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Old 08-06-04, 11:50 PM   #1
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OXM Sept '04 Disc #35 Problem

I just got my OXM disc and my X-Box can't read it. Anyone else having problems with theirs?
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Old 08-07-04, 02:56 AM   #2
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Ya, I am having a problem with the FMV slowing down and had Men of Valor freeze up.
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Old 08-07-04, 04:59 AM   #3
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Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 1,096
Mine doesn't even recognize the disc.
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Old 08-07-04, 06:04 AM   #4
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mine works fine... boil it, folks.


bring pot of water to a boil...
insert OXM disc (or any DVD) data side down.
Keep it from resting on the bottom, but use a wooden spoon to push it down so it's not just floating on top.
Leave it on for 2 or 3 minutes and then remove the disc
Dry it off carefully with a non-abrasive cloth - don't rub.
Try again and it should work fine.
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Old 08-07-04, 06:12 AM   #5
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No problems with mine.
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Old 08-07-04, 07:51 AM   #6
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No problems with mine and I am loving Men of Valor
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Old 08-07-04, 11:19 PM   #7
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My Men of Valor demo acts up as well. I was curious about it enough to try the demo but not interested enough to boil the demo.
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Old 08-08-04, 12:24 AM   #8
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Originally posted by Trigger
mine works fine... boil it, folks.

I know this works amazingly well, but I forget why. What is the technical reason boiling a DVD works?

I can't remember if its something with the glue or what.
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Old 08-08-04, 06:04 AM   #9
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Yes it is the glue in some ways.

Boiling seems to reheat the glue and make it more transparent (that the pressing process failed to do) so the laser can read the info but I've done several tests on this and it seems myself and some friends only have trouble with the OXM discs if they have a Thomson drive.

After mine started giving trouble reading discs (starting with the OXM May '02 disc), I boiled a couple of them and it worked great. It wasn't 5 months after that, my Thomson drive died while I was in the middle of LIVE beta testing. My MS repaired Xbox has the Philips drive in it and it reads all my OXM discs even the ones that wouldn't work in the Thomson and were not boiled. So I blame the Thomson drive for all the problems with the OXM discs, because I haven't had a problem with any of the OXM discs since.
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