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Help with DTS

Old 08-18-00, 06:52 AM
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I ve had my Technics 930 receiver for over a year now. I never used DTS, didnt have a disc. Then I had a malfunction and had to take it in to get fixed. Came back good as new, or so they said. Seemed to work fine. I tried to put in my DTS jaws, and cant get it to play in DTS.
So now, I dont know if Im doing something wrong, or if it got broken andnot fixed.
Do you need a different cable for DTS than Dolby Digital.Im using a coaxial for the DD.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Old 08-18-00, 07:09 AM
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Are both your DVD player and receiver DTS compatible? If they are then they should have the "DTS" symbol on the front. If they are then all you need is a digital coax or digital optical cable going from your DVD player to your receiver. I am not familiar with that receiver but you may have to manually set it to receive and process a DTS signal. Maybe there is someone else out there who is more familiar with this particular receiver.


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I believe your receiver does indeed possess a DTS decoder.....as stated in the above post...does your dvd player have the dts logo on the front of your player?
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Old 08-18-00, 11:37 AM
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Just my 2 cents but the player also will likely need to be set to output DD/DTS in a setup menu. I'm pretty sure if you are using a single coax out for the DD (as opposed to splitting it L/R) you can get DTS/DD from a coax. You don't need optical cable which I was surprised to learn, but I got that word from Blade himself a while back when I got my first DD/DTS receiver and had trouble getting DD.

PT: were you using DD before your problem? Were you getting no sound from the DTS movie or an awful noise? Does the other sound track ( 2.0?) of Jaws work?

If so and the receiver is already detecting DD its probably something in the players setup menu: make sure you have a disc in but in the stopped mode as that is required for many players to access this menu. Then go into your “setup” menu and look for audio options. This is all of course provided that your player supports DTS. What model player do you have?

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If it still doesn't work after the advice above try this:

I am not familiar with the Jaws DTS DVD, but on some DTS DVDs you need to go into the language menu on the disc to access the DTS soundtrack. So if after setting up DTS on the receiver and player, if it still doesn't work try that.
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I hate to ask the obvious question, but did you select the DTS track from the menu on the Jaw's DVD? Many DTS dics default to the DD track and require that you manually select the DTS track.
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Hey, thanks everyone. It worked. What you ask?
To go to my dvd player's menu and select the Change the DTS mode from off to on. Pretty simple. I dont even think I knew my dvd player had a menu. Sounds great.
Thanks alot

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