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Favourite MARVEL Comic Character(s) and Comic(s) ?

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I like Xmen and daredevil

i loved the Secret Wars series
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Oddly enough those are my 2 favorite also. Uncanny was the first comic I collected as a kid(Nightcrawler my all-time favorite X-men) & is still my favorite comic & Daredevill is my favorite non-X character & book.
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Hands down Spider-Man. He has always been my favorite hero and when I was collecting (early 80s to early 90s) I bought each and every Spider-Man book that came out during that time. I cannot say the same for the other comics I collected though. My second favorite hero is a DC hero and since that is not the topic, I shall not delve into it.
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I loved Spider-Man, Iron Man, and GI Joe.
My favorite mini-series was the Infinity Gauntlet.
I also loved the Hobgoblin and Thanos as villiams.
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X-Men and Wolverine.
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I bought Spidey and Fantastic Four comics back in the early 90s. Favorite comic series: Spidey vs. Hobgoblin (the early matches).
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Spiderman & Fantastic Four for Marvel. I'm more of a DC guy myself.

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I was a big Spider-man reader. I also liked X-men, the Avengers and (little known) 'Mazing Man.
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Got to be....


Spiderman was the first character whose comics I bought and I always had a soft spot for him. I gave up years ago but dipped my toes in the water with the 2099 series which I have to say were pretty poor overall. When I looked at a few of the Spidey titles several years ago it just confused me. Peter Parker wasn't even there. I think they had a Bobby-in-the-shower moment when I wasn't looking!

I used to buy reprint anthology titles here in the UK and wish that US Marvel would produce anthologies today. They could showcase new characters, run down old titles that have been cancelled in their own right and have some exclusive ongoing tales.

Way back when I enjoyed the Luke Cage/Power Man & Iron Fist series and like the "original" Ghostrider which, I believe, will be making yet another return later this year.

I tend to like the weirder stuff rather than the conventional characters and teams. I followed the Defenders for a while because of Doctor Strange but have not yet bothered with the recent relaunch.

Overall, despite having been weaned on Marvel, those occasional titles I now pick up tend not to be from that company. I get my weird fix from Vertigo and the independents. Perhaps things will change with the new guy in charge.

Just found this. Which is nice.

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Originally posted by cineman
I was a big Spider-man reader. I also liked X-men, the Avengers and (little known) 'Mazing Man.
I know I sound like a total comic geek, but 'Mazing Man was a D.C. book.

Benedict, you should pick up the new Ultimate Spider-Man books, you definitely won't be dissapointed. Or any new Spider-Man title they are all really different & amazing right now.
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If I would have known they talk comics in the book section, I would have been here sooner (just kidding, I am a big book reader). Anyway, started with X-men and then expanded to read Spiderman. Secret Wars was pretty good and I did cause me to read some of the others for a short time. I never did like the Avengers b/c they were just too good.
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I really like GALACTUS
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Favorite current book: Thunderbolts
Favorite book EVER published by Marvel: G.I. Joe (dying to be made into a GOOD movie, dammit).

As for favorite character, I'm probably the only person on the planet that still likes cheesy old Captain America.
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Favorite Marvel Comics? The whole "Age of Apocalypse" series. It's the only complete set of anything comic that I own. Amazing, amazing work. And, after reading it, I'd have to say that Magneto would be my favorite character.
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