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Argh, screwed by Halo

Old 12-08-01, 05:24 PM
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Argh, screwed by Halo

I got really far yesterday
past the point where the orb screws you, but not past that level
and then today I restarted and I was at a much earlier part of the level!!!
I was at the stupid crossing the bridges to destroy the cores part of the level, and I think I ended up going the wrong way to destroy the core because I'm stuck at the bottom of the valley without a vehicle to get to where the core is
Can anyone tell me when Halo cheats might show up? I don't think I can stand to replay back to where I was, it was too difficult for me, a casual FPS gamer, with the game set on heroic. I guess I could put the game to easy, but then I'd have that for the entire level, whereas I just want to catch up to where I was before.

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Old 12-08-01, 06:00 PM
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I cant remember exactly where it saves in that level but depending on what path you take you may not have crossed a checkpoint.
At some of the harder points in the game I would backtrack to a checkpoint after knocking out some enemies just to be safe. Cheesy but its better than cheat codes. Cheats take no skill whatsoever, may as well watch a movie.
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Old 12-08-01, 06:31 PM
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I'm pretty sure I crossed about 15 checkpoints between those two spots. We're talking about 2-3 hours of gameplay here. I'd rather turn the cheat on and get to the same spot then turn it off again and return to normal. I don't know why it didn't get saved.. SIGH.................
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Old 12-08-01, 06:38 PM
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just run through that area. No need to wait for all the enemies to spawn 5 or six times.
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Old 12-09-01, 01:04 AM
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The game starts to get much harder in that level. I found myself running away from the enemies instead of fighting them. Did anybody stay and fight all the enemies on that level? I didn't think there was enough ammo to do so.
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Old 12-09-01, 02:10 AM
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I restarted the level and I think I made a majorly retarded mistake. I've played so much Halo lately I can't discern between parts I have played and parts I haven't played. It all seems to blend together. I did get past the Lying Orb stage and got out of that area and am now destroying cores. Gosh, I'm totally messed up on where I was and what I'm doing. For some reason I was thinking I destroyed the cores before the Talking Orb level.

Anyway, I'm almost back to where I was before I re-restarted, and hopefully a helluva lot more aware of what I'm doing.
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