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Tetris: 25th anniversary

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Tetris: 25th anniversary

Old 06-07-09, 12:03 PM
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Tetris: 25th anniversary

Tetris celebrates 25th anniversary - and it’s still worth playing

Tetris is a game I’m sure everyone reading this has played at some time, in some form, over the past 20 years. What other game can make a boast of that order? The legendary game is celebrating its 25th birthday today and the amazing thing is that it’s still just as good to play today as it was the day it was conceived. And I should know, having just played it a moment before writing this.

As we sit playing our big budget, graphically amazing masterpieces these days, it’s easy to consign the pioneering games from yesteryear to the dustbin of history. But that’s a mistake because some of them still live on to this day, and can provide just as much entertainment as GTA IV, Halo and the like. Tetris completely fits that bill.

THE puzzle game was invented in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian 20-something studying at the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow. It was programmed on an Elektronika 60 and inspired by puzzle games and mathematical riddles Pajitnov played as a child.

The first version of the game was launched on June 6, 1984 for the IBM PC, and was a relatively big hit. But worldwide fame for Tetris came when Nintendo licensed a version of the game for the original Game Boy. All of a sudden, everyone and their grandma was paying Tetris.

Since then, there have been versions of Tetris released on more platforms than I can list in this short article. It means that after a quarter of a century, people still play Tetris every single day, which I find incredible for a game which isn’t very pretty to look at and isn’t really all that clever. The genius is all in the simplicity of the title, with basic controls which can be learned by anyone and gameplay more addictive than crack.

What’s amazing about the whole thing is that we’re 25 years on and no-one has yet managed to develop a video game which comes close to Tetris for sheer unadulterated enjoyment. I dare you to pick up and play the game now on whatever platform you can find it on. You’ll be first mesmerized, then entertained, then frustrated as the tiles reach the top.

Happy Birthday Tetris. I wouldn’t bet against you reaching your 50th anniversary.


The first time In played Tetris was on the NES. I now have 7 versions of the game and still play it occasionally. Still have a lot of fun playing it and have yet to beat it. Is there an actual end to Tetris?
Old 06-07-09, 03:32 PM
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Re: Tetris: 25th anniversary

The original Tetris is still awesome. I first played it on my Apple IIc+ computer and now have it on my still-churning NES.

My favorite all-time Tetris game is Tetris Attack for SNES, although it bears very little resemblance to the original.
Old 06-07-09, 03:49 PM
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Re: Tetris: 25th anniversary

Tetris is one of the main reasons I bought a Gameboy back in the day.
Old 06-07-09, 08:03 PM
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Re: Tetris: 25th anniversary

Originally Posted by mhg83

Tetris is a game Iím sure everyone reading this has played at some time, in some form, over the past 20 years. What other game can make a boast of that order?
Old 06-08-09, 07:36 AM
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Re: Tetris: 25th anniversary

I've played many versions of Tetris, starting with the PC version.

I don't think any version comes even close to the Gameboy version in sheer playability and fun. I remember working hard to get to the secret rocket ending.
Old 06-08-09, 08:22 AM
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Re: Tetris: 25th anniversary

I dunno, Tetris is kind of irrelevant to me these days. I played the shit out of the GB version, but haven't got as obsessed with any other version since. TetriNet was a really cool free version of Tetris that had you playing online with up to 4 players and attacking each other using various power ups. That was about 10 years ago, and I was into that a bit. Tetrisphere on the N64 was a pretty cool quirky version of Tetris that had you dropping blocks into a 3D sphere.

Since then, I tried to get into Tetris DS but something about that game was just off. Sold it. These days, I'd rather play a puzzler like Lumines that has really cool music integration.

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