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I am sure it has been asked but which system is better? (ps2 vs Xbox)

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I am sure it has been asked but which system is better? (ps2 vs Xbox)

Old 08-09-02, 01:22 AM
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I am sure it has been asked but which system is better for EA games? (ps2 vs Xbox)

I am going to have a little disposable income coming up and am interested in purchasing either the ps2 or the Xbox. I am just unsure of which one to buy, So that 5 years down the line I will not be upset that I bought one or the other. My main focus of interest would be in the way the sports games play and which makes the games look more real. I am not very interested in Fantasy role playing games...although GTA3 is grabbing my attention slowly. If I could get some advice on the matter that would be great. And If possible don't turn this post into a "pissing match" between the systems.

I am also an avid dvd hound hence the visit to this site. Which has the better movie capabilities?

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Old 08-09-02, 01:35 AM
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You're asking us to tell you which one is better, yet you don't want it to turn into a pissing match? That's a question that contradicts itself.

Look at the games for each system that are out now and will be coming out in the future(lists can be found at xbox.ign.com and ps2.ign.com), decide which games look more interesting to you, and choose the appropriate system.

And if you're an avid dvd hound.. don't you have a real dvd player? If so both have inferior movie capabilities to a decent quality standalone player.
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Old 08-09-02, 01:54 AM
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Yes I do have a dvd player and what I feel is an adequate Theater system. But, Just checkin gthe way the two systems handle dvd's. If one has better play back than another. And as for my no "pissing match" comment. My thoughts in writing that were so that this forum could help me decide which one to buy and so it wouldn't turn into directions that are too off topic.

As for the games thing. I am a huge fan of EA sports games. From my sega genesis days to my N64 they are my favorite and most replayabe to me. And since EA has the same games out for both systems. I was wondering if they played better or more fluidly on one system or the other?

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Old 08-09-02, 02:08 AM
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Search button == your friend.
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Old 08-09-02, 02:09 AM
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From the look of the floor around here (and the search feature, located in the upper-right-hand area of the screen), you'll see that this is a pissing match that's been done to death.

Closing duplicate thread.
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Old 08-09-02, 04:04 AM
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As a Gamecube owner I'd say go with PS2 if you are at all interested in GTA3 and it's upcoming sequel... that game is amazing! Can't wait for my friend to get Vice City... I'll be spending some time at his place. Anyway, the sports games I have played on PS2 have all been top notch (the EA games and All Star Baseball). So based on your criteria, that is my opinion... no pissing, haha!
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Old 08-09-02, 04:14 AM
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Originally posted by Static Cling
Closing duplicate thread.
Does closing mean open now?
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Old 08-09-02, 04:34 AM
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someone cut the
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Old 08-09-02, 04:59 AM
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Well to put in my shot before the close: buy a regular nintendo. Tecmo Super Bowl is never going to beat as the all time best football game and the original Baseball by Nintendo is my favorite baseball game. A close second is Bases Loaded. Plus look at the excellent library of games like River City Ransom or Narc is close to GTA3 in a way except you are the good guy, Maniac Mansion, all the original Mario games, Zelda, and the list goes on and on. Who needs graphics with games like these.
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Old 08-09-02, 05:20 AM
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GTA 3 = PS2 only.

Sports games = Xbox is the best (Xbox Live, has EA , Sega Sports and Microsoft with best graphical versions)..

DVD player = both are "okay", Xbox is quieter and slightly better picture.. PS2 has better remote.

Guess it depends on whether you want GTA3 more, or the better looking/better selection of sports games on Xbox.

Or you can always just pick which controller you like better?

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Old 08-09-02, 07:27 AM
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A couple things that haven't yet been mentioned. The XBox is more able to take advantage of a high-end HT system. It outputs audio for all games in DD 5.1 which can be quite nice for certain titles like Halo. Also, it will probably have more games than PS2 that support HD resolutions.

If the potential for online gameplay is important for you, keep in mind that EA isn't going to support XBox Live. So PS2 would be your only choice here. Also, as JTH182 stated, GTA3 and its sequels (the first of which, Vice City, comes out at the end of October) are exclusive to the PS2.
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Old 08-09-02, 07:27 AM
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PS2 is a good system but every time they port a game over to the Xbox the graphics get improved on the game. Except for the PS2 exclusives Xbox always gets the better version of games.
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Old 08-09-02, 09:13 AM
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D'oh. Never actually hit the lock button. Here we go.
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