Dragon Ball: The Saga of Goku

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Dragon Ball: The Saga of Goku

I saw this at Wal-Mart for $5.50. Seems like a good deal. Anyone have any opinions on the actual dvd? How much is cut, etc.?
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Maybe this post should be in Recommendations?

It's a good deal if you like your anime edited to pieces and dubbed only with an inaccurate script.

Actual edits are too numerous to count, but the translation is completely changed besides it being a dub-only script. All sexual humor is replaced by seriously lame jokes, all nudity is covered up by badly superimposed animation (like convenient flowers that cover Goku's body), and even more bad animation is used to replace such things as women's underwear with a pile of money (which leads to a horrible "fishful of dollars" joke in one scene).

The only way I could recommend this set, even for $5, is if you have children you want to introduce to Dragon Ball that are not emotionally mature enough to handle animated nudity, non-gratuitous anime violence, and the occasional dirty joke. Otherwise, just wait for the unedited bilingual box set that Funimation will release now that Kidmark's license for the episodes on the Saga of Goku DVD's has expired. It will more than likely be out sometime this year, but has not been officially announced that I know of.
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Quake1028, it's a good set and worth $5 for sure. Regardless of the "horrorible" editing, it's still the same story, the voices are REALLY good, and it's probably my favorite set of Dragonball episodes. If you're a fan you should pick it up at that price.
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Okay, I'm with CloudVader.

Please dear God, do not purchase this. Not only for the reasons cited earlier, but also because FUNimation is planning on re-issuing this set in the near future, after they'd one releasing the remainder of Dragonball (as of right now they have to release the Fortune Teller Baba saga, which already has a release date set for March, and then the Tienshinhan saga). I put the re-release of the unedited, Japanese tracked version of the Saga of Goku out by the end of the year.

If you want to blow $5 be my guest, but be forewarned that the set is crap. I own the first 2 VHS tapes of it and the dubbing is atrocious. It's actually not the same story, because they change of lot of the humor around as to appeal to a much younger audience. In short, it's no where near as funny as it is in Japanese.

If I were you I'd just spend the extra few bucks and buy the World Tournament Saga for $30 and get the first 13 episodes when they come out later on.
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