Best packaging of the year

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Best packaging of the year

We have had many discusions this year about the best dvds. how about this, the best packaging for a dvd. I would have to say West Side story. It was very original and shyed away from things that have been done in the past.
Also was the Alien Quadrolliagy just like a friends and looney tunes packaging where it all folded out but bigger. Thats what it looks like to me.
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Scarface gift set, Indy, Lion King gift set, Two Towers EE (gift set)

Band of Brothers (forget if this was 2003 or 2002)
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Two Towers EE

Most needed different Packaging: Aliens Quadrilogy (5 digipaks would have been better)
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The Adventures of Antoine Doinel box set (Criterion)--a brilliant concept perfectly realized.
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Boogiepop Phantom Ultra Limited Edition.
Dogville R3 Limited Edition. (don't know if none region 1s count in this thread or not)
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The Two Towers - EE or Band of Brothers. &nbsp I also like the way Warner did the Babylon 5 box sets. &nbsp My vote for worst packaging goes to the Alien Quadrilogy set.
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The Two Towers EE
The Fifth Element SE (R2)
Star Trek DS9 Seasons 1-7
THe Lion King Gift Set
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Absolutely loved the Antoine Doinel box set packaging from Criterion. The suitcase theme to go along with the travels of Antoine is great. I also like the thin cardboard cases (much needed space saver).
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The packaging for TTT:EE has been done before on a few titles. Nothing really new or amazing here.

I vote for Adventures of Antoine Doniel: CC. Beautifully put together.
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Another vote for Antoine Doinel.
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Futurama Season 1 & 2

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I'm in for Antoine Doinel also. Very "thoughtful" packaging.
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Battlestar Galactica!
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The impractical, but cool looking Eraserhead box.
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The Adventures of Antoine Doniel set should have another title besides best packaging of the year - Most Budget Criterion Collection of the year. You get 5 Criterion Collection DVDs for $17.99 each?! Wow!
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Love the simple packaging on Alias Season 2 (3 thin double keepcases in an attractive box and box slip cover).

...and most recently: Seabiscuit LE

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for a keepcase release.

Antoine Doinel for a boxset release.
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Another vote for the Scarface gift set.
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Best: Alias: Season 2

Worst: Terminator 2: Extreme Edition. I mean c'mon, the metal case shredded the keepcase inside.
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I think Smallville had the worst packaging of the year. Alien Quadrilogy is a close second...simply because cardboard was not meant to hold together that many discs!
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Put me down for LOTR TTT EE
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Homicide: Life On The Streets

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valley of the wind boxset
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Band Of Brothers R3 Military Limited Edition
Criterion BRD-Trilogy
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hands down-
for both form and function;
The Dick Van Dyke Show

the box design replicating a 60's tv set fun -even extending to the back cover-
(althought the lenticular image in the screen doesn't work all that well)
in addition the individual discs are packed in thin packs which conserves shelf space (a very thoughtful design element which i hope more studios will follow in the future)
this also makes them much easier to get at.
also, in a lavish bonus, the actual thin packs also contain jackets, which are unique to each disc.
besides being graphically attractive, they also contain the fundemental liner notes pertaining to each discs contents.

haven't seen the Antoine Doniel set, but i haven't seen ANY set EVER, that was more attractive nor more functional than Images DVD sets.

runner up for me would be The Fassbinder BRD Trilogy from Criterion.
probably the most purely attractive set in terms of asthetics, but not as sturdy as the Van Dyke sets
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