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ok why is this take 2? because like a dummy I made a mess of the posting and tried to correct the error by deleting it. Grrr so without repeating what I've said already allow me to continue with some pics from the GBA game Circle of The Moon.

American box art

Japan box art


Our hero Nathan Graves

His friend/rival Hugh Baldwin

The game begins with Dracula's resurrection by Carmilla, before Nathan, Hugh and their master, Morris Baldwin, steps in. The count causes the floor beneath Nathan and Hugh to crumble, causing them to be seperated from Morris. Hugh sets off on his own to save his father, telling Nathan to leave the castle. Not willing to just give up, Nathan begins the exploration of the caves beneath Castlevania.

my apologies to those who posted before I so wrongfully deleted the thread.

Another random post from your friendly neighborhood

Did anyone else get teary eyed listening to "I am the Wind" after beating Symphony of The Night?

The question is not how far, the question is do you posses the constitution...the depth of faith to go as far as is needed?
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Like I said in the other thread.. I am getting Castlevania with my GBA bundle from EB
Mark Jones
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Old 05-12-01, 01:09 PM   #3
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Damn Japanese. They always get the cooler box art.
If people had followed my guidelines their wouldn't be any fluff. It was supposed to be just lists and no discussions, but I guess I was expecting too much for DVD Talkers. -Josh Hinkle
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