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What are the must have PS2 games?

Old 02-10-02, 03:44 PM
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What are the must have PS2 games?

I am buying a PS2 with some of my tax money this week and I need some recommendations on games to get. I plan on getting Madden, but what else should I look at? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 02-10-02, 04:01 PM
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Gran Turismo 3
Silent Hill 2
Grand Theft Auto 3
Tony Hawk 3

Final Fantasy X -- skip it unless you really love FF games
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Old 02-10-02, 04:07 PM
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Originally posted by Kellehair
Gran Turismo 3
Silent Hill 2
Grand Theft Auto 3
Tony Hawk 3
I agree with these and would also recommend Jak & Daxter...great platform game by the makers of Crash Bandicoot.
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Old 02-10-02, 04:31 PM
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To each his own...

I know this gets brought up in every discussion of this sort, but I just wanted to reiterate that before buying any title, you really need to ask yourself what genres and styles of gameplay you prefer. GT3 is undisputably a beautiful game, but I find the very technical simulation racers to be overly repetitive as you shave off milliseconds from your track records.

Heck, this weekend I was going to go out and buy SH2 knowing I put it off for way too long, but for some reason or another I decided to rent it. Turns out I really don't enjoy it that much despite my interest in horror/thriller games ala Resident Evil. Anyway, just be careful because fifty dollars is much prettier in your wallet than a dusty game on the shelf.

I'd say out of the four listed, GTA3 is the only must-have game because it taunts your Id [as in Freud] and the idea is relatively fresh, even though the GTA franchise has been around for awhile.
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Old 02-10-02, 04:41 PM
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Grand Theft Auto 3 without a doubt. Deep game, loads of fun. I can't say enough about this game. Brilliant.

Gran Turismo 3 is the best racing game ever .. Precise controls, lots of cars, lots of tracks... A deep game, but it can be frustrating and mine has found itself sitting on a shelf. personally i find Nascar Thunder 2002 to be the better racing game. But i'm sure i'm int he minority on that.

Madden 2002 ... The best football game available, loads of fun and i don't even care for football. you wont' be disappointed.

Metal gear solid is a bit disappointing in retrospect... It was too full of itself. Too many cutscenes, probably more time spent in cutscenes than in actuall gameplay.. and ever since i beat it the first time, i havn't played it since. I have no interest in playing a game over and over to unlock what i feel are crappy enhancments. I think the game was 90% hype.

Ace combat 4 is a fun game, and the best flight simulator around. It might be worth a look if you enjoy those types of games.

The only hint you've given us is that you're picking up a sports game... Madden. Thats a good choice. But don't pick up NBA live... I think 80% of the people out there would agree that this series is struggling.

Maybe if you tell us what types of games you like, what seems interesting to you, and a bit of your gaming history we could help more.
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Old 02-10-02, 06:40 PM
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GTA3 is the only must-have

Just want to echo what people have been saying already. GTA3 is really the only must-have game for PS2. It's the type of game everyone will like, regardless of the player's game genre preferences. After that, you'll want to visit or and check out the "editor's choice" and "top games" sections in each site respectively. They'll give you a good idea of what the best racing/sports/action/etc games are.

For example I love GT3 still play it months after its release (second only to GTA3), but found Tony Hawk 3 and Ace Combat to be a total bore. That might label me as someone who dislikes action games, but I also liked Devil May Cry a lot.

Bottom line: I recommend that you first check out the games you want by renting them first to try them out.
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SSX tricky is great snowboarding fun
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