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Old 05-17-02, 04:51 PM   #1
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Star Wars: Galaxies footage

Here's a link to in-game footage from the forthcoming online PC game 'Star Wars: Galaxies'. It's shot with a handheld camera at E3 while the LucasArts booth is being set up. Looks pretty good running on a Geforce 3.

The link is in the first post...

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Old 05-18-02, 03:25 PM   #2
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this looks really sweet. i might just have to go ahead and buy a new computer for this game.

the only thing i didnt like was how in the space expansion, you have to control the ship with a mouse. that's pretty lame IMO.

and would it have killed them to let us see the AT-AT fight that monster!?!?
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Old 05-18-02, 06:24 PM   #3
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were they any fight scenes in the movie? That guy annoyed me so much, so I only watched about a minute of it. I can still hear "Oh my God!" in my head....
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Old 05-18-02, 07:53 PM   #4
Absolute Zero
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I had to turn off the sound. That guy was a freak! You'd swear he'd creamed his pants when that huge creature came on the screen. It was funny for a bit, but then it just got damn annoying. The game however does look very impressive. I'm interested to see how the transition goes from land based gaming to space based gaming.
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Old 05-19-02, 08:10 AM   #5
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Wow, very nice looking game... I wonder if it wasn't doctored though, some of the stuff looked almost too good to be true.
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Old 05-19-02, 01:37 PM   #6
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No its not doctored at all,this game is gonna need a powerful PC and FX card to run it good,56kers my as well forget about playing this game also.
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Old 05-19-02, 03:10 PM   #7
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This looks pretty cool! I'm not a big Star Wars fan but its looking really nice! One thing I noticed though is that it says on the file information that the video was shot at Star Wars Celebration II. According to this weeks show of Extended Play, the demo shown at SW Celebration II was last years E3 demo. The scenes are exactly the same as in the extended play footage (but with no annoying guy ), you can still catch the star wars themed episode today in the evening. Still, it looked pretty good for being last years footage and it was a real time demo, not a movie, its gonna look even better at E3!

And yeah...that guy on the video drove me nuts...
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Old 05-19-02, 10:07 PM   #8
Breakfast with Girls
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Hope they tighten it up, it looked pretty slow to me.
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Old 05-19-02, 11:43 PM   #9
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Galaxies is the first MMORPG that I am excited about. I just read a ten page article in Computer Gaming World about it and discussed it with my step-brother and we are both excited. I especially like how hit points are static and how players will have to rely on each other to learn, trade, etc.
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Old 05-21-02, 03:29 AM   #10
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Whoa, this is surreal. I KNOW that guy r2tincan (that punk kid who gets the camera operator a new tape). He was in line with us.
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