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Review: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

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Review: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Old 11-23-99, 01:20 PM
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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

On a fact-finding mission near the Klingon Neutral Zone, the Excelsior, under the command of Captain Sulu encounters an enormous energy wave that almost scuttles the starship. Once out of the wave's wake, the source of the wave is now the primary concern of the Excelsior & her captain. It would appear that Praxis; a klingon moon has in effect, exploded. Thus sending the energy wave the starship encountered. What's more, Praxis is the Klingon's main energy producing facility. Ready to lend assistance of any kind, Excelsior sends a message to the Klingon High command offering her help. In return they are warned off by the Klingon High Council that, any breech of the Neutral zone will be considered an act of war, no assistance of any kind is needed or wanted. Elsewhere, summoned to a meeting with all of the heads of Starfleet Command, Kirk, Bones & the rest of the bridge crew, with the exception of Captain Spock are curious as to their inclusion in this meeting. It is here they are apprised of the situation the Klingon race is confronted with. In approximately 50 earth years, the Klingons will have used up whatever resources & reserves they have & will be unable to maintain life on their home world. It would appear that the ambassador to Vulcan has been in a dialogue with the Klingon Chancellor, Gorkon regarding the future of the Klingon people. Certain assurances have been made and Captain Kirk & his crew's participation has been vouched for by none other than the son of the Vulcan Ambassador, Captain Spock. It has been decided by the Federation that an Olive branch of peace be extended to the Klingon people in none other than the person of James T. Kirk & the federation Flagship, the Enterprise. Still grieving the death of his son David at the hands of a Klingon, Kirk is less than pleased with his current assignment. However, in the interest of Galactic peace Kirk will not be the instigator of war & will do what he can to facilitate this diplomatic duty. However, not everyone wants peace in the galaxy. Forces unseen by Kirk & Spock are conspiring to turn this peaceful mission of mercy into nothing short of galactic war!


The 5.1 digital audio really delivers! Every speaker in your system will be jumpin' as the battles occur, the score rises & falls & the battle between good & evil ensues!


While this is a widescreen rendition, it is not the best of pictures. It does not appear to have been mastered as well as the other films most notably, Insurrection, First Contact & The Voyage Home. While a very watchable picture it does seem to suffer from a non-anamorphic transfer.


Two Trailers nothing else.


This, next to The Wrath of Khan is the best in the series. Nicholas Meyer, who directed Wrath of Khan, came back to helm this one & all I can say is wow! The theatrical version & the home version of this film vary in three instances. There is a scene where, Valeris, Spock & Scotty are embroiled in discussion that really should have stayed on the cutting room floor. Other than that, the film is first rate and an incredible chapter in the Star Trek saga! From the opening sequence to the end credits, it's just non-stop great entertainment! Definitely a keeper!

42...Level 42

good catch bbiosvert! the other 2 changes are below!
Right you are filmmaker! I forgot about the teaser trailer! The complaint I had with the film was in fact the lack of an anamorphic transfer. My apologies for not succinctly stating that.

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Old 11-23-99, 01:40 PM
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"The theatrical version & the home version of this film vary only in one instance."

Actually, there are a couple of others:

* The discussion of a "rescue plan" to get Kirk/Bones out.

* The "this isn't Klingon blood" Scooby-Doo ending.

All-in-all the home video version adds about 3 minutes to the running time.
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"While a very watchable picture it does seem to suffer from a poor mastering."

buckee1, with all due respect, this is a rather vague complaint. If you're going to take the time to post a review of a DVD, I'm sure readers would appreciate if you specified in direct terms how a disc is failing. Personally, other than the lack of anamorphic enhancement, I didn't find much to complain about with the transfer.

Also, there are two trailers on the DVD, not just one.


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Old 11-23-99, 05:31 PM
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I used the opening scene of Praxis exploding to show off my system to a friend. He was almost hit on the head by a rear speaker when it vibrated off the wall. This never happened before...or since. I guess that says something about the sound quality.

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