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Ten Commandments "WOW"!

Old 04-15-99, 12:57 PM
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What a good looking disk ! Saw Disk 1 last night, can't wait to see the parting of the Red sea ! Paramount did an excellent job here. This disk really shows off the power of a good DVD. A-B this one with the P&S VHS
Old 04-16-99, 07:42 PM
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I have this disc also and absolutely love it! However, on my Toshiba 3108, I observed some problems with Disc 1 which I can't
accurately describe in technical terms because I don't really have the experience and background. I wonder whether I have a bad disc or has anyone else observed some problems.

In several scenes, I saw stuff that I've seen on a VHS tape--video noise??. Are these what are referred to as "artifacts"?. Also, some background stuff seemed to flash/pulse.

For example, in the scene where Nefertiri summoned Moses to her barge, the blue skies in the background pulsed/flashed. The same problem occurred on Disc 2 in the scene where Rameses escorted Moses out to the desert. From what I've read here, it's almost as though it's Macrovision except I don't have any copying device hooked up.

Aside from these, the disc is alsolutely stunning on my Toshiba TP55G95. The sound is DD 5.1 but not what I'd come to expect from current DD movies. This disc is already one of my priced titles.
Old 04-21-99, 10:12 AM
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Yes, this is an excellent DVD! Picture quality for a 53 year old film is amazing. Crisp, crystal clear images, bright colors, no digital artifacts whatsoever. Paramount was wise is releasing this film on two disks, allowing for higher quality video, plus, who could sit through the entire 3hr, 40min movie without taking a break. The sound is good too, considering again the age of the movie. Not much directionality compared to newer movies, but much improved over a pro-logic mix.

I wonder if what you're talking about is just a problem with the original film itself, and not a problem with the video transfer. Again, remember that it's an old movie, and from what I can remember (I'm not at home right now), the pulsing/flashing in the background sky is just the varying brightness in the actual film itself. If your DVD player is not hooked up through a VCR before your TV, then you can rule out macrovision. Anyone else agree with this? Hope this helps.
Old 04-23-99, 06:33 AM
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Yes, this DVD looks great. My jaw dropped when I saw the opening scene. The restoration work was fantastic. Ten Commandments has never looked better!!!
Old 04-23-99, 11:28 PM
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I'd have to agree with the majority that this is a great-looking disc. It was film in Technicolor which is one of the reasons that the color (when properly displayed) is so impressive.

Even though the bit-rate is fairly high on this DVD, there were some scenes that I could detect artifacts. Look at Pharaoh Seti's gold necklace in one of the early chapters where he talks to Ramses about Moses. It seems to shimmer in a funny way.
Does anyone else see it?

That really is nitpicking. Overall, it's one of the best DVDs I've seen.

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