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Which is the best of these; Green Mile, Contact & Three Kings?

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Which is the best of these; Green Mile, Contact & Three Kings?

Old 10-04-00, 11:48 PM
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I have a chance to choose one free dvd of the three. But I'm hesitating because I've never seen any of them. So you guys guide me please. I know it is subjective to say about a movie. In spite of it, your advice will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
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Old 10-05-00, 12:20 AM
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All three are excellent films. Three Kings and Contact contain lots of Extras, while The Green Mile only has a featurette and a trailer. As for the films...let me 'splain...no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

All the information I post is in the trailers, so I'm not giving a SPOILER warning.

Contact: Scientific, Political, and Religious views clash as a SETI astronomer discovers an signal from space that starts a race to send someone to represent humanity to the alien intelligence.

Green Mile: Story of several Death Row guards and inmates in 1940's era Louisiana. A story of life and death revolving around a gentle giant with a special gift.

Three Kings: Three(same numbering deficiency as the Musketeers) GIs in Desert Storm find a treasure map to millions in stolen Kuwaiti Bouillion. This dark comedy turns into a moral dilemma when the soldiers must choose whether or not to help Iraqis who try to rise against Saddam.

Hope this helps...
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Old 10-05-00, 12:59 AM
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Oooh, tough call.
The Green Mile, to me was too long and slow. It's still a pretty good movie, but I doubt I'd want to ever see it agan. The absence of supplements makes it a good rental, rather than a purchase.

Contact is a very good, thinking-man's sci-fi film. Good acting by Jodie Foster (what else?), very little space scenes and an ending many find disappointing. Three commentary tracks and some special effects featurettes. A nice disc, but you can buy it at Best Buy for $10 this week.

Three Kings, this is my favorite of the bunch. Definately a "guy" film. Loud, funny and violent. Lots of special features on the disc, including a wonderful director's commentary and a very testy, but honest, "video journal" the director shot while making the film (way too brief, though). This is a terrific DVD (just under the Fight Club standard, IMHO), but a lot of people didn't like this movie, so caveat emptor.
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Old 10-05-00, 01:21 AM
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I say three kings. as they said, contact for 10, green mile you can find at a lot of places cheap.. go for three kings.
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Old 10-05-00, 02:29 AM
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They are all equally good that's why I own all three of them.



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Old 10-05-00, 05:06 AM
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Three Kings is an excellent DVD, in my opinion one of the best.

This is a bit more subjective, but I also believe that this film is more worthy of a serious collection than the other two, for various reasons. It's also the only example of Eastman Ektachrome cinematography that I am aware of in a mainstream film...

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Old 10-05-00, 05:41 AM
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Yeah, I'd probably have to go along with 3 Kings too.


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Old 10-05-00, 06:39 AM
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get three kings.... Contact is good, but if you can buy it for $10 then just buy it. The Green Mile was good also, but I don't really have any desire to see it again for a long time.

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Old 10-05-00, 11:45 AM
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Well if you can get Contact for $10 go for 3 Kings, I enjoyed renting the film and thought the extras were OK. Don't know about watching it again myself.

I own the Green Mile and thought it was great but it is soo000 long it almost needs to be watched in two parts or the weekend. Definately rewatchable though.

Contact is my favorite of the bunch with fantastic extras even if getting to them is a bit sketchy, you need to go through 3 or so menus to find them. Great breakdown of a lot of the special effects and I place it in hte Matrix/T2 UE realm for extras. This is one of the discs I throw in each time I upgrade my system.
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Old 10-05-00, 03:54 PM
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I own Three Kings but haven't seen it yet. A friend whose opinion I trust says it's pretty silly, and that I should rent it before opening and watching the one I own, because it was not a very good movie.

Contact is a good disc for giving your home theater setup a workout. The sound and picture are excellent. The movie itself is also quite good, but is sort of ham-handed with Sagan's questioning of the interlink between science and religion. I generally like more subtlety in a story line (which, by the way, is why I thought that everything except the cinematography in Out of Africa sucked). There are also some good extras on the disc.

Green Mile is a multilayered story, and I think is one of the best movies made from a Stephen King work. I rank it up there with Shawshank Redemption and The Stand in this regard. I would say that, of the three movies, this one has the best story and acting, and is the best overall movie. Not much in the way of extras on the disc, though.

