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This Week's Comics (11/15-11/21)

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This Week's Comics (11/15-11/21)

Old 11-15-01, 04:01 PM
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This Week's Comics (11/15-11/21)

X-Force #121

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #1 - Alan Moore only wrote 2 of the stories for this issue (the other 2 are by Steve Moore), and I'd rather have one full-length story than 4 short ones. I'll give it a chance. The art is definitely impressive.

Fury #3 For this series, Garth Ennis seems to have toned down some of the things about his writing that have annoyed me so much in the past..... And then I looked at the first page of this issue. Not a good sign.

Transmetropolitan #51

Grip: The Strange World Of Men #1 (of 5) - Taking a chance on this one. I only read a few issues of "Love And Rockets", but it didn't do much for me. Let's see how this new miniseries by Gilbert Hernandez turns out.

The Amazing Spider-Man #36 - Hmmm....the issue dealing with the World Trade Center. I must confess that I have mixed feelings about this. Heart-felt tribute or sappy and exploitative? It's a fine line, but Straczynski may be able to pull it off. We'll see.

Old 11-16-01, 04:00 PM
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Another pretty big week for me with some good stuff. Haven't read much yet but I picked up. . .

Sojourn #5 - Damn Land draws amazing covers. He could be flat out the all-around greatest artist in comics today. Although I haven't read this issue yet the story however has been extremely cliched & trite so far.

Uncanny X-men #399 - I seem to be the only X fan in this thread, but this book may finally be getting back on track. Sweet cover, very glad to see RAney on this book but I hate when they have 2 artists on the same issue. The story also is getting much better.

Origin #3 - Haven't read any of them yet, waiting till I get all 6.

X-treme X-men #7 - Another great cover by Lorocca, one of my favorite books every month.

X-force #121 - Haven't read yet but could anyone ever imagine X-force would ever be this good.

U.S War Machine #10

Elektra #4 - Hope this gets better, I hate Austin's art.

Gay Lantern #144 - I mean green lantern. Judd Winnick needs to be severely beaten & yes I read the very overrated BArry Ween. He has ruined this book, I only get it still b/c I don't pay for it & I have every green lantern issue since 1984.

Nightwing #63 - I think after 63 issues I will officially drop this title. The art is unbearable to look at, it hurts my brain, Dick Grayson doesn't even look like Nightwing anymore & the stories also lost their focus. This use to be one of THE best comics being published.

Suicide Squad #3 - the first 2 issues were pretty cool, I'll give it to #5 to see if I drop it or not.

Cable #99 - Yet another book I think I may drop at issue #100. I do think Igor Korday is talented but his art just sucks on this title. I do not like the new direction although this issue has been the best so far.

Amazing Spidey #36 - I have never bought a Spidey comic in my life, I hate the character but figure I'd check this one out. I agree w/ you Gamblor, & why one earth was Magneto in this book. I also did not like Doom crying.

Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth - Giant sized one shot. I HATE Wonder woman but unlike many, I do not think Alex Ross is overerated, his work is flat out brilliant & I ahve all of these over sized book & they are beautiful.


Planetary: The Fourth Man - Only got it b/c my store still hasn't gotten in the Hardcover I ordered. This is one of the greatest comic book stories I have ever read.
Old 11-17-01, 10:47 AM
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I got/read:

ASM #36 - It was actually better than I expected, but I didn't think the villians should have been there. I mean, didn't Magneto wipe out a whole country? Didn't the Juggernaut knock down the Twin Towers in the SPM/X-Force Crossover (#16/#4, I think)?

X-Force #121 - Great! Before all the X re-vamps, I only occasionally picked up an X title, but after the re-vamps, I picked up a couple of issues of each, and this is by far my favorite (I stopped getting the other two, tho New X-Men was ok).

Origin #3 - I'm really liking the whole series and it still manages to pack in quite a few surprises/mysteries.

Fury #3 - I'm really hoping the series is a mini and wraps up with #4 (which is what I read somewhere). If not, I'll def. stop with the end of the current story arc. Fury is portrayed too much like the Punisher, imo. The whole Wendell thing and the "face" villian in #3 should've been left out.

I still have to pick up the Planetary TPBs at some point...though I'm going to try to get Dark Victory and Daredevil: FM Vol 3 first. I also bought Transmet #51 and Sojourn #5 but I haven't read 'em yet.
Old 11-19-01, 04:15 AM
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X-Force 121 - I have never ever regularly bought an X-book before, but I started with Milligan and Allred's run because of the hype, and I have not been disappointed. But they really threw us a curveball in this issue when, gasp,
no one died
Old 11-19-01, 05:27 PM
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i picked up fury which i am really getting annoyed with. i agree with liquid death that he is being written very punisher-esque. the whole thing with his nephew is total crap. i wish that his nephew really would have gotten eaten by the lions (by the way, that was a bit disturbing.) anyway, i also picked up the new ross/dini wonder woman-spirit of truth book which was just as great as all of the previous ones.
Old 11-20-01, 04:14 PM
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A few comments on the books I picked up....

Grip: The Strange World Of Men #1 - An awful book. Weird just for the sake of being weird. Incomprehensible crap.

Fury #3 - Typical Ennis. Shock value, violence, and cursing over story and character development. The series started off well, but this issue is a bad sign. I have a bad feeling about next issue, which promises lots of Ennis-style graphic violence. I may stick with the title for the end of this storyline, but only for Darrick Robertson's art.

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #1 - My problem with an anthology title like this is that the stories are so short that they don't have much of an impact. None of the stories really stuck out, with the expection of the last one. And that only stuck out because of Arthur Adams beautiful art. (I wouldn't recommend buying it, but look through it in the store to check out some of the best art of the year.)

X-Force #121 - The best issue yet of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite books. An intelligent superhero comic full of dark, witty humor. Great writing and art work. (And let's give some credit to Laura Allred for her lovely colors.) Perhaps the year's best new creative team in Peter Milligan and Mike Allred.

Transmetropolitan #51 - After the lousy issue of "Fury" it was nice to see Darrick Robertson's art in a book that deserves his talent.

The Amazing Spider-Man #36 The good news: It's not as bad as I feared. The bad news: It's still really bad. Exploiting a tragedy to make a few bucks. Marvel should feel ashamed of themselves, just as I feel ashamed of myself for buying it.


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