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finalizing an unfinalized disc...

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finalizing an unfinalized disc...

Hey all! Yes, I am an idiot. So, my Panasonic DMR E80H is on the fritz...the hard drive works, but playing and recording discs is no longer possible. And I have some discs my idiot self apparently didn't finalize, because they won't play in my PS3--and oddly also won't play in my Panasonic portable, which usually plays everything. So, am I screwed, or would buying some other Panasonic DVD recorder allow me to finalize a disc originally recorded--but not finalized--on my older Panny?
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

You might be able to read them on a computer DVD drive.
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

Maybe you could finalize at a store with a display model.
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

I've always heard that discs MUST be finalized on the same machine that made them. Supposedly, not even the same model or computer drive will play them. Doesn't hurt to try though. Good luck!
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

Funny, I've heard the opposite. But I've never actually tried. It could also be dependent on the type and brand of media, like so much else about DVD recording.
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

I've read in several places that you can finalize a DVD in a recorder that's of the same make as the one you used to record the disc. I don't know if this is true among all makes and models, however. I know that some people have done this with their Panasonic recorders.
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

If there is some unused space on the discs, I wonder if you could put them in a different recorder, record a little bit on to them, will this second recorder finalize them.
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

There's a program called ISO Buster that's good with this. It has a free trial period with limited functions, but the program itself is about 30 bucks. I used it do extract files from record-able dvd-r that I forgot to finalize from a borrowed camcorder.
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Re: finalizing an unfinalized disc...

I have the same Panasonic model, DMR E80H, with the same exact problem so I finalize my discs in my JVC VHS/DVD recorder. You should be able to finalize any disc in any DVD recorder but you cannot record on a disc that was recorded on already in a different brand. The weird thing about the problem is that I can record from the hard drive to a DVD-Ram disc but when I try to record to a DVD-R disc I get an error. I did get it to work last week with a DVD-R but I haven't tried since then to see if it will work again. DVD-Ram discs don't need to be finalized but it's not easy converting the video to DVD in a computer.

When I worked for JVC I did tests of different models of DVD players to see how they compared to the JVC models and one of the tests was about being able to record on brand and finalize in another brand. Another test was trying to record multiple segments on different brands. The first test, finalizing a disc in different brands, worked almost every time and the second test, recording multiple segments in different brands, never worked. This was back in 2004 when JVC brought out it's first DVD recorder so the results might be different now. Both the Panasonic Panasonic DMR E80H and the JVC were made in 2004 so that may be one of the reasons it works.

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