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1,001 XBox Ghost Recon questions

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1,001 XBox Ghost Recon questions

Old 03-10-03, 05:09 AM
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1,001 XBox Ghost Recon questions

Already read the FAQ pages, but still have questions regarding XBox Live play:
  • Ready screen (mission set, waiting for ppl to get ready): What do the colors of people's name mean? I've seen red, bolded blue, regular blue, bold white, regular white, green - what do those colors represent?
  • Same screen: Sometimes when I join a game, it appears to be already in progress so I sit at the ready screen with my "Ready, Observer" buttons gone and a timer counting down how long the mission's been in progress. Is there a way I can join the game from that screen? During an active mission, I've seen other people join us ("Fred has joined the mission") - how exactly are they doing that if "Ready" button is not present? How do you join a game already in progress?
  • Is there a method of switching from Observer to "In game" after the mission has started?
  • Does the 10-minute-rule actually work, or a waste of time?
  • What connection speed/type is needed to host a 6-people game with no lag? Many people running DSL host 3-4 fine but unplayable at 6. Do I need a higher upstream speed (eg: 384 instead of 128) to support more people?
  • What determines who I'm matched up with for "Quick Mission"? The lowest ping guy who's available for a mission? Frequently, ppl will host a mission then goto bed, work, on a 4-month European vacation and leave their XBox sitting there and never respond to everyone who's joined yelling, "LET'S GO, DUDE!". And of course this person shows up everytime I view available missions, and I turbo right to them when choosing "Quick Mission".
  • In the same vein as above, what determines the choice of 8 missions I have for selecting to join other player's games?
  • Sometimes after dying and respawn is off, I cannot select from which player I want to observe. Mostly it works great, but occasionally it's non-functional. Is that a bug, or a rule of the game (you can only observe X people)?
  • When hosting a mission, how do you boot someone from an already active game?
  • How long do invites last? I still have invites from 2 days ago.
  • Is there any method to find a particular multiplayer host?


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Old 03-10-03, 10:54 AM
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1) colors-usually it means teams. there are 4 colors for teams: blue, green, yellow, and red. The white color means the person did not select a team. the game will randomly put that person on the team with less ppl. Also, the colors of the teams will dictate where your team will start on the game board unless the host puts it on "random zones". I believe blue/red and yellow/green normally starts on opposite of the boards when "random zones" is turned off.

2) when you are sitting in the game lobby with an active game going on, there is no way to join it. you have to sit and wait til it over. when you are in the active game and you see someone join the game, it only means they are in the game lobby waiting for the game to end.

3) no, i dont believe so

4) ppl have different experiences. some ppl say it 5sec/10sec helps. others say the no talking when loading rule works. no exlosives i think definitely helps. some ppl say shooting those sensors with automatic fire causes the host to freeze and terminate. i say, it does hurt right so why not do the 5 sec rule?

5) not sure about the connect speed. sometimes I can host 8 ppl no problem and I have a cable modem. some tech ppl will say your modem might need to be upgraded, etc.

6) not sure about the quick match in online matching but I think you are right in the sense it will try to match any game that has the quickest ping time. use the optimatch instead since you can set it to what game type you want, ie. team, coop, or solo.

7) again, use optimatch instead. you will the different games types listed, ie. team siege, hamburger hill, solo, coop, depending on what you entered on the search.

8) after running out of respawns, you should be able to hit the "yellow" button and goto the next person alive on your team.

9) only the host can boot people from the game. in the game lobby, you can goto to edit server menu and click on the start button on your controller and that should pull up a menu w/the funtion eject person. it's either the edit server tab or server info tab in the game lobby and after you click on that, hit the start button. from an active game, you the host should just hit the start button.

10) dont know how long game invites last but ppl usually cancel them after a while. a friend invite will last until you reply or the other person cancels it. in a game where you have it set for 8 ppl and 4 ppl are in the game lobby waiting, if any of those ppl have game invites out, it takes away from the remaining open slots.

11) you find a host you like, give a friend invite to him and hope he accepts. once he accepts, you can see your friend list by hitting the start button and then online options and then friends list. do this after you have log onto your live account.

hope that helps and see you online
Old 03-10-03, 04:21 PM
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xlpanda - pretty good answers. I have a few comments to add:

6) Optimatch only allows you to search for solo, coop, team - not for solo/team/coop game types
10) Game invites last until the host exists, or cancels the invitation as indicated above

in a game where you have it set for 8 ppl and 4 ppl are in the game lobby waiting, if any of those ppl have game invites out, it takes away from the remaining open slots.
OK, I think I understand what you are saying; I just want to restate it, and see if my understanding is correct.

Example 1:
I run a server with 8 people.
5 people are in the lobby waiting to play.
I send out 4 friends invites.
The 3/8 open slots are "blocked" from non-"friends" and people who see my server after an opti-match search.
Any non-“friends” would get a full server message.

Example 2:
So, I start an 8 people server, and invite 10 friends, the server will be "blocked" from non-friends? Then any non-“friends” would get a full server message.
Old 03-10-03, 05:23 PM
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jason-I believe your examples are correct. I have not personally tried it myself but that is my understanding from hearing other ppl. explain it to me.

Thanks for clarifying on the optimatch search function. It will only search for coop/team/solo. Once the screen fills up with the matches, you will then see what game type it is, ie. team last man standing, siege, etc.

And last thing to remember when playing ghost recon is: remember to press and hold the "white" button down as you talk. talking is very critical to helping your teammates out.
Old 03-10-03, 05:29 PM
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to press and hold the "white" button down as you talk

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