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Best Video Card for $200

Old 04-19-04, 09:07 AM
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Best Video Card for $200

Hey, need some help here. I'm planning on buying a new video card so I can do some PC gaming. Battlefield, Splinter Cell, Halo, and Far Cry are the games I am most interested in. People have told me, if I get a good card, I'll be fine with the rest of my specs, which are:

My budget is basicly $200 for a video card. What is the best I can get? I've been looking at this: $210, but I wanted to check around to see if you guys think this is a good choice, and if this is the best choice for my budget. Please help. Thanks.
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sounds good to me. make sure you have a free power plug for the video card (like the ones to the hard drives/cdroms). also, the power supply should be like 300watts or more. (although, you may be able to get away w/ less).

$200 buys a lot of video card right now. if you don't want to spend that much, maybe you could just get the SE.

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You need make sure that your MoBo will accept the video card in question. I suggest finding out who made your MoBo (or calling eMachines up) and finding out if there are any issues between the video card you want and the Mobo.
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Radeon 9800 Pro has been seen for about 200 these days.
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Get the 9800pro I own that very one you are looking at and have been very happy with it. Bought it a year ago for $300. I also picked up a GeForce 5900 ultra 256meg on sale at CC for $160 AR a while back which is also a fine card. Look for crazy sales.

Make sure your motherboard has an AGP slot. You may also want to get a new powersupply as Emachines are usually pretty modest. Get one from Enermax, Fortron, Antec, PC Power & Cooling or the like.
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Re: Best Video Card for $200

Originally posted by .clockworked.
I'll be fine with the rest of my specs, which are:
What video card do you have now?
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Re: Re: Best Video Card for $200

Originally posted by Draven
What video card do you have now?
Cheapo that came with the computer. S3 Graphics I believe. Haha.

I added 512 MB of ram not to long ago.

Thanks for all the info. I believe I'll hold out til the end of the month and see if any more sales pop up. We'll see.
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