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What are or were your favorite gaming systems?

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What are or were your favorite gaming systems?

Im sure a thread like this has been done before (probably several times), but I didnt see one recently and I wasnt around before that. So, im just interested in seeing what your favorite gaming systems are. Top 5 mostly, but more if you would like. You can include PC if you would like.

Heres mine (my childhood was in the 80's/90's, so I kind of show favortism towards those systems for the most enjoyment even though I havent played them in years)

Mine in order:


1. Super Nintendo
2. Nintendo
3. Computer (PC) in 90's. Loved the Leisure Suit Larry titles and others.
4. Sony Playstation
5. Atari

Also in the running: Sega Dreamcast. A pretty good system with some fine titles that never got the attention is deserved. Nintendo Gameboy as well.


1. Nintendo DS
2. Xbox 360
3. Nintendo Gamecube (I like multiplayer quirky party games like Monkey Ball)
4. Sony PSP
5. Playstation 2

Nintendo Revolution & Playstation 3 will most likely take over PS2 and Nintendo Gamecube as they come out.
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I am a huge fan of the Dreamcast, followed by the XBOX.
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Right this very minute : The Nintendo DS. I've never seen so many top notch games for one tiny handheld. I'm loving every minute of it. Plus the fact I can plya games and watch football/TV is a huge plus.

Past : super nintendo(probably why I love the DS) everything was just so perfect on it.

I plan on getting a Revolution very soon, can't wait for that.
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1. Gamecube
2. NES
3. Sega and Sega CD (Ground Zero: Texas! beating that game was such a thrill. And I loved Star Wars: Rebel Assault and The Terminator.
3.5 Dreamcast
4. Atari (how could you not love it)
5. Intellivision
6. Apple IIc (ahh..Karateka and Conan)

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Not sure how to list them, but I will just try overall which is going to be a bit unfair to the DS since its only a year old.

1) Game Boy Advance (whether or not you count the original GB and GBC this system is king)
2) GameCube (Exclusives, Exclusives, Exclusives)
3) Playstation (King of the RPG consoles for me, but I know many would pick the SNES)
4) 3DO (yeah I know this is a bizarre choice, but I picked up a couple of consoles and about 100 games dirt cheap at the end up its life (many of the games literaly cost pennies) and played it 2 straight years until I picked up a Playstation. For the little I spent on it I had a ton of fun and some of the games like Star Control II are still amoung my favs.
5) DS (What a first year. This one will be much higher by the end)
6) Sega Genesis/CD (I did not buy a launch SNES, but instead after the NES I bought Sega's masterpiece and stuck with it for years though my gaming was very casual, but I even liked the Sega CD games. 32X was the suck though)
6) SNES (I came into it late, but this was an amazing console as well. I picked up a Super Game Boy bundle during a Wal Mart Black Friday sale and had a lot of fun the next year catching up on some awesome RPGs)
7) Dreamcast (I bought this one at launch and still have a small library of games. It had its flaws, but Sega's swan song was a nice little console and its similarites to the GameCube are probably why I like that console so much)
8) NES (This thing really started my major addiction, still have a lot of memories of staying up all night beating Ninja Gaiden and I still have R.O.B. on my desk)
9) N64 (Too few games worth playing, but some real classics did pop up like Zelda and Mario 64 to make this one worth owning.)
10) Sega Saturn (One of the few pieces of hardware I sold off completely. There were a handful of masterpiece games like Panzer Dragoon Saga, but after I played those I was done with it)
11) PS2 (I should have liked this console a lot more, but I was completely snake bit on the hardware end and just had horrible luck getting one to work. The PS2 is still the only console other than a minor HDD glitch on my XBox to fail on me and it happened 3 times. I loved the GTA series and had a blast playing FFX, but overall this one could have been much better)
12) Xbox (I really never gave this one enough of a chance. I loved sports games on it and will probably buy another one soon for that, but I'm not a fan of the FPS and few of the exclusives appealed to me.)
13) Neo Geo Pocket (Not much on this one, but I still play Card Fighters Clash and Metal Slug)
14) Atari 2600 (Almost forgot this one. Doesn't hold up well for me, but had fun with it in the late 70's and early 80's. Adventure, Combat, etc)
15) CD-i (Well it played movies)
16) PSP (Well it played movies)

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among my favorites were and still are the Sega Saturn (lotta nice original titles), the Dreamcast, and probably the playstations (1 and 2). i have the 3do, but havent played it much at all, as well as the turbo-duo (loved Splatterhouse). got into an ebay frenzy collecting every console i could get my hands on. here are some nice games on every console, but i have yet to spend any considerable time with either my Gamecube or XBOX
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1. TurboDuo
2. TurboGrafx Express
3. PC
4. Super Famicom
5. Commodore 64
6. Playstation 2
7. NES
8. Apple IIc

