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U.S. Zelda OOT bonus disc confirmed!

Old 12-16-02, 11:10 PM
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U.S. Zelda OOT bonus disc confirmed!

As if there were any doubt :-)

Saw this over at gamespot.

For anybody who doesn't know what this is about. Pre-orders The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for GC will get a copy of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest. These are both N64 games released on a GC disk. Master Quest is a remix OOT previously only released in Japan. It's probably going to be almost the same as OOT with some different dungeons.
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Old 12-17-02, 02:23 PM
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Here is the link:,00.html
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Old 12-17-02, 02:51 PM
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Will Free BONUS Disc. Avaible on Release Date ?? Or it's only for PRE-ORDER ???

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Old 12-17-02, 03:01 PM
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Does this apply retroactively to pre-orders already placed?
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Old 12-17-02, 05:15 PM
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Oh this is good news.
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Old 12-17-02, 06:18 PM
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just ordered mine... i can't wait...
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Old 12-17-02, 06:21 PM
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Just received this from EbGames

Hello from!

Thanks for choosing us. Since you pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: The Wind
Waker from us we are writing to inform that you will also be receiving a
limited edition bonus offer. Nintendo has announced that they will be
releasing two fully playable Gamecube versions of previous Zelda games to
complement the release of The Wind Waker. The two titles will be the
Ocarina of Time, which was originally released for the N64, and the same
disk will also contain the Ocarina of Time Master Quest. The second title
is an updated release of the original N64 version which was never released
outside of Japan!

If you would like to receive this bonus offer when we ship The Wind Waker
(currently releasing on 3/24), you do not have to do anything further. We
will add it to your order and there will be no additional cost.

The bonus offer is set to be available on February 17th and we realize many
of our customers would like to receive it at that time. We will be happy to
send it to you on or near February 17th. If you choose this option you
will incur an additional $5 charge to cover the cost of shipping. You will
be charged shipping for The Wind Waker and the bonus disk at the time the
bonus disk ships. If you would like to receive the disk early, please
respond to this email with "Bonus Disk Early" in the subject line. We will
take care of the addition immediately and send a confirmation back to you.

Remember, if you do not mind waiting until the release of The Wind Waker to
receive your bonus disk, you do not need to respond. We will make the
addition to your order and there will be no additional charge.

Should you have any questions about this, please feel to include those in
your response. If you prefer, you can call us at 877-432-9675. Our hours
of operation are 8 am to Midnight, 7 days a week, Eastern Standard Time.

Best Regards, Customer Service
FYI- I ordered in that 2 hour span first day they announced it and before Nintendo made them take it off the site so they are honoring the early orders.

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Old 12-17-02, 06:24 PM
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does anyone know the difference between the Master Quest and the original OOT? will they have enhanced graphics in both games or are they straight ports of the N64 games? (not that it matters much, if you think about it you are getting 2 games that got perfect scores, plus a master quest for around 60 bucks -with shipping that is)... what a good deal
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Old 12-17-02, 10:13 PM
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No enhanced graphics.

The Master Quest is just a harder version of OOT. The main game is the same but the dungeons have been redone with new puzzles and harder enemies.
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Old 12-18-02, 02:42 AM
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I wonder if they will at least up the resolution of the games - I've been playing Zelda OoT lately, and on S-video, its just so horribly blurry at times - I'd think they'd enhance it that way at least - perhaps real 640x480.
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Old 12-18-02, 06:25 PM
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So much for plans on getting the bonus early and then cancelling the preorder oh well, I'm still in

Hello from,

We have gone ahead and made the adjustment to have the bonus disk
shipped out to you on or near February 17th. Your shipping total has
increased by $5 and the complete shipping cost will be charged to you
when the bonus offer is sent out.

*Cancellations: The pre-order bonus must be returned and received at our
warehouse before your order can be canceled.

If you require further assistance, we are available 7 days a week from 8
AM to Midnight EST.

Best Regards,
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