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What's the Best (and cheapest) DVD player?

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What's the Best (and cheapest) DVD player?

I know there's got to be a thread about this somewhere on here, but I couldn't find it. My DVD player gave it up a while ago, and I need a new one. It was an Apex, and near the end it started skipping, blocking, and locking up while playing my DVD backups. So is there some place that has a review of the best DVD players for playing backups? I am pretty sure it was my player and not my discs because I watched a movie at a friend's house yesterday and it played fine, with no glitches.
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I think i have a spare dvd player or two under my bed (no i'm not kidding). they were give aways....I think Apex. My Toshibta 3301 (i think ta tis the model...or was the it the 2209?) dual disk from '98-'99 refuses to die. I never realized how lazy I am, I really dig the fact I can put 2 movies in, and not have to get up for 3-4 hours if I don't want to.

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Ahh... I know that choosing funny brand that is similar to a famous brand will work! I think I'll expand my Toshibta DVD player production line! Everyone will buys them now that pedagogue endorsed it!

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Of all the forums dedicated to DVDs at this site, you put it in "Other"?
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Amazon has the Cyberhome 300 on sale for $25. Progressive scan and hackable to be region free.
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the best DVD players are like $1000 that all the snobby people on the snobby home theater forums have
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Originally Posted by al_bundy
the best DVD players are like $1000 that all the snobby people on the snobby home theater forums have
Nope, I'm very excited about my newish Bravo D1 that cost me $35 + $1.50 for a capasitor replacement that took me 15 minutes. Awesome picture. Alas, I've been trying to find another one and can't....but there maybe a few out there.
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Is it against the rules to discuss region-free DVD players? I'd like to get one. Any recommendations for a cheap one? Do they sell them in any stores or would I have to order it online?
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Some of the cheaper ones are easily "hackable" tho I'd hardly call it a hack. Some simple numbers punched into a remote, any/or updated firmware. In fact I think one of the cheap Cyberhome can be made into region free.
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I still think my Diamondvision $30 player i bought at wal-mart in Aug 05' is one of the best Cheap DVD players out there.
I have better DVD players but this one is good for upstairs.
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