DVD cuts into other Media: USA Today

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DVD cuts into other Media: USA Today

Here's a real interesting article on the success of the DVD format and what impact it may be having on the music, television and movie industries. Maybe were not the only fanatics out there when it comes to DVD.

Here's the link:

USA Today: DVD's success steals the show
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This year, movie fans spent an estimated 67 hours watching discs; that is expected to jump another 46% over the next four years to about 98 hours per person per year {ndash} nearly a DVD a week,
wimps!! we maniacs are a rare breed. I graduated from the university of fanaticism a few years ago, then moved straight to the room with rubber walls.

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I guess i'm four years ahead of most people, I'm sure that I watched much more than 98 hrs of DVD's.
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67 hours this year...mmm now lets see I think I, actually I know I did more than 67 hours in December alone!!

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I try to watch at least one hour of DVD content each day. I watch more when I have a series set. You do the math and I'm sure that you'll see that there are plenty of us "high DVD content watchers" out there.
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nearly a DVD a week,
That is freaking funny. I'll watch an entire season of a tv show, 23 or 46 minutes for each show, in a day. I knew I was far from normal but I'll way off on this one.

Since the middle of December I've been working on a backlog of DVDs. Watched 4 movies plus extras yesterday and I'm all caught up until Frasier and Cheers Season 2 get here.
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Even at the height of the videocassette's popularity, buyers purchased on average no more than six movies a year. The average DVD owner buys 17.
17? Some folks here buy that in a month. According to DVDAf, I have 309 matches, collecting since beginning of 1999, that's 60 a year.

I realize we are the minority, but I still think they're underestimating DVD buyers.

Wonder if RIAA is paying attention? It's not the pirates stupid, it's the competition.
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This might be a case where people deliberatly understate their hours so as not to appear "unusual" to Mr. Mainstream Polltaker
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550 after 5 years, guess I'm about 93 per year over my limit. At least that's what my wife would say. I don't go to movies because we can never agree on what to see. With DVDs she goes to bed, I watch what I want.
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I can attest to DVD's effect on Television as I used to watch HBO, Starz, Showtime quite a bit but with DVD's I VERY seldom watch any of those movie channel (except for a few shows like Sopranos, Carnivale).
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Don't forget, this forum is filled with a bunch of maniacs.

Those statistics are for people with lives.

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So that explains the strange reactions I get when people come over and look at the wall of dvds in my living room.....
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I am certainly not average. I buy about 30 DVD's per month and easily watch over 1200 hours per year. I hardly watch television anymore as DVD's are more entertaining. This article doesn't surprise me. I have long suspected that DVD's were having this sort of impact. I also think that the article vastly underestimates the effects of DVD on consumers. While my habits are not average, I believe that average DVD purchases are way beyond 17 per year.
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hmmm, I have over 600 DVDs in slightly over 1.5 years so that's around 1.1 DVDs per day or 7.7 per week or about 33 per month. Dang, I have a problem. Maybe that's why over half of my DVDs are still sealed.
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I just realized that I watch HBO for only 2-3 hours over the last month. Time to cancel subscription
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Moviegoers spent 1% less at the box office last year ($9.17 billion) than in 2002 ($9.27 billion); overall, theaters sold 100 million fewer movie tickets. It was the first time in more than a decade that Hollywood failed to set a box office record.

Well, let's see- movie ticket prices keep going UP, while at the same time theaters get built with SMALLER screens (including top-down masking for scope films!), and much too often shows get ruined by personnel who don't care about what they're doing. If you're lucky, you might get some ads shoved down your throat too. It's already questionable spending $9 per person for an excellent presentation of a bad movie- if you pay that much and get worse presentation quality than you can get at home, chances are you won't be coming back.

Music sales continued a three-year slump, though the rate of decline has slowed. The industry took solace in that CD album sales dropped 2% to $12.5 billion last year, compared with 9% in 2002.

While costs of manufacturing CDs have dropped considerably, prices have gone UP! $18.99 list price for a regular album is just plain ridiculous!

Television executives are arguing with audience trackers over the mysterious disappearance of chunks of the viewing audience. Overall, the six major networks have lost about 8% of their viewers, compared with fall 2002. The biggest drop has come among young men, particularly ages 18 to 24 (down 23%).

I quit watching TV when they started putting network logos on the screen during the entire show. I simply can't watch a show like that. Plus there are more commercials than there used to be.
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