You can get Contact and Green Mile pretty cheap online and at Best Buy B&M, however. So which movie you choose to get free depends on your priorities.
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Old 10-05-00, 05:07 PM
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Out of the three I'd pick Three Kings
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Old 10-05-00, 05:42 PM
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Yeah, tough call... A lot might depend on your taste in films and/or genre. Myself, I would rate them Contact, The Green Mile and then Three Kings. Great film, excellent film, good film. You really can't go wrong with any of them.
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Old 10-05-00, 07:28 PM
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Three Kings
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Old 10-05-00, 08:01 PM
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Originally posted by MidnightBomber:
Three Kings: Three(same numbering deficiency as the Musketeers) GIs in Desert Storm find a treasure map to millions in stolen Kuwaiti Bouillion.

Three Kings. But as I recall they were looking for gold, not powdered soup broth.

Old 10-05-00, 11:49 PM
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I felt Three Kings was a rental at best which is why I sold my copy....

I would choose Contact or The Green Mile!!!


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Old 10-06-00, 12:47 AM
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IMHO, Contact was easily the weakest of the three films.

All three DVDs feature very good audio and video transfers. The Green Mile, in particular, has simply outstanding sound. The thunder storm effects will rock both your surrounds and your sub.


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Old 10-06-00, 05:41 AM
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I own all three, and I like them all.

But I'd have to recommend Contact merely because of the fact that it is an outstanding demonstration DVD to show off a system.

The extras are terrific. Plus the movie itself holds up wonderfully for repeated viewing. I own over 225 DVDs and Contact is amongst the handful of titles I reccommend whenever I'm asked "What titles should I buy to start a collection"

I hope this helps.
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Old 10-06-00, 12:29 PM
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all 3 films are decent but for sheer watchability & enjoyable humor and action, i would go with Three Kings...
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Old 10-07-00, 06:23 PM
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I own all three, and I think all are good picks, but I'll side with the majority and say Three Kings.

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Old 10-07-00, 08:42 PM
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Three Kings for a great action satire on war. It's a little preachy though in the end. I have it.

Contact is a fantastic sci-fi flick, and the DVD has excellent extras. It's a slow movie though but has a great value in repeat viewing. I have it.

The Green Mile - very well acted movie, but I think it's only a one viewer - and without extras it's not getting on my list.


Contact would be my first choice if you like character driven movies, but Three Kings if you like a fun plot and some action. Both are great.

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Old 10-07-00, 09:12 PM
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Contact and The Green Mile are both very good movies. I haven't seen Three Kings so I can't comment on it. All I can say is you can't go wrong with the two I've seen, both have nice transfers, tell nice stories, feature good performances. Contact is filled with extras too...it depends I guess whether extras are very important to you.
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Old 10-08-00, 02:07 AM
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I didn't like Contact much at all.

The Green Mile is an excellent movie, but 1. It's long, and 2. I've seen it multiple times recently (when it came out, then on the plane this summer) so I won't be getting it anytime soon.

Three Kings -- Just watched this a coupla weeks ago and loved it. I wanna watch it again, but i've been too busy with other stuff (and trying to watch some other dvds I haven't seen before) and haven't had the chance. I highly recommend this one.

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Old 10-08-00, 05:51 AM
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I just watched Three Kings on HBO tonight, and unless this disc has some kick *ss extras, it can't even hold a candle to the other two.

The storyline was basic, the plot and dialogue simplistic. There was not a single innovative or creative thing in the whole movie. I could predict it from beginning to end. Even the attempts at humor and poignancy were contrived and barely held up. It was OK to watch once. To be clear, I didn't think the movie stunk -- it was watchable once, but hardly something I'd ever really want to see again.

Of course, if you like a movie with a lot of shooting and rolling on the ground, I guess this one would be up your alley.
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Old 10-08-00, 01:09 PM
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contact - green mile and then three kings
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Old 10-08-00, 08:10 PM
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Go with Three Kings.
1.It is an above average movie, and I own it.
2.It has more reply value then the other two.
3.The other two can be had for a cheap price.
4.It has plenty of extras, good audio, and good video.
5.Green Mile is a really good movie, but a movie I only want to see once, so I don't own it.
6.Contact is an above average movie, but I don't own it and don't plan on to for a while.

Hope my point-of-view helps some.

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