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Old 01-05-18, 08:26 AM   #801
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Re: Burnout Paradise

Originally Posted by slop101 View Post
Boo! Give me Burnout 3 (the best in the series), or give me death!

Also, Paradise was always in HD.
Agree completely. Paradise looks great on the Xbox One due to BC. This seems kinda pointless. I much rather have Burnout 3 get remastered (or made backwards compatible).
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Old 01-05-18, 09:08 AM   #802
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Re: Burnout Paradise

I still remember when I picked up Burnout Revenge on 360 thinking games would NEVER look better than this I would love to go back to that game. Paradise on the other hand never clicked with me and I never went back to it. That was before the patches though when you couldn't restart the race and had to drive all the way back to the beginning to start it again.
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Old 01-05-18, 09:55 AM   #803
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Re: Burnout Paradise

Yeah, I keep dreaming that there will be a Burnout Revenge 2 someday for a current gen system.
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Old 01-08-18, 03:06 PM   #804
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Re: Burnout Paradise

I love Burnout:Paradise and I probably have played more hours playing it than any other game ever. Fun as fuck.
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Old 01-08-18, 06:16 PM   #805
Michael Corvin
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Re: Burnout Paradise

Ahh, Burnout Paradise... the game that killed the franchise. I'm with Matty, Kedrix, Perry, Fumanstan and Slop... give me Takedown or Revenge. They can keep Paradise.

Side note, this will be the 10th Anniversary of Paradise which would qualify it for that other thread, we have laying around here, wondering why companies don't do anniversary games.

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Old 01-08-18, 06:55 PM   #806
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Re: Burnout Paradise

Yes, Takedown and Revenge would be great to have. If Paradise leads to that, then we can all celebrate. man some of you are really down on Paradise though!
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