I have the GBA but find it underwhelming. I have never owned a Sega or Microsoft console.
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My all time favourite would probably be the Commodore Amiga followed by the PS1.
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I've owned:

Atari 2600
Timex/Sinclair 1000
Sega Genesis
PC - various processors


Atari 2600
Timex/Sinclair 1000
Apple II
Odyssey 3
Sega Genesis
Sega Saturn
PC -various processors

My favorites:
Atari 2600
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My fav's:
Sega Genesis - I remember SO many good games and fun times. I even had the BIG-ASS Sega CD and 32X for it.
NES - It's a classic, rebirth.
XBOX - Enjoyed this much more than my PS2....LIVE gaming
XBOX 360 - The XBOX, but better.
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Super Nintendo. Nothing else even comes close to touching it.

To rank the other systems I've owned in the order I've enjoyed them:

DS (this will probably jump the GBA, just can't in only a year as the GBA has had a ton of great games in the 3 or 4 years it's been a round).
Playstation 1
Playstation 2
Gameboy (the original)
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The SNES, by far. Neo-Geo second. I think next year we'll get 3D games that look as good as the 2D games of old.
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1. Super NES
2. NES
3. Gamecube
4. Gameboy Advance
5. Playstation 2
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all time fav for the consoles that I own

1. snes (my very first console - great library. nice to see the creativity and graphics with the limited space/memory on the snes.)
2. psx (best RPG system imo)
3. gba (snes part 2!)
4. n64 (small library, but the classics were GREAT)
5. ps2 (decent games. I bought it basically for GTA III and FFX but discovered other great games)
6. xbox (yay another shooter!)
7. gameboy (only got the original bulky gb)
8. nes

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Dreamcast is #1 for me.
The rest are all good too in my book (except the Nintendo consoles post-SNES) but nothing beats the Dreamcast.
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SNES (which I still play)

.... huge drop off...

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  1. SNES - Great games I still play, great controller
  2. NES - Countless frustrating hours playing Ninja Gaiden and Mario Bros.
  3. XBox - Ties with GC for game enjoyment but media center possibilities when modded push it above
  4. GameCube - Underwhelmed with Mario, but love Zelda, Metroid, and Reisdent Evil 4
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1. Super Nintendo
2. PC
3. Playstation
4. NES
5. Playstation 2
6. Nintendo 64
7. GameBoy Advance
8. Turbo Grafx/Express
9. Gamecube
10. Dreamcast
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Can't rank them since they are all special to me at one point or another:

Atari 2600 (My first console ever)
Atari 7800 (chose it over NES/SMS)
Neo Geo (probably my all-time favorite up until 3-4 years ago, when SNK died and Playmore took over)
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How the heck can you have the xbox 360 on your list already?

No order:
Comadore 64
Atari 2600
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I find it interesting how many people are placing the PS1 over the PS2. Does anybody care to elaborate on that? I'd like to hear the reasons, I see one person listed RPGs and I can see that. Other than that genre I think the PS2 has a much varied and stronger library.
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Originally Posted by PixyJunket
I find it interesting how many people are placing the PS1 over the PS2. Does anybody care to elaborate on that?.
I played the hell out of Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo I and II, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Tekken 3 and Metal Gear Solid.

The PS2 has had some excellent games, but none that I played as much as those.
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1. Atari - many many hours wasted as a child
3. N64 - Definitely Quality vs. Quantity, nearly EVERY first party title was a must, as well as Rare titles(probably 20 must own titles between the two), the party games ruled
4. NES
5. X-box - Halo(s), 5.1, and Live
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Originally Posted by AllHallowsEve
2. Xbox 360
Kids these days.

Bang for the buck, I'd say my $50 dreamcast.

Most used in total, I'd probably say my Amiga 500 (earl weaver baseball and Bird vs. Dr. J), followed by my Atari 2600 (based on Adventure and a couple other titles alone, probably).
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Originally Posted by PixyJunket
I find it interesting how many people are placing the PS1 over the PS2. Does anybody care to elaborate on that? I'd like to hear the reasons, I see one person listed RPGs and I can see that. Other than that genre I think the PS2 has a much varied and stronger library.
Well, it's the reason I listed the PS1 over the PS2. There was a much better RPG library on the PS1. I'm an RPG person and I also like sports games. I still own probably 30+ PS1 games where as I have 5 PS2 games. Seriously, other than Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest VIII and FFX the PS2 lacked when it came to RPG's, imo.

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