst (Stan Laurel) turns a local post-office upside-down just by trying to send a letter.

The Sleuth(1925):
Stan is a detective who essentially relies on different costumes to successfully complete his investigations.

Yes, Yes, Nanette(1925):
Nanette comes home to introduce her husband to her family. Nanette's ex-fiance (Oliver Hardy) takes advantage of the situation to make a comeback in her life.

And the following titles:

Oranges and Lemons(1923), Frozen Hearts(1923), Near Dublin(1924), Zeb Vs Paprika(1924), Short Kilts(1924), West of Hot Dog(1924), The Snow Hawk(1925), Navy Blue Days(1925), Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde(1925), Half a Man(1925).

UPC (DVD) # 38329-03652-2
SRP -$34.95


A standout contributor to the art of silent film comedy, Harold Lloyd (1893-1971) offers new generations a body of film work that is as fresh and entertaining as in its day. His roots were simple–-born in rural Nebraska, product of a broken home, and initially destined for the legitimate stage-–yet by the 1920s, Lloyd was both at the box office and in the polls, the most popular comic actor in the world.

His appeal was simple: through his Glass Character, which formed the basis of roles from 1917-1947, Lloyd was able to reach audiences as no contemporary could. He is regarded as the man who most greatly influenced eyeglass-wearing in America, and this single facet of Lloyd inspired youth worldwide. His screen normalcy-–in look and demeanor-–allowed moviegoers to relate to the Glass Character no matter how rich, poor, cowardly or flip he was. Included in this Kino collection are the feature Grandma's Boy (1922), plus the shorts Bumping Into Broadway (1919), An Eastern Westerner (1920), His Royal Slyness (1921), Just Neighbors (1919), I Do (1918), and Number Please (1920).

Grandma’s Boy - 1922
One of Lloyd’s personal favorites of his films, Grandma’s Boy is a beautiful tale of self-discovery, with a bounty of comic overtones. Sonny is a self-professed coward, who balks at the sight of the town tramp (Dick Sutherland). Armed with a lucky charm given to him by his grandmother (Anna Townsend), he defeats the tramp and the town bully (Charles Stevenson), learning a very valuable lesson about himself in the process.

And among the many short films are:

Bumping Into Broadway – 1919
Harold Lloyd’s first Glass Character two-reeler, Bumping Into Broadway stars Lloyd and Daniels as theatrical hopefuls – he as a playwright, she as a chorus girl. The action is fierce, as Harold attempts to save Bebe from a wicked society chap, and gets into lots of trouble in the process. Look for Our Gang favorite Gus Leonard in a most unique cameo: as a love-starved woman!

An Eastern Westerner – 1920
Rural comedy abounds in this romp, as young upstart Harold is shipped to his uncle’s ranch out West. There, he meets Mildred, assists her in staving off the unwanted affections of rogue Young, and after a wild altercation with a gang of bandits, single-handedly saves the town from the Masked Angels.

His Royal Slyness – 1920
A special opportunity to see the Lloyd brothers – Harold and Gaylord – work together. Harold, a book agent, bears an uncanny resemblance to the Prince of Razzamatazz (Gaylord) – the two switch persons, and Harold travels to Thermosa, where he falls in love with a princess (Davis), and manages to lead the peasants’ revolution to victory. His Royal Slyness marks Pollard’s final film with Lloyd.

Just Neighbors – 1919
Domesticity turns to squabble-city, as the tranquil friendship of neighbors Lloyd and Pollard turns sour when Snub’s chickens get loose in Bebe’s garden. The barbs are fast and furious, until peace is restored, when Harold’s dog saves Snub’s daughter from traffic. A rare film in which Lloyd took co-directorial credit, Motion Picture News called Just Neighbors "…as clever a skit on suburban life as ever was fashioned."

UPC (DVD) # 38329-03672-0
SRP - $29.95


Bringing a collection of seven 2-reeler comedies from the golden period of this acting/producer legend, the CHARLEY CHASE DVD is a fantastic introduction to the funny and frenetic world of Charley Chase and a rare chance to experience the work of one of the most influential short-film comedians of the late 1920s. The CHALEY CHASE DVD brings the following short films: MUM’S THE WORD(1926), APRIL FOOL (1926), CRAZY LIKE A FOX(1926), LONG LIVE THE KING(1923), MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE(1926), and ALL WET (1924).

In a series of one and two reelers at the Hal Roach Studios, Chase elevated the style of situation comedy to an art form with his unique combination of madcap adventures, beautiful women and wild misunderstandings. After a decade of working in front of and behind the cameras (he was Director General at the Roach Studios), Charley Chase was persuaded to start a new series of one reel comedies in 1923. From the first release, Chase became a hit with the public–-"America’s New Joy Boy" was filling theater houses with laughter from coast to coast.

Chase discovered that by starting with a simple predicament that any average person could get into, the public could identify with him. Then, gradually, by building a once plausible situation into a fiasco, he could take them to a riotous conclusion that is unbelievable, yet, somehow conceivable. Carefree, frivolous, wild and woolly, Charley Chase was the "Good Time Charlie" that we all wished we could be. Fortunately, due to film preservation, we still have him.

