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Old 07-03-17, 10:49 PM   #51
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Re: Chrono Trigger?

Haven't played this since my brother bought it on SNES for $80+ back when it came out. First thing that hit me was WTFUCK! with this loading!? If the game wasn't sweet then it woulda made me quit playing it, but I almost did after reaching Death Peak (stupid snowy slippery mountain and bridge). Still a great game, love the characters (especially FROG) and the combo fighting.

First time playing this and wow a a big change overall.
  1. - Having to choose attacks based on percentages and not timing them right will make U miss or be stopped mid attacks
  2. - Elements & their colors. Not fully grasping it until after 3/4 of game complete
  3. - No experience gaining, so not really knowing if you're strong enough to continue.
  4. - Not knowing enemies HP
  5. - Having to scroll thru enemies to heal one of your teamate
  6. - Too many damn characters, which 3/4 I didn't use, unless it was quest related.

I already had 50hours clocked before getting to 2nd disc and was getting kinda burned out, but breezed through it since it so short.

So even with all these changes, I still like the game, but didn't love it like TRIGGER.

I welcome remakes for both and/or a 3rd one.
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Old 07-04-17, 06:21 PM   #52
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Re: Chrono Trigger?

I had no idea dave played video games!

Didn't only the PlayStation version have loading problems? Last time I played it was a couple of years ago on a Nintendo DS. Still love it. Must have finished the SNES version about a dozen times.

Cross, on the other hand, I thought was complete garbage. Besides the excellent music, I didn't like it at all. A bunch of garbage characters and a convoluted story. Glad you liked it though!

Considering how dismayed I am with Square-Enix, I don't think I want them to approach the Chrono IP again.
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Old 07-04-17, 08:01 PM   #53
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Re: Chrono Trigger?

I never got in to Cross and never did finish it. I'm really surprised they haven't made another game in the series. Chrono Trigger is still probably one of my top 10 games of all time.
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