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Sega's NCAA BasketBall 2K3

Old 12-20-02, 04:55 PM
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Sega's NCAA BasketBall 2K3

I've been trying for a week to like this game, but the more I play it, the more I hate it.

One word review: clumsy.

Defense is too easy, offense is soooooo frustrating.

You can stay in any game by standing near a passing lane and developing the ability to hit 'X' at the right time. Turnovers are numerous.

Hitting jumpshots is damn near impossible. Watching shots from 5 feet away clang off the rim becomes a regular event. I'll pass the ball around, find an open man, take the shot and then hope my center grabs the rebound.

If I score 50 points, 40-45 of them are usually in the paint. Dunks off of misses make up the vast majority of the scoring.

Passing is awkward and clumsy. If you get a fast break going, even if your lead man has several steps on the nearest defender, it ain't gonna happen. The outlet man will come to a complete stop to catch the pass, allowing the defender to get into position.

Another passing problem is the inability of the computer to know when to put up a lob pass vs a bounce pass. My guard often has an easy pass to a teammate, if he'll justs lob it over the defender's head. Instead he often bounces it right to the defender.

There is no driving inside, unless you have a HUGE lane to hit. There's an invisible brick wall that forces you to pass the ball around and miss a jumper.

I'm 8-1 playing on All-Conference, so I'm winning, it's just incredibly dull. My center is player of the game EVERY game with a double-double and is leading the nation is scoring, shots attempted, FG percentage, rebounds, etc.

Unless you LOVE college baskteball or are just a glutton for punishment, avoid this one.
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Old 12-20-02, 11:28 PM
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I like it. I've found if I work the ball around and get a open man on a jump shot I usually hit it. It's better then the alternatives like March Madness and that piece of $%@$ 989 put out.
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Old 12-21-02, 08:55 AM
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I wish there were sliders that enabled you to tweak the settings. I can't hit anything. I get the occasional outside shot, but nowhere near what I should be hitting.

It must either be me or my team (UGA). I do OK in practice mode but during the game, nothing goes in.
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Old 12-21-02, 02:33 PM
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Have you played it online, Xbox Live?

The game is awesome.

Better than NBA 2k3 IMOP because you actually have to run plays to win.

Try it on XBL and then you'll change your mind.
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Old 12-21-02, 05:13 PM
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I have some of the same criticisms as you, but I love this game. Steals are ridiculously easy and this should have been tweaked before the game was released. I did have a problem with making jump shots at first, but I make them fairly regularly now.

I really enjoy playing with the Sega Sports Challenge enabled...I'm constantly playing to see if I can improve my rank (last time I checked, I was #20).
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Old 12-21-02, 07:50 PM
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I haven't tried online play yet.

I keep telling myself that I'm sick of the game and I'm gonna trade it in somewhere. But I can't stop coming back to it. It's pissing me off in a big way, but I can't stop playing.
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Old 12-22-02, 02:26 AM
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I'm a huge college basketball fan, and it helps that my favorite team is Duke, but I absolutely love this game. Sure you are going to intercept the ball a ton of times a game unrealistically, but I have been playing the game the way that it has to be played, which is very much unlike college basketball, and I think it is one of the best, if not numero uno, basketball games I've ever played. Much more enjoyable than any other basketball game this year, by far... I don't understand why people are having trouble hitting jumpers... You must look at the player ratings to see their strengths and weaknesses, and I don't see anything different on screen than their ratings show.
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Old 12-22-02, 01:57 PM
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Maybe the player stats aren't accurate. Georgia's not an incredible shooting team, but they aren't bad. I should definately be scoring more points from the perimeter than I am.

I played 2 games last night. I spanked Pitt and LSU. Pitt had 24 turnovers, LSU had 34. Intercepting passes is really too easy. Until I figure out why I can't hit layups and 3 footers, I'll continue to use it though.
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Old 12-22-02, 07:43 PM
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I want my $50 back.

I can't take the missed layups and wide open 5 footers anymore. Wide open player under the basket, pass to him, he misses the layup and the rebound. Later, open shot, practically a layup, he misses. My center rebounds, another layup, he misses. Close to be being a great game, but too damn frustrating.
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Old 12-24-02, 09:50 AM
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Got this last night. It is a fun game but really hard to play. I'm having a hard time getting my team to run the offensive plays that I call. I call the play but it doesn't look like the players get in the right position.

Unless I am fortunately enough to get a steal, the computer can always pound it inside for dunk. I won a game last night, 48-47. 46 of the computer's pts came in the paint, many after I switched to a 1-3-1 or 1-2-2 zone.

Started playing a season with the Terps. Won my first 3 games against small schools. They I played Indiana in the 4th game. I think I was down by 25 at halftime.
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Old 12-24-02, 10:33 AM
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Can anyone tell me if this game runs in true 16x9 on the XBox like the other 2k3 games from Sega? Also, does it have classic teams from the past?
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