UPC DVD # 38329-03682-9
SRP - $29.95


A Laurel and Hardy feature film. Recently restored and re-mastered to its pristine, original B&W visuals, FLYING DEUCES is finally available as it was meant to be seen. This all-new DVD depicts Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel at their best. After Oliver finds out that the love of his life is already married, he joins the Foreign Legion army and decides to bring Stanley along, as a way to cope with the loss and impress the girl. Of course, all hell breaks lose.

The FLYING DEUCES DVD also brings two extra short films: THE TREE IN A TEST TUBE (1943) and STOLEN JOOLS (1931), all recently collected and restored by Kino on Video and Lobster Films.

UPC DVD# 38329-03662-1
SRP - $24.95
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Whoa, this sounds great!! This is why I love DVD!
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These DVDs sound great! I'm very interested in the Stan Laurel Collection and the Harold Lloyd Collection.
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Great news, especially the Harold Lloyd collection.
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It's a pleasure to present a laurel, and hardy handshake to Kino...
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Can't wait to have this sitting on the shelf next to Image's Slapstick Encyclopedia - great stuff!
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I can't overstate how overjoyed I am about this. All of these titles are winners. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
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welcome to the most info i have ever seen on a first post. Sounds fun.
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Originally posted by cultshock
Great news, especially the Harold Lloyd collection.
Here's hoping this opens up the flood gates for more Harold Lloyd features.

Slightly off-topic: Is there any news/speculation about Image reissuing it's The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy DVDs as a box set
(as they did the Chaplin Essanay & Mutuals)?
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Originally posted by RevKarl
Here's hoping this opens up the flood gates for more Harold Lloyd features.
Not gonna happen as long as the Harold Lloyd Trust (and grandaughter Suzanne Lloyd) insist on licensing the collection in toto, and for an exorbitant sum (pricing such companies as Kino out of the picture).

The Trust has no involvement with this upcoming Kino release (Grandma's Boy and the six shorts are all in the public domain).
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Originally posted by RevKarl
Here's hoping this opens up the flood gates for more Harold Lloyd features.

Slightly off-topic: Is there any news/speculation about Image reissuing it's The Lost Films of Laurel and Hardy DVDs as a box set
(as they did the Chaplin Essanay & Mutuals)?
Yes, there has been largely because the gentleman who put the set together (Richard Feiner) said there would be a box set with an additional bonus disc.

Unfortunately, that was several years ago and I've not been able to find anything out about this despite e-mailing some L&H contacts. Image itself professes to not knowing anything about this.

Bottom line: I'm not holding my breath on this.
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Originally posted by cultshock
Great news, especially the Harold Lloyd collection.
strong agreement

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Great news! Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere yet, but I heard a Kino rep speak tonight before the presentation of Metropolis (with live organ ) at the Fox tonight, and he said they were working on restoring a box set full of Eddison films, which sounds cool...I saw one or two in a film class about a year ago.
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Shame that we can't get more Harold Lloyd on DVD. This is better than nothing and it will probably have to do for a while.

It's also great to see Charley Chase get some recognition since he's a forgotten comedian.
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Shame that we can't get more Harold Lloyd on DVD. This is better than nothing and it will probably have to do for a while.
You can blame his greedy estate (run by his granddaughter) for this. They have restored his classic silents and sound films to beautiful condition and run them on TCM every so often. However, word is that the asking price to license these to home video is exhorbitant. Studios that would do a great job with releasing these (such as Kino) can't afford this.

I guess his family is content with Harold remaining a forgotten talent. It was their decision not to release his films to TV (at the same time that L&H, Our Gang, etc. were fueling the nostalgia boom several decades ago) that caused at least two generations to not have any concept who Harold Lloyd is. As it is, many people under 25 have no clue who L&H are because Hallmark has decided to not market their films.

It's also great to see Charley Chase get some recognition since he's a forgotten comedian.
Agreed. I haven't seen much Chase, but what I've seen is very, very good. I'm looking forward to this set. It's a shame he died fairly young (alcoholism).

Buford T - love your Lloyd poster.
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Harold Lloyd is my favorite of the big three silent comedians by a huge margin. I can't wait to get this. I would love to see his granddaughter wisen up and make a reasonable deal to get all his surviving work released on DVD.
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Yeah! Harold Lloyd films! Even though I have a few on VHS from TCM's Retrospective last year, to have them on crystal clear DVD's would be fantastic.
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Wow, excellent. This will help keep my Keaton disks company. I'm especially interested in the Laurel ones, quite a few there I've never seen...
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A review is now available for the The Harold Lloyd Collection.
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BTW, as far as I know, the Lloyd set will NOT be the versions shown on TCM over the last year -- whether that means they are inferior I don't know (and several of the shorts are not part of that collection), but if any of you still have a sliver of hope that the Lloyd estate will EVER get enough cash up front to allow a dvd release..... you may be double dipping, especially if they release it (as threatened at one point) ONLY as a boxed set. Personally, I don't think that release will ever happen.
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I'll get this disc the day it's out. I'm a big Harold Lloyd fan.

Here's the mural we had painted in our house:

Here's some of the toys I have (but I've gotten a few more since this pic):

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I'm a Buster Keaton fan and have his set from KINO. They restore all their classic sets. Nothing currently on DVD can match them. 'Metropolis' is unreal also 'The Movies Begin' set. All great for video lovers.
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Bufford, that mural is awsome. What an interesting feature to have in one's home.
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Buford -- thanks for the pics. That's an amazing mural and collection!
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