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I am clueless and need help hooking up stuff.

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I am clueless and need help hooking up stuff.

I have had an HDTV ready Wega for a while now and never got around to hooking it up due to a lack of knowledge with component cables and stuff. So I am hoping you can help me out.

The first problem though is I don't know what the model number of my TV is since we don't have the box and I am not sure what happened to the manual. But I do have a picture which I am hoping will help you help me. http://img110.exs.cx/img110/4383/p10104543wn.jpg

Now the second problem is because of how it is in the wall like that I can't just look behind it and have to move it all the way out which can be a hassle. So does anybody know for sure before I buy cables if this TV has places to put component cables in the back?

I would just be setting up a simple setup of a DVD Player (Sony DVP-NS715P Progressive-Scan) and I want to use my Xbox and PS2 with it. So first with the DVD player do I only need one thing of component cables and then hook them from the TV to DVD player?

For now I am hoping to just get these ones because they are cheaper and I have been spending a lot on games so my budget is a little limited for the next month.


But since they only have one in stock if I need more than that I would have to find different ones. Right now I just have basic cable so I don't have an HD outlet for cable or anything. So other than the DVD player do I need to hook up component cables anywhere else?

Other than the consoles of course. For those I am just going to get the cheap Mad Catz Universal component cables ( http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...ngid=EN&dept=0 )which work for both Xbox and PS2 for now and when I get more money look into better ones. But I am still clueless about one thing. On the back of the TV if I have component cables hooked up between the TV and DVD player (Assuming that is what I have to do) are there still inputs for this?

Ok I think that is all I needed to ask. So any help would be appreciated

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Hmmm no box and no manual. I take it you didn't buy the TV new?

You're probably going to have to pull it out to hook up the cables anyway. You can also find out the model number while back there. Have you checked out Sony's website to compare pics?

Judging by the TV description, I'm almost positive it will have component jacks. Whether or not it will have 2, you'll need to know what's on the back. If there's only one set of components, you can always hook up the consoles via s-video. Or get a component switch-box.

The AR cables you linked are good. You can find those in stores like Best Buy.
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Pull the TV out and take/post a pic of the inputs. You don't have to spend a lot of money on component cables. You'll need:

1 set of component cables for the Sony DVD Player
Xbox High Definition AV Pack & 1 set of component cables
PS2 Component AV Cable

That makes for three component video inputs needed on the TV. I believe yours will have three sets not problem as it's a newer set.

Pics will confirm your needs!

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No I bought it new a couple of years ago, threw out the box and am not very organized so I couldn't find the manual but I did now.

Anyway, the model number is KV-32HS500. Picture in the manual has two rows called HD/DVD In 5/6 (1081i,720p,480p,480i) so I have two inputs. The picture of hooking up a DVD player shows the component cables and then an audio cable. For the audio cable can I just use the cables with the DVD player or do I also have to buy an audio cable?

And I will just stick with the Mad Catz thing and not the offical Microsoft or Sony ones for now. $19.99 is a lot less than $72.98 + another component video cable. The Mad Catz thing hooks directly into the Xbox so I don't see why I would still need the HD thing with it. Pretty sure I read on another forum earlier I wouldn't. Just can't have PS2 and Xbox hooked up at the same time but I never do that so it is no big deal.

So I am getting...

-Component Cable for DVD Player to TV.
-Mad Catz Universal Component Cable for PS2 and Xbox
-Possibly an audio cable if I need it.

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