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HELP! Problem with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Old 07-10-03, 10:26 AM
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HELP! Problem with Pirates of the Caribbean.

I just bought Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday and I'm having a serious hang-up problem. When I go to board my ship (after going through the first town of Oxbay), the cutscene of the French attack plays and then it goes to a load screen. The little ball in the lower right corner spins for about 3 second to show that loading is progressing, then freezes and sits there. The load screen will just stay there until I press the 'A' button and then the whole XBOX restarts. I've tried letting it sit for over ten minutes and still nothing. Happen with different saved games too so I don't think it's a corrupt save.

I know some other people had issues with the XBOX version, any have any hints on how to get past this?

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Old 07-10-03, 10:38 AM
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I hate to admit this after raving about the game in a previous post-- i returned my copy after playing it for 40 hours or so. It was fun when it worked, but bugs started popping up and they got worse. Theres no 'cure' for this game that i know of.
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Old 07-10-03, 10:39 AM
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40 hours? I think that exceeds the amount of time I've played my entire collection of xbox games so far.
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Old 07-10-03, 10:45 AM
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i bought it over 4th of July weekend and really got into it. I think thats normal for an RPG.
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Old 07-10-03, 01:04 PM
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bugs are normal for RPGs, yes. especially considering how massive some RPGs can get. this is ok with PC RPGs because you can patch them, but not acceptable for console RPGs. console RPGs need to be bug-free.

I had some buggy issues with Morrowind for Xbox. The game would freeze sometimes - but only after I had played the game for 100+ hours and the save game files became huge. so although it was mildly annoying, other than that it was very stable. I was impressed overall. It's sad that Pirates of the Caribbean is having problems right off the bat.
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It sounds like this game is a victim of it being licensed by Disney. I don't think it would have ever been released by Bethesda, PC or Xbox, this early otherwise. Aside from the bugs, there just seems to be too many gameplay aspects that weren't fully completed or fleshed out.

When it was Sea Dogs II, it was to be released "sometime in 2003". When it was licensed by Disney, it had to meet the date the movie was released. They probably took three months out of the development lifecycle because of this, and it's a wonder they were able to squeeze as much out of it as they did in such a tight timeframe.

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It could also be Bethesda. I remember a game called Battlespire for the PC and that game seemed to be ravaged with nothing but bugs. It came out near the same time that Diablo came out, and I tried to play it once, and it never worked. Must have spent hours trying to get the darn thing to load and work properly but it constantly crashed. The box is still sitting here in my computer room underneath the desk collecting dust if I'm not mistaken.
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