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Pandora Tomorrow help, please!

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Pandora Tomorrow help, please!

Old 08-03-04, 04:15 PM
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Pandora Tomorrow help, please!

OK, I am on the LAX International Airport level, climbing up the elevator shaft and through the crawl space. I get into the room of catwalks, knock out the three non-terrorists and kill the three terrorists. There is a timer that starts.

What do I do? Where do I go? Did I do something wrong to make the timer start?

I thought I had to dismantle whatever that thing is on the floor, but I guess not.

I spent 2 hours on just this one part last night.
Old 08-03-04, 04:39 PM
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Quoted from gamefaqs, hopefully this is what you are looking for:
I have done this next section so many times I actually dreamed about
it last night. As soon as the elevator stops, Lambert tells Sam
Soth's men have cut the power - better to keep anybody from finding
them as they prepare to release the smallpox. Shoot out the trapdoor
on the top of the elevator and have Sam jump up and pull himself onto
the roof. Then, go to normal vision and find the yellow and black
cable that runs up past another elevator frozen one story above Sam's
and have him climb it.

When he just started climbing Sam will reach out and automatically
pull himself onto a ledge. Turn him around and go right back onto that
cable and keep climbing straight up.

When Sam is even with the top of the stranded elevator car, rotate him
around on the cable so his back is to it, and slowly move him
downward. Sam will then stand on a projecting piece of metal. Turn
him around slowly and move him to the right front and he should hop
onto it's roof. Sometimes he starts to fall and grabs the edge of the
elevator roof and has to pull himself up.

Crouch and look down inside the elevator. Somebody is in there, but
the thermal scan says it's a civilian, so don't both him. Turn and
walk into the opening to the left and get the ammo and the sticky
camera sitting there.

As you approach the opening, you can see through it to a lighted up
catwalk where a security guard and two maintenance workers can be
seen. As you are seeing them, a terrorist radio broadcast is
intercepted. They are planning on setting the ND133 off when as many
people are in the airport as possible. And that will be soon, so we
don't have much time.

Still crouched in the opening, turn on your thermal vision and look
up. You can see the red outlines of Soth and his two mercenaries.
They are on a catwalk about 30 feet above you.

When you can get a clearer view after taking down the guard and the
workers, get underneath them and look again in thermalview - you will
see one of the red figures leaning over and working on a square shaped
object on the floor - THAT IS THE ND133.

Move forward and drop Sam down onto the catwalk. Shooting out the
spotlight on the wall just to the side of the opening Sam just entered
through usually draws either the guard or one of the workers for an
easy KO. Then use the whistle to draw the others to you and KO them.

Note: there is a ONE MINUTE countdown that begins when the terrorists
on the catwalk above you detect your presence. When this happens
varies greatly. I have taken out the guard and the workers and sniped
the two terrorists without the countdown starting.

I've also had the countdown start while KO'ing a worker too loudly. So
it varies depending on how you are playing. Cool huh? Does add to
the suspense, don't it?

There is only one ladder on the left hand side of the room from where
you originally enter that leads up to a second ladder. Find it and
when you climb the first ladder, at the top crouch down and don't
move. Look at your light meter - 0. Perfect. Most times one
terrorist will be patrolling the length of the catwalk above while the
other terrorist watches over Soth as he fiddles with the ND133. Wait
until the patrolling terrorist is at the far right end of the catwalk
where it curves, and he is standing in the dark, and drop him with a
Sticky Shocker. A bullet might not drop him instantly, and the
advantage of the Sticky Shocker is that you get an instant KO.

(Note: what is even better is if BOTH terrorists are patrolling while
Soth prepares the ND133. This way, when they are both at the far
right end of the catwalk standing in the dark, you can drop them both
very quickly with sticky shockers)

Once this first terrorist is down, and the other two guys still don't
know you're there, here's then next gamble: go to the bottom of the
next long ladder, and look straight up.

See the circular bright light up there? That's the light that would
allow the terrorists to see you if you climbed up this ladder while it
was still shining. So shoot it out.

I heard one of the remaining terrorists - Soth or the other guy, I
don't know which, frankly all these thugs sound alike to me - give a
start of surprise, but neither came down the catwalk to investigate
and the countdown did not start....until I started up the ladder.

I actually got Soth with a diversion camera the first time I did
this. I shot the other terrorist in the head, then fired two DV's and
got Soth to drop. Yay! Then I ran to where the ND133 was, expecting
the ol' Interact Window to open up....and that's when Lambert said,
"We need them dead, Fisher!". What? Soth and the other guy I sticky
shockered were still alive! And I had only 10 seconds left!
Arrrrgggghhhhhh! Mission failure!

The second time through, I got it right! I dropped both terrorists
quickly with sticky shockers as they were standing together at the
far right end of the catwalk, close to where the bottom of the second
ladder was. Not a far shot at all for a sticky shocker. Soth came
down the catwalk, looking around, then shrugged and went back to work
on the ND133. Yes!

I inched Sam up the ladder, and the second the countdown started,
moved him up to the top silent dropped him onto the catwalk, quickly
shot the two unconscious terrorists in the head, then moved down the
catwalk towards Soth, who had his back to me.

There were about 12 seconds left when Soth suddenly detected Sam, stood
up, turned, started to swing his weapon around.........

And Sam Fisher nailed him right between the eyes with a round from the
SC-20K. Soth dropped, I moved Sam forward....and the game took over
from there.

Lambert comes on the comm and Sam says the ND133 has twelve minutes
left on it's timer. Lambert states that's not enough time to get the
smallpox to the Osprey and evacuate it.

Sam, always a quick thinker, realizes there is an alternative to
simply finding a deep enclosed place in the bowels of LAX and letting
the ND133 go off and hope for few casualties. He.......

Nah. Why should I give that away? Finish the game and watch the
cutscene yourself!

Mission Complete
Old 08-03-04, 08:16 PM
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Thanks, that's exactly what I needed. I'll go try it now.
Old 08-03-04, 09:11 PM
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I didn't know that was going to be the end of the game. Sure seemed short. Now I'm sad.
Old 08-04-04, 12:26 AM
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Yeah, I was pretty dissapointed with Pandora Tomorrow. It was VERY linear, and wasn't nearly as interesting as the first game.

Fortunately, I think the developer realized this as they were showing off screenshots of Splinter Cell 3 before Pandora Tomorrow was even released, so hopefully they're putting some more effort into the 3rd one
Old 08-04-04, 07:39 AM
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I guess I need XBOX Live. I'd like to try it in Multiplayer, but I don't have XBOX Live. I'm not a big enough gamer to condone getting it.
Old 08-04-04, 10:58 AM
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Get the PC version then. It already contains multiplayer.

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