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Virtua Tennis for PSP World Tour - Your Experience?

One of my favorite game for PSP, one that I constantly play, is Virtua Tennis World Tour Mode. This mode is great, and has consumed a lot of my time as I try to improve both my players, hoping to eventually get to the no. 1 spot. I've read threads indicating they've reached these pinnacle, and would like to get your feedback as well on how you're doing on the world tour.

My players are currently ranked 103 (male) and 84 (female). I am having problem moving my male player up the level, even as I've reached higher training levels already. The main issue I have is that there are not a lot of tournaments for 120 and below levels, so even as I play other tours, I do not get a boost on my level if you play in much lower level tours. Any tips on how I can get to a better level? Some other questions/notes on the world tour.

1. If you have actually gotten to No. 1 or close to it, how many 'years' did it take you to get to the level you're at? I'm actually at year 20 already with the above levels. Yes, you got it. I am not really very good player, but I just enjoy playing games!

2. I like different training modes/games that you get to play, like bowling, etc.. Whats your favorite game within the game? I have such a hard time with the disk thrower? Any tips on getting this down? The bullseye, I did not like it at all in earlier levels, but in level 3 it was real fun. Its difficult though in level 4.

3. Any tips in accelerating to higher levels? Do you play lots of games or mostly train and play within your level?

4. Do you use the up/down keys or the knob when playing? I like playing with the knob as it seems to be more intuitive, but it does not give you the pinpoint accuracy you'd expect.

5. How many stores will there be eventually? I think I have 4 already. I must have bought most of the stuff in these stores, and am hoping to buy a few more locations with the 120 below range level so I can play in more of these level games. I have $3M and am not really able to use the cash in any good way, other than by getting a doubles partner.

6. There is a cheat to unlock stuff, but I'd rather just play it the old fashioned way. Tried to look for some type of walkthrough but did not find any

7. Have you ever served an Ace? No luck so far.

If you haven't tried this game, do so, and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun as well. Hearing from experience from other players who are fond of this game would be great! Thanks.
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