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OXM #10 - Bad Disc?

Old 08-06-02, 12:45 AM
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I don't believe this!!

I know people would do this, Oh Hell even I would do this too since it's just a Demo Disc.

What if this was a Brand New Game??????

Would anyone dare do this?????

I dare you!!!!
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Old 08-06-02, 01:21 AM
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OXM #10 - Bad Disc?

So I got my issue today, but the disc wouldn't play in my Xbox. I cleaned it. Still nothing. I washed it. Nothing. I finally broke down and used the Game Dr. disc resurfacer. Nothing - that thing is a piece of crap... it should be called the Disc Ruiner. Resurfacing Fluid?? BS - that's friggin water, aholes. Sorry - anyway - I even tried using toothpaste and a toothbrush and made pretty swirls on it then used the resurfacer again. Still nothing. I'm gonna try boiling it, but my guess is that it's a bad disc. Anyone else have a bad disc or was it just me?
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Old 08-06-02, 02:17 AM
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I've heard on a couple of different forums that their discs are really low quality.
Old 08-06-02, 02:56 AM
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I boiled it and it friggin works now! Wow. Boiling works like a champ.
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Old 08-06-02, 05:41 AM
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That's sarcasm, right?
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Old 08-06-02, 05:45 AM
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I wonder how boiling the disc got started?

Did someone say one day "Hell if it won't play I'm gonna boil it and eat it!" ?

I've had 3 OXM discs so far that wouldn't play, 2 of them were replaced and work fine. The #9 disc won't play. I think I'll have some boiled eggs and disc this morning.
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Old 08-06-02, 06:02 AM
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Instructions for boiling...

put some water in a pot. Turn heat on high and go smoke a cigarette or play some darts and forget you started a boiling pot of water. Come back to find it boiling like crazy and 1/4 of the water is evaporated. Put disc into pot label side down. Lower the heat from 10 to like 6 or 7. Take a plastic spoon and poke at the disc to make it submerge a little bit. Don't be afraid to hold it down with the spoon so it's almost touching the bottom or just touching the bottom of the pot at the edges. Discs are boyant anyway and the bubbles keep them off the bottom too. Keep this up for what feels like 2 minutes. Scoop the disc out with the spoon. Burn your finger like an idiot with the water from the spoon that is still hot cuz it was boiling. Put the disc in a strainer label side down. Pour the rest of the hot water over the disc just for the hell of it. Dry gently with a paper towel (preferably Viva - if you don't have Viva, then use a clean dishtowel or your cotton t-shirt). Pop it in your Xbox and it'll play now cuz life is funny that way. Freak out about it working and yell for your roommate to come in to the room to see that you really aren't crazy like he thought.
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Old 08-08-02, 06:05 PM
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I read about the boiling trick at the official OXM site, didn't quite believe it until I tried it. I still wonder who came up with the ideal.

BTW- I was less patient than Trigger, I waited till the water boiled, threw the disk in, stirred it around for a minute or so, fished it out and dried it with my shirt. [email protected] thing worked!
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Old 08-08-02, 06:20 PM
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Re: OXM #10 - Bad Disc?

Originally posted by Trigger
I finally broke down and used the Game Dr. disc resurfacer.

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Old 08-08-02, 06:55 PM
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Go there to get a replacement if boiling doesn't work.
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Old 08-09-02, 12:14 AM
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whoo, i boiled my oxm #10 disc too and the thing works now. No more stuttering during videos and such. Still wondering how boilin the disc can make it all better......damn voodoo.
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