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Anyone else buying up a DVD collection in order to do away with cable?

Anyone else buying up a DVD collection in order to do away with cable?

Old 05-11-04, 07:17 PM
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And do away with ESPN (NBA PLAYOFFS!), Comedy Central (Chapelle and South Park), MTV (Pimp My Ride), FX (The Shield) and Tech TV?

Hells no, I love my cable TV!
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Old 05-11-04, 08:18 PM
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Other than for some news (when I'm too lazy to link up online), documentaries and a few Red Sox games, I could easily do without cable .. well, until Series 7 becomes reality. Sometimes I'll hit up a movie that I may not have yet, but other than the fact that it's free with rent, I'd dump cable in a second. 95% of pure crap out there these days.

To answer your question, I keep cable for other reasons, not sitcom reruns. Eventually, when I tire of film, which will probably be never (too many other countries out there other than region 1 doesn't help), I will then begin to collect certain sitcom runs; NYPD Blues, Mash, All in the Family and In Living Color to name a few.
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Old 05-11-04, 08:26 PM
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Originally posted by ukywyldcat
I don't give a shit about anything on TV except Fox News and HBO original programming.
Agree. The only thing I care about is Fox News and a select few of reality shows I watch. Oh I try to watch a Cubs game every now and then on WGN and I like boxing on the weekends along with Nascar races.

But we also have DISH network with just about everything on it. Yes, the bill is quite hefty, but with three receivers every person watches their own thing. My dad watches alot of soccer matches on Fox Sports Net World. Mom watches...um...I don't what the hell she watches.

For all these poor smucks who seem to either not watch broadcast TV or only watch comedy, etc. I'll bet they vote Democrat.
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Old 05-11-04, 08:37 PM
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I got rid of cable years ago and used the extra cash per month for my DVD collection, HT gear, a HDTV, etc...

I do miss a few things, mainly ESPN during NHL season, Discovery, etc... But all in all, no big loss... Just another time consumer, which I don't have enough of as is...
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Old 05-11-04, 08:40 PM
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Basic cable is all I need
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Old 05-11-04, 08:52 PM
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I have satellite tv for the NHL Center Ice season package, because I watch a lot of hockey. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have satellite at all.

But I did have the full, balls to nuts everything package up until a year ago. Then when my dvds started building up, I cancelled all the movie channels, and now I just have the standard package with local channels. That saved me about $40 a month. If I want to watch a movie, I slap in a dvd.

I think I'll always want some kind of basic cable or satellite package for local channels, and a few good stations like techtv,diy,espn,comedy central, and a couple more. But I'll never pay for a movie channel again.

And hockey, gotta have it. Calgary is up 2-0 end of the first. Bring on the 2nd!
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Old 05-11-04, 09:05 PM
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All I want is a la carte cable... where I can choose to only subscribe to Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, & USA if I want to and stop wasting my money on all the extra channels that I will never watch.
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Old 05-11-04, 11:47 PM
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I am. My roomate has cable TV and when eventually when I move out, the only cable I will be paying for is for the internet.
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Old 05-12-04, 12:36 AM
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as many have mentioned already, unless you can find a way to get me discs of GameDay every Saturday and PrimeTime every Sunday Night, the cable is stayin.

It does kind of suck that aside from HBO, TCM, Comedy Central, and the ESPNs I could live completely happily without tv....but sadly, they are only cable channels. There isn't a single network show that i give a shit about anymore.

so when does the 10 channels for 10 bucks plan start?
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Old 05-12-04, 02:04 AM
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This is definitely one of the weakest excuses for compulsive behavior re: DVD I've seen to date.
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Old 05-12-04, 06:04 AM
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I started advocating for dropping cable more than a year ago but my wife loves TIVO so we compromised. My wife pays all of the cable bill ($100/mth) and I buy 95% of the DVDs and pay for Netflix. Since we keep separate finances, it works out well for us.
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