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best sci-fi/fantasy series ever? NOT LOTR!!!

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best sci-fi/fantasy series ever? NOT LOTR!!!

Old 07-29-04, 06:10 PM
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Also, there's only two in the series, but Russell's "The Sparrow" should certianly be on everyone's must-read list.
Old 08-24-04, 04:20 PM
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Originally posted by atreyue
then as soon as I can figure out the order of the books and find them, I'll get to reading. I once read a Heinlein (pseudo)series (one of the boooks is called "the Cat Who Walks Through Walls") that I found really enjoyable. Can't remember the name of it, if there was one. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, anything along those lines to recommend?
Actually…just about all Heinlein's works are part of a single gigantic "Future History" series that runs from about the turn of the 1900's to about 4000 years in the future. The series is ultimately tied together (sort of) in his novel "The Number of the Beast."

I suggest getting a copy of "The Past Through Tomorrow" which contains most of the short stories that formed the beginning of his "Future History" series. Find one with the timeline showing how stories and characters relate to each other.

I'd second Farmer's "World of the Tiers" series, and his River World series. However I must say, I've never read the River World stories, but a lot of people I know highly recommend them.

If you like humor and satire with your SF, I recommend Keith Laumer's "Retief" series about an intersteller diplomat.
Old 12-28-04, 01:51 PM
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I started reading the Wheel of Time several years ago, my favorite book/series EVER by far..freakin loved it. Got to book 7 A Crown of Swords, read them all straight through..I think it was wearing me down reading the same story for so long..and didn't think that one was as good as the others...the next book had just came out, bought it, but never read it..took a break and eventually the break was so long that I would have had to re-read through the rest to jog my memory on everything. I won't go back to them until every book is out, because I don't want to have to re-read the last book to remember what's going on. I really want to read the Mazalan and Song of Fire and Ice series, they sound great...but am going to wait until every book is out.

I'm reading the Goodkind books now. I wouldn't recommend starting them. I'm on Faith of the Fallen now. These are DECENT but not good enough. I actually prefer reading what's going on with the side characters more than the few main characters which I don't find interesting. Problem with this series is I think he'll be writing them FOREVER and it will never end. Each book is self contained then the start of the next book presents a new problem..so it can go on forever.. Don't think that's a good thing. I got a big pack of these books cheap and since I have them I'm going to read them(last one I have is the Pillars of Creation) and will probably quit after that..
Old 12-29-04, 01:33 PM
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Good thread all in all though I have some pretty strong disagreements with some folks here.

Jordan's Wheel of Time. It started out not-horrible but has degenerated into utter trash. All the males are the same character and all the females are the same second character. If I never read about a woman tugging on her braid again it will be too soon! If you enjoy it, more power to you, but I strongly recommend that if you have not yet read it DON'T! *IF* not when he ever actually finishes the series then look at whether you want to read it or not.

Hobb's assassin series, decently written but I had to force myself to finish. This is a series where I just hated the protagonist, and that's not pleasant reading.

George R.R.Martin - in my opinion the best written fantasy I have ever read, wonderful love all of it!

Ender's game by Card - my favorite book of all time. However, the followups: Speaker, Xenocide, Children I disliked and was rather bored to tears with. My only interest with them is how each book is a metaphor for one of the Wiggins.

David Gemmel - love his drenai series, decently written and VERY entertaining...highly recommend these!

Terry Brooks - Shannara series. The first one is awfully similar to lotr, but the series as a whole is pretty damn good!
Old 12-29-04, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Nuff
Good thread all in all though I have some pretty strong disagreements with some folks here.

Hobb's assassin series, decently written but I had to force myself to finish. This is a series where I just hated the protagonist, and that's not pleasant reading.
You might like the second series then, as it takes place when Fitz is a lot older and wiser. In fact, he often reflects on the passion of youth and how it made him act impulsively sometimes. Older Fitz is a lot wiser for his errors in his youth.

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