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I picked up a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five at Sam Goody B&M for 9.99 today. I remember it being on TV in the late 70's and trying to watch it then but didnt like it to much. I think it was probably edited alot and words bleeped and throw in commercials.

After watching it today, I would call it classic Sci-fiction title for 1972 and now. Its kind of hard describe and strange but I loved it.

The transfer, well its better than some Image titles but has some flaws but not has bad as Mad Max. No extras, just the movie. Worth 9.99 but it could use a Criterion treatment or since it was from Universal, a Collectors edition and I might buy it again.
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I have to read the book for English, How is it? The book I mean...
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the book is excellent, but then again, i'm a huge kurt vonnegut fan.
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I also have the bare bones version of this film and wouldnt mind seeing a SE for it.But I dont think that the makers would go through the trouble because sadly this movie doesnt have a huge following.Maybe we have hope for Criterion rather than a special edition.Most people now a day just like the big budget hollywood movies with no plot nor story but rather CGI and special effects,which is sad.So we can pray,but I doubt this will happen unless Criterion does it.
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Not sure, but I think many of the Universal titles that Image has released may be going out of print from Image and thats why many B&M stores as well as online stores have them priced for around 9.99 and only have a certain amount of time to sell them. Borders and other B&M stores have alot Image's Universal titles for 9.99.

I dont think these will go up in value since Image doesnt do transfers to well and most have problems and no extras but if you like the movie well enough 9.99 is not to bad.

I wouldnt be to surprised in the future that most of these titles get re-released again by Universal and will be much better transfers. I might be totally wrong on why it seems all of Image's/Universal titles have had a price cut but it makes sense to me.
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I'm currently a freshman in college. I read Slaughter-House Five Soph year in high school, and loved it. I've read it three times now; it's one of my favorite novels. I've since read everything Kurt Vonnegut has written.
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I never saw the film but I love the book. I'm a film student now, and one of my professors wrote the screenplay for Slaughterhouse Five. I've been trying to find the screenplay, but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it either in a store or online(Drew's script-o-rama doesn't have it). And is the DVD that's out really worth it?
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While it may not be the greatest transfer and a better one may come in the future, but I think 9.99 or less is a good price for the Dvd. Sorry, never read the book, it seems most people who read the book hate the movie. Maybe going Amazon and reading the reviews will help you. It was one of the strangest movies I have seen.
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