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View Poll Results: How Many DVDs (box sets = # of movies in set; TV seasons = 1)
<50 Titles 2 2.25%
50-100 Titles 4 4.49%
100-175 Titles 12 13.48%
176-250 Titles 9 10.11%
251-325 Titles 11 12.36%
326-400 Titles 7 7.87%
>400 Titles 44 49.44%
Voters: 89. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-17-04, 02:00 AM   #1
Join Date: Jul 2002
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DVD Collection Size? (For Academia)

I'm working on a statistics class for my Business Administration degree, so I decided to collect data regarding people's DVD collections. If you could take the time to answer this poll, I would greatly appreciate it.
Old 02-17-04, 06:27 AM   #2
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My sole college statistic class, granted it was only a 200 level course, was generally obsessed with plotting data so as to determine standard deviations along a bell curve. It's interesting to me that you're looking for fairly precise data on one end of the spectrum with divisions based on quantities of 50-75 titles, but you're not on the other end with everyone with over 400 titles in one category (40% of respondents thus far). So how will this data be useful to you?
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Old 02-17-04, 06:44 AM   #3
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I'd kill him for that response
Old 02-17-04, 07:12 AM   #4
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Not to mention I don't think you'll find a fair representation of society about DVD ownership at a place called DVDtalk (unless you are specifically looking for stats on DVD fans in which case I agree w/ Yakuza in that you need more categories). Anyway FWIW I started collected in '99 and have close to 900 titles now.
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Old 02-17-04, 07:14 AM   #5
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Yakuza is right.

There are so many members here (including myself) that have >400 movies, how could you gain any valid statistical data by stopping there?
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Old 02-17-04, 08:09 AM   #6
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Originally posted by red1138
I'd kill him for that response
Hi, welcome to the board. We don't tolerate that kind of stuff here.

Read this and then read this.
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Old 02-17-04, 08:11 AM   #7
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Well past 400.

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Old 02-17-04, 08:15 AM   #8
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danwiz's Avatar
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I did this poll a few months ago and had 459 responses to the poll. I just resurrected the poll, so it will be at the top of the list again for a few hours. Hope this helps you out!

The people who suggested that your categories are not very good are correct as you can see by looking at the results of my poll!
Old 02-17-04, 08:29 AM   #9
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mdc3000's Avatar
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don't know if you needed more specific data....

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collection size - 805 titles
23 years old, student, male

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Old 02-17-04, 08:37 AM   #10
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Old 02-17-04, 09:17 AM   #11
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Answered, good luck with your class.
Old 02-17-04, 09:34 AM   #12
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Somewhere between 326-400. Definately, under 400, though.

Good luck!
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Old 02-17-04, 09:39 AM   #13
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Originally posted by Numes
Yakuza is right.

There are so many members here (including myself) that have >400 movies, how could you gain any valid statistical data by stopping there?
I wouldn't sweat it, until he starts asking for addresses and Brinks security codes.

I started in 1998, once reached about 200, then sold alot of them, and down to about 30 now.

I voted, and hope you do well in your class.
Old 02-17-04, 10:34 AM   #14
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I know it's for academia and everything, but we've already got danwiz's thread linked above. I would also suggest this thread, which has plenty of data for you, but is a year old... maybe that won't matter. However, it does go into more specific details for the higher end of the number spectrum (> 400-500 discs).

Closing duplicate.
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