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Question about Xbox 360 saved games transferring

Old 08-15-06, 03:27 PM
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Question about Xbox 360 saved games transferring

Some history: As some of you may know, I've been having some trouble with my Xbox latley. After getting my first 360 replaced, I noticed that the hard drive was not working properly. Some games like Dead Rising kept on giving me dirty disc errors even though I went through 2 brand new copies of it. Then other games started doing the same. I was also unable to sign on to live for 4 days even though everything said it was connected. I then decided to take out the hard drive and try the games that would'nt work before...and they played fine. So I just got my "new" hard drive today...even though it has somebody else's profile and saved gaes on it. Is this normal for Xbox to do? Give you another person's stuff?

The question: I don't want to lose all the saved games and marketplace stuff I purchased when I tranfer to this "new" hard drive. Is it possible that I can buy a memory card, transfer the stuff off my old hard drive to it, and then put it on my "new" hard drive once I recover my gamer card? Thanks?
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Old 08-15-06, 03:45 PM
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You'd probably need to pick up one of these.
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Old 08-15-06, 03:55 PM
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I don't know about the game saves, but can't you just download the marketplace stuff again? Sure, it'll be a hassle to download it all, but you won't have to pay again, right? Is it possible to transfer your game saves from your old hard drive to a memory unit, then transfer from the memory unit to the new hard drive? From the System blade on the dashboard, go to memory > hard drive > games > any game (COD for instance) > Call of Duty 2 Save Game, then you can either copy, move, or delete the content. I'm not positive it would work, but why else would they put the copy/move option? Of course, you'd have to spend $40 to buy the memory unit, but that's the only way I can think of (besides what Obey The D suggested).
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Old 08-15-06, 04:01 PM
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I'm pretty sure that when you transfer a profile to a memory card all of the saved games go with it. I'm not sure about downloaded arcade games though.
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Old 08-15-06, 04:02 PM
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Thanks for the help guys. I just sent my brother out to pick up the memory card. I just didn't want to pay $40 for the memory card and find out later that it wouldn't work. As for re-downloading marketplace stuff, the guy I talked to from Xbox said I can only access it while connected to live and it won't be on my hard drive. Very strange because I also thought that that I could just re-download it. Anyway, I'll find out shortley . Oh and Obey The D, I would get that thing for sure but I only have a mac. I don't think it would work.
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Old 08-15-06, 05:31 PM
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Well, I just recovered my gamertag and lost all my saved stuff but I can re-download all the arcade games and other purchased things from the marketplace without a problem. It also looks like the memory card was worth it because I was able to get all my games saves on there and transfer them to the new hard drive without a hitch. The only game I completely lost was Dead or Alive 4 because a sceen came up saying that I was not allowed to move or copy it to the memory card at all. Weird. Anyway thanks again to everyone for their help. Oh and now Dead Rising finally works with a hard drive.
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