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Please help!! XBOX Live with a 56K modem.

Old 07-16-03, 11:37 PM
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Please help!! XBOX Live with a 56K modem.

I heard that you can get if you have only a 56K modem with some extra stuff (like a router and some other stuff). Is this true, if so could someone please give me the info needed in order to get it. How much money would I spend and would my results be the same as if I had DSL or cale, if not what would I lack.
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Old 07-16-03, 11:46 PM
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What are you doing?? Let me give you hint..... it will never work Buddy!!
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Old 07-16-03, 11:54 PM
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Once you figure this out, then we'll show ya how to burn CD's with your X-Box!
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Old 07-17-03, 12:36 AM
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i remember people doing this SOCOM (broadband only) for ps2, i'd never tell you how it works since all it did was ruin the game for other people because it lags the game up
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Old 07-17-03, 12:59 AM
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I've heard that it will work with the right stuff and I've heard that it is a complete waste of time. Not really sure each way.

But even if you do get it....the connection speed will annoy you and the lag when you play others will tick them off. Unless you are only gonna do it for the downloaded content i'd say it wouldn't be worth it.

But since I know you won't listen or care I wish you luck.
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Old 07-17-03, 01:33 AM
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Do you have a Swiss Army knife?

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Old 07-17-03, 02:22 AM
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Originally posted by ^sam^
Do you have a Swiss Army knife?

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Old 07-17-03, 08:32 AM
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The X Box forum I've hit a few times does indicate that it is possible to connect with the right equipment, but that is about it.

You will have issues and voice will not be possible.
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Old 07-17-03, 10:51 AM
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MacGyver? NIce. I guee Ill have to pony up ad get DSL or cable.
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Old 07-17-03, 12:08 PM
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Some routers, like the SMC series, can use an external modem to provide access to the internet. You could also install a network card in your PC and use a proxy server or W2K/Win XP's Internet Sharing protocol.

However, don't expect satisfactory results with XBox live. It was designed to use a broadband connection, and likely uses much more bandwidth than a 56k modem can provide.

However, cable or dsl is worth the money. You'll wonder how you ever did without before. Seeing as how you can get DSL now for $29 a month, I don't really see the use in sticking with a dialup connection and a second phone line (or tying up your primary line). Keep in mind though, you'll have to buy more than just the connection. You'll likely need a network card for your PC ($10-30), and you'll probably want a router ($50-100) and then you'll need all the wire you're going to run to hook all this stuff up ($0.15 a foot).
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Old 07-18-03, 04:56 PM
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You stick with dial up because unfortunately its your only option. I'd pay $30 in a heartbeat for DSL if I could get it.
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Old 07-18-03, 10:45 PM
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My advice would be try Xconnect with dialup, using your pc as a router.
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Old 07-18-03, 11:13 PM
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All you need is a NIC in your PC, and a crossover network cable as far as hardware goes. I think windows 98 and ME have this, but windows 2000 does for sure, its called internet connection sharing. Youre supposed to turn that on in windows, and set it up so it thinks the xbox is a PC, and setup the xbox, so it thinks the PC is really a cable connection. The gameplay would probably be absolutely horrible, though I have been wanting to give it a shot.
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