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Bizarre comic book stories (aka WTF?!?)

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Bizarre comic book stories (aka WTF?!?)


I mentioned in last month's general comic discussion that I was currently reading Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 1. Well, I'm still working my way through this thing, and one of the stories last night inspired me to start this thread. It was a story so bizarre, that I had to share...and I encourage you to seek out this issue yourself:

PLOT: Johnny Blaze is feeling kind of stressed out after some adventures with the Champions, and his job as a stunt driver for some Hollywood studio, so he decides to take a trip down to Mexico. After a $30 bribe to the border guard, Blaze finds himself relaxing by the ocean, admiring a nearby beach house.

At this beach house, a man has a rifle and he is going to shoot at dolphins out in the ocean. His hot chick daughter is against this crazy dolphin murder, so she attempts to wrestle the gun away from him. The gun goes off and shoots out Blaze's motorcycle tire. He wrecks, and then goes up to the house to beat some sense into this guy. The daughter runs off.

Blaze later finds the daughter sitting alone. After some flirting, she tells him the horrible story of why his father hates dolphins. Many years ago, her parents were some sort of government agents, and one of the father's assignments involved strapping explosives to dolphins and turning them into living torpedoes. So during one family ocean trip to arm dolphins, the daughter accidentially falls into the water. Some dolphins attempt to save the girl, and now the father seems to think they are bloodthirsty beasts who are going to eat her. Despite attempts by the mother to stop him, he takes his rifle and fires at the dolphins. It explodes, and takes out the boat. They never find the girl's mother, and this guy has blamed dolphins for her death all these years.

So after this stunning revelation, Blaze and the daughter notice her dad is headed out on a boat to go murder some more dolphins. Blaze jumps on his bike and manages to land on the boat. He finally turns into Ghost Rider, and struggles with the father, but they hit a big wave and the boat capsizes. Now a shark is trying to eat them. Dolphins show up to fight the shark, and drive it away.

Ghost Rider is trying to carry the father to shore, and then another dolphin comes along so he rides it like a motorcycle. Upon reaching shore, the father realizes that the dolphins saved him, and they are not evil after all. So he apologizes to them. The dolphins all line up and do a big jump together...happy that they are no longer being shot at (or exploded). THE END.

If you have any strange comic stories to share, please do.
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Most DC books from the 60s would qualify, if the covers on Superdickery are anything to go by. I was just reading about one of the Worlds Finest issues featuring the "Super Sons," and that shit was truly goofy. Read the description at the link, it's hysterical. And the fact that DC is putting out a collection of these stories very shortly makes me happy indeed.
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