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Can anyone read japanese?

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Can anyone read japanese?

Old 08-02-02, 05:47 PM
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Can anyone read japanese?

Hi, I'm having a problem with a japanese import game. I was wondering if someone could translate the following for me so that I can understand the error.

I've tried using babelfish, but the english translation is a little garbled. I understand that it has to do with serial no. and password not matching, but if someone could give it to me in plain english I would appreciate it.


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Old 08-02-02, 09:59 PM
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Here's what WorldLingo translated it as... I'd guess it just means that you inputted the password wrong. Looks like an FAQ. Make sure you input the password using "case sensitive" characters. I don't read Japanese, but I think one or two people in the International DVD forum do.

As for Q the home page you see and the れ る ど, "as for this password by mistake are at the time of PSO connection. Please input serial number and the password which is set when inputting the access key. Press start button. "With the message which is said is indicated, being not to be able to connect to PSO, does, but in that case of ・ ・ ・ A, first in the option picture please try verifying whether there is no mistake of the password of. Inputting the correct password, the one which cannot do connection please inquires to below-mentioned support center. Detailed contents in regard to verification, you correspond.
* Preparing the delivered item voucher at the time of the trial edition delivered item in labor assistant at the time of the inquiry, the inquiry we ask.
The Sega customer support 0570? 000? 353 months? Gold 10: 00? 18: 00 (holiday and the Sega designated holiday are excluded)

Q because network setting ended, that right away the online game will be done that we assumed, the error kind of message where time "the password is different", being indicated, it cannot connect. Please inspect the A below-mentioned point. 1. The home page of PSO trial edition and it is produced in "the home page" of the title picture to refer to the bulletin board?
→ It is and serial number/there is a possibility the password which the occasion where the access key is inputted it sets with customer himself being by mistake inputted. Please input the password which is done memo in the instruction manual fourth cover accurately.
* Main day of note, it can refer to the home page, the indication that but when it tries to do the online game "the password by mistake is", coming out, the question adjusting that was many and the せ and others れ increased is not connected, but many of the cause of that were input mistake of letter and the input mistake of capital letter * small letter. When error message is indicated, while to verify one letter at a time with the software keyboard, please input. In addition, because after it was registered to one time data base, modification be able to do the password of PSO side the ま plug, because it was not connected, saying, it does not modify thoughtlessly, the sea urchin we ask.
→ There is a possibility the password of the calling obtaining provider by mistake being. The password of the provider by mistake the basket which is not please verify with network setting.
* When cursor is adjusted to the input column of the note password, in first the software keyboard is indicated first. That the hardware keyboard probably will be used, with the notion that where input when it does, as for input of the one time eye is called change to hardware keyboard mode, software keyboard indication just goes out as for input is not reflected then. And, being to become the specification where is reflected on the input column from the following input, please pay attention. When we would like to be inputted securely, at the software keyboard the male be completed it does that it is inputted.
Old 08-05-02, 02:53 AM
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This is as much as I could get tonight - I'll try to remember to do the rest tomorrow.

[Note: PSO = Phantasy Star Online, but I figure you already know that since you're playing the game.]

Q: When I try to connect to PSO, I can see a 'home page' that displays this message: "This password is incorrect. Please input the password you created when you entered the serial number and access key. Press start button." and I cannot connect to PSO.

A: In that situation, please first try to confirm that there is no mistake in your password on the option screen. If you cannot connect even when you input the correct password, please contact the following support center.
Please have accurate details to speed the correspondence.

*When you make this enquiry, please make sure you have the receipt from the time of purchase of the trial edition on hand.

Sega Customer Support
Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
(Except on national holidays and Sega specified holidays)

Q: When a network connection is terminated, the online game immediately ends, and an error message saying "Incorrect Password" is displayed, and it cannot (re)connect.

A: Please inspect the following point.
1. Can you access the PSO trial edition home page or the bulletin boards from the title screen?

--> Yes
There is the possibility that you incorrectly entered the password you created when you input the serial number and access key.
Please accurately enter the password in the memo section on the inside back cover of the user's manual.

[The essence of this paragraph is: make sure you entered upper-case/lower-case characters correctly.]
When you see the error message, please verify your input by typing one character at a time on your software keyboard.. Also,after your PSO password has been registered in the database, you are unable to change it; this is so that random changes cannot occur to the passwords.

--> No
There is the possibility that the provider of the password was incorrect.
Please confirm that the password prover is not incorrect by establishing a netowrk connection (with him/her).
Old 08-05-02, 03:00 AM
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Alex, did you buy a used copy of PSO and the serial number was already used? You might be outta luck.
Old 08-05-02, 10:03 AM
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Yeah, I did buy a used copy of PSO, but this is the trial edition of PSO for GC. It's different from dreamcast as in this one you simply need to create your own password when you first log in with serial no. I just need the previous owner to give me the password.

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