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TV TALK Posting Guidelines [Spoiler Tags and Starting Episode Threads]

In an effort to streamline the number of stickies at the top of the forum (and make room for other useful stickies) I thought it would be wise to compile all the info from various sticky posts into one streamlined post: everything you need to know about posting in TV Talk forum.
These are guidelines that have been created by the most part from other forum members, please follow them, or risk their wrath (as well as the moderators.)

Starting Episode Threads
This area thrives on episode-specific threads for TV shows. Thank you to all who contribute here by starting threads for episodes. In order to keep these threads readable and user-friendly, please try to hold-off on starting an episode thread until the morning the show airs. The reason for this is so we can make sure that the thread does not get bogged down in speculation and anticipation-type posts before the actual discussion of the show gets going. (Many people do not read the threads until after the episode has aired and it can be a pain slogging through two pages or more of "Can't wait!" type posts.)
Also, this way all the shows that are airing that night are right on the first page and can serve as an excellent reminder to everyone to watch. Starting threads too early can also mean your thread gets bounced to the second page and then someone else doesn't see it and starts a duplicate thread. (This seems to happen several times a week).

Also, when you start a thread to tell us that a show is "On Tonight" please include the date in the subject header. It's easy to do, and prevents a lot of heartbreak from people who click the thread only to find out that "TONIGHT" was actually last night, last week, or even last year.
"Underaged Hottie Donald Rumsfeld on Nightline TONIGHT!" =
"Underaged Hottie Donald Rumsfeld on Nightline TONIGHT (5/26)!" =
(Thanks to Groucho for this last request.)


Do not put spoilers in thread titles. Within the thread, is fine, just make sure you include a spoiler warning in your thread title.
Doing this enough times can earn you a formal warning and continuing this behavior is considered grounds for suspension. (Please understand that this part is intended for people who are purposely trying to spoil shows for others.)
Also, spoiler tags do NOT work within thread titles.

If the thread title has spoilers, using the spoiler tags is up to you.
But if not, then please don't spoil the endings or major plot twists of shows or the results of sports events for other members. When in doubt, use spoiler tags.
A note on "XYZ-Show Date" threads. It's common practice in this forum that thread titles that consist of the show title and it's air date WILL contain spoilers, regardless of a warning in the thread title. Enter at you're own risk!
If you're going to discuss official information about an upcoming episode (ie. stuff shown in the "next week on..." segment, or print/broadcast advertisement/teasers) please make sure that you either use spoiler tags or start a thread with some kind of warning in the thread title

Or, you could start a thread about "next weeks show (spoilers)" and discuss the teaser in there. But the threads discussing the current show need to spoiler the teaser information.
It's fine to discuss this stuff, but let's give everyone the choice to decide whether they want to see it or not.

A Spoiler Tag Primer:
What are spoiler tags
Spoiler tags are like other vB code tags and are enclosed in brackets. Text enclosed within spoiler tags is presented in a black box that cannot be read by other members unless they intentionally try and do so.
How to use spoiler tags
Simply surround the text you wish to "blacken" with the word "spoiler" contained in brackets. For example:
[spoi1er]This text will be hidden[/spoi1er]
Notice the "/" in the closing tag. vB code, like html, requires a / in the closing tag. If we replace the "1" with an "l" the tags will work and we are left with:
This text will be hidden

How to read spoiler tags
To read what is enclosed in spoiler tags, move your mouse pointer to the upper left hand corner of the black box, depress your left mouse button and, with the button still depressed, drag your mouse pointer across the box. This will reveal the hidden text.
A quicker way to read spoiler tag text is to triple click the text you want to read.
Try it now:
This text is hidden in spoiler tags. I am not wearing pants right now. You probably didn't need to know that though, huh? Never mind.

(Most of the above spoiler info was created by Moderator JustinS for the Movie Talk forum, with an additional tips from other helpful members, compiled by Blade.)

Please feel free to post any other suggestions you might have for making this forum better. If enough people are on board, we can also work in additional guidelines into the sticky post.

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