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DVD Player Recommendations

Old 08-21-02, 11:50 AM
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DVD Player Recommendations

I am in need of a DVD player. The thing is, I'm under a budget. I don't have a high end tv, nor do I even have any additional speakers attached to it. I need something that works well, and is excellent for the money I paid for it. Preferrably a multi-region dvd player, but not neccessarily. I would like a dvd player that is not bad and yet does not cost a fortune. I want the best I can get for under $200. Any recommendations?
I currently own an Apex AD600A and am not really satisfied with it...It gets stuck on certain dvds....

Anyways, thank you for your time and effort.
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Old 08-21-02, 11:57 AM
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I don't have any to recommend, but I do have one for you to avoid. If you don't want your DVD player to freeze and have screen all messed up from time to time when navigating the DVDs, then DON'T get Toshiba 2019. This is the DVD player I've had for the last 3 years and you don't know how many times I pull my hair out in frustration because of its problems. I think I need to get a new DVD player soon or else I'll end up being completely bald from all that hair pulling.
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I would recommend the Panasonic RV32K. It is a fantastic player for about $140. This model replaced the popular RV31K player, which would also be a good player to pick up cheap

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Hyundai hdp-380(cheap + multiple features)
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the best under $200 is the Panasonic RP-62 which also is a progressive scan dvd player using the Sage chipset and it is $169.99 at amazon then use the 10 off 100 coupon(MAPBABYTALK2) for a bit more savings and free shipping also.

Amazon also does not charge tax in most States which saves you a bit more too

This is the one to get in my opinion
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I have a Pioneer DV-440, which I really like. It doesn't have a region free unlock that I am aware of, but it does play VCD's, SVCD's, MP3's, and CD's. Plus the DAC is very well regarded. Got mine from Best Buy for $120.00.
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Old 08-22-02, 12:38 PM
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I just bought a JVC (JVC XV-S500BK) for $158 with shipping. So far I really like it. It's progressive, can play SVCD, VCD, MP3, JPEG discs and more. This same player can be purchased from HKFlix region-free modded for around $260.
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Old 08-22-02, 12:39 PM
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what cheap region free dvd players are out there?
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Panny rp-62 or better yet rp-82 (adds dvd-audio and some other features)..
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Originally posted by cybergod076501
what cheap region free dvd players are out there?
Well since you asked, yours (Apex AD600A) could be. This site called VCDhelp has an extensive list of DVD players and what compatibility they have playing different types of video formats, MP3s, etc. They also have a section for DVD player "hacks" that can disable Macrovision and even make the player Region free. Here's a direct link to your player's hack http://www.vcdhelp.com/dvdplayershac...Apex%20AD-600. Start at the bottom of the page and read up because it's in order of oldest post to newest and a few of the posts comment on the previous ones. It appears there are several things you may have to try. Older versions of the AD600 firmware may allow the hack simply by a remote control sequence (as seen in the bottom post on that page) or you may have to go to the link for darrenk and burn a CD-R with certain files on it, put it in your player, and that will allow the hack. Or it may not work at all, but many Apex's have the ability to be "hacked". Use this info as you like but if your player explodes don't blame me. (Should be safe though).

As for a reccomendation, since you said you don't have a nice TV or sound system, features like progressive scan & component output are not necessities. (Unless you plan to upgrade TV etc in near future.) I know you said you don't like your current Apex, but I have a Apex AD5131 that I love. It's a 3 disc changer which I wanted b/c I make my own VCDs/SVCDs that are 2-3 discs each movie. So I don't have to get up 2 times during the movie to switch discs which is nice. It also has component output and is only $99 at Circuit City. The Apex AD1200 & AD1500 are both good cheap single disc players. The difference between the 2 is the 1200 doesn't have an LCD display. You should be able to get these for between $60 & $70. They also have hacks at VCDhelp. I haven't heard problems of these freezing up as your 600 does. I think Apex players are great for the price. Not meant to be a primary player if you have an awesome setup, but they can play stuff that a lot major brands can't.
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A lot of the apex models can be made to be region-free.

See the forums at Nerd-Out. They have info on a lot of players.

And here's a bunch of info on your 600 and tweaking it...
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Definately Panasonic

I strongly recommend one of the Panasonic players. I have an RV31 and it plays as well as a relative's which cost him roughly $200 more.

It is priced slightly above most entry level units but it is worth it.

NOTE: It is especially good with your situation. I say this because I used to just hook mine up to my TV at first and it worked fine. A problem with some players is when hooked up to TVs without digital sound or multiple speakers, the dialogue is dround out by heavy background noise (because of the single or double channels rather than seperate 5.1/6.1 channel surround). The Panasonic's (most of them) have "dialogue enhancer" which fixes that problem.

But when/if you do get a digital receiver, it will blow your mind with quality theater type sound.
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one man's opinion....

I own a SON DVPNC600 and have NEVER had problems with any dvd. Its oop now but the new model is equally as reliable
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Originally posted by JDubya
I would recommend the Panasonic RV32K. It is a fantastic player for about $140. This model replaced the popular RV31K player, which would also be a good player to pick up cheap

I know I'm a little late on the thread but yesterday my player was acting a little weird and I wanted to pick up a good entry-level machine until I can get a mid-level in a few months. I noticed Best Buy had this model for $119. I was leaning towards it but this thread and a few others have mentioned this model as being pretty good. Thanks for the help... and I'm sure BB thanks you too
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I have Panasonic RV32S (same model, but silver casing) and it's great. It's amazing quality for such a low price.
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