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Movie Poster Frames?

Old 02-01-09, 03:46 PM
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Movie Poster Frames?

I have bought three posters that are 27x39, 27x39, and 26x39.

I can get 27x40 frames for much cheaper than 27x39.

How do 27x39 posters look in 27x40 frames?
Should I spend the extra money to get 27x39 frames?

Pictures would be extremely helpful, but I can't seem to find any.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

Can you center the poster and have 1/2 inch of black at the top and 1/2 at the bottom?

You can probably find some black poster board to do this.

The few I've actually framed I've had custom framed. That always looks better than trying to put them into ready made frames.

But it's expensive, which is why I have so few posters on the wall.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

I found frames at the local Michael's (national chain craft store) for $19.99 that worked well. They have coupons every week for half off -- which makes the frame $19.99, otherwise they are $39.99.

There's enough lip and the back of the board is black or, if you flip the paper that is in the frame, white that there's no concern about slightly smaller posters.

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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

My girlfriend and I just put up a couple of 27x39 posters in 27x 40 frames. She bought a matte that complemented the poster and we made sure to center it. They look fantastic, just remember to tape the poster to the matte so it won't slide.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

Another recommendation for Michael's. They look good and $20 is not really bad for the quality you get.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

There are several questions you need to answer for yourself.

How important are the framed posters going to be to the room in which you display them?

If they're casual things, then you can probably get away with the half-inch or use one of the aforementioned suggestions to disguise it. If, however, these are posters that unite the entire room and help create the ambiance of a professional style home theater, then go ahead and buy the exact dimensions. The difference is subtle, but it's there.

Do you prefer the look of the posters bleeding into the frames or do you prefer a matte? Sometimes a matte actually boosts the look of a poster, making it seem more like a work of art. If so, then even just a half-inch border might give your posters a look you prefer.

My only real recommendation is to make sure that your frames (and mattes, if any) are uniform. But then, you probably already knew that.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

There are some instructions over at AVS for building your own lighted frames for double sided posters. I'm thinking of building a couple.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

My recommendation would be to go with the 27" X 40" because most original one sheet movie posters measure 27" X 40" or 27" X 41" for the older ones.

If you plan on changing them every so often, the larger size would be the best choice.

For the shorter posters, just place a black strip of paper on the top and bottom to fill the frame.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

I have read about this site..... http://frameusa.com/ nothing but good things about their poster frames and customer service.

You have to order over 100 dollars since its a whole sale site, but I plan to buy all the poster frames I need in one bunch, so this works out well for me. They have all the different sizes and when divided out I figure it out to be the same if not cheaper then walmart and micheals. Considering tax and the need for coupons for Micheals.
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Re: Movie Poster Frames?

I buy my 27x40 frames at Walmart. Sure, they're not the highest quality in the world but they do look really nice and come with a plexiglass(?) front, so the poster isn't simply exposed. $19.96 each I believe